Since the first round at Albert Park Australia, the sound of the F1 cars have still been a big topic discussed by major names in f1. However the Formula 1 fans have been speaking the loudest due to the lack of attendance at the Monaco GP and possibly more GP’s in the future.

David Coulthard said in and interview with AOL cars, “I heard Monaco was 20 per cent down this year.”

Although this figure is not been press released we can only go by what has come out of DC’s mouth. I for one agree with DC as majority of fans love the loudness of a Formula 1 cars.

Also DC commented saying, “Part of the F1 event was all about when you arrived at the track you got excited by the noise and the anticipation as soon as you heard it. It’s ridiculous that we like things that hurt our ears, because if the wife is talking too much and our ears get sore we don’t like that!

“But with race cars, or music, it’s about the sound and the experience of it. If you went to see the Rolling Stones and they came out and said tonight we’re only doing an acoustic set because we’re getting old and don’t want all the noise then the crowd wouldn’t be very happy and rightly so”

As many of us race fans, the sound of an F1 engine was the buzz that drew us to the sport and we stayed fans due to the excitement of racing, drivers and the prestige of Formula 1.

Now that the sound has changed and the buzz it not there as much are you finding it harder to stay excited about the sport?

I personally still get mad when I watch the qualifying or the race and have felt at times embarrassed that the GP2 cars sound better and the young up and coming racers are better to watch as they are fighting for recognition.

The main reason why I am still a fan is the 27 year long love affair with Ferrari. Also F1 is always evolving so this sound barrier will change sooner rather than later.

Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • Andreas

    To me, the sound is largely a non-issue – it won’t deter me from watching F1. In fact, so far this season I’ve found myself following F1 even more closely than previous years, and when I think about why that is, I keep coming back to two main reasons:

    The racing – even though Mercedes is running away with the championship, there’s close racing throughout the field, on a scale we haven’t seen in the last few years.

    The new technology – who’s getting it right, whose engine will blow up?

    The sound (or lack thereof) is – to me – not anywhere near the list. Not to say it doesn’t matter at all – the other day, in preparation for the coming weekend (I told you I’ve started getting more and more of an F1 anorak :-) I watched the 2013 Canadian GP. If anything, I found the V8 noise less exciting – yes, it was loud and screaming, but on the TV broadcast, it produced a constant noise blanket over the whole race, making it hard to hear what each car was doing.

    Yes, a twin turbo/dual exhaust system might have sounded nicer, but doubling the ERS-H systems would probably make things overly complicated. I’m sure the firing order plays a part too. But on the whole, I think it’s just fine. And one of the coolest sounds I’ve heard from an F1 car in a long time was in Monaco when the first safety car period ended, and Rosberg stepped on the throttle going towards Rascasse. That deep, guttural and menacing sound when the engine spooled up gave me chills…

  • Aadil

    These new turbo engines sound like vacuum cleaners nothing spine chilling to me!!
    Turbo engines are all over the show even small hatchbacks have turbo engines
    my GOLF GTI has a turbo engine they are common and in reality a turbo car is no where near as great to drive as a car with a properly good naturally aspirated 1 is! Look at the reviews of the new M4 almost all journo’s are unanimous in saying its not as nice as the old V8 and it sounds rubbish!
    Every Tom, Dick and Harry with a turbo car has dump valves these days.

    No V6 turbo engine will ever sound as special V8 spinning to 19000rpm. its still the stuff of dreams along with V10’s and V12’s

    Merc and Renault got what they wanted so the least they could have done is take the sound issue seriously from the start when development of the V6’s began.
    But non of the 2 give a flying **** about F1 they only care about marketing and selling road cars,
    its the only reason why they in F1 is to market themselves and sell cars they could care less about F1 and its fans.

  • DavidG

    I understand that sound is not the most important thing on F1, but it is a very important attribute to the fans. And also it should be an important aspect of the car for the automakers that participate in racing.
    Supposedly the changes in engines and regulations on F1 were pushed by the automakers to make more relevant technology that they could use on their cars. Most of the times the top technology coming out of it is very expensive and could only be used on very expensive, exotic, cars. And many of the people that are buying those type of cars demand to have a great feel, which for many, equates to a great sound from the car. This is where developing an engine and exhaust system with great sound, along all the other new regulations, could be justified. It would help to make F1 fans happier, and help auto makers selling cars.

    On a side note. I have never been in a F1 race, but I’ve been on many Indycar races, a Nascar race, and some other racing series, and from those experiences the sound of those cars is one of the everlasting memories of the event. However, when I watched on TV the Monaco GP2 race and compared it to the F1 race, the sound of the GP2 engines made it more entertaining for me and remind me the sound of last year season. Hopefully next year that issue could be resolved.

  • F1derbar

    Good grief, the sound IS WHAT IT IS, based on the formula and maximum efficiency, there is no incentive to ‘tune’ the exhaust because it is superfluous to the racing. You haven’t heard any drivers going off on it have you? They couldn’t care less, it’s a dull roar behind them regardless of lump. They are having difficulty with torque for sure but I’d say the best racers will be the ones that figure it out (and, based on WDC points, that is mostly happening, Mercedes domination aside).

    I fell for F1 only five years ago but it was for the sheer artistry, the engineering, the teamwork, design, drivers, personalities, glitz, etc., the sound is only an extension of one part of it… I guess I’ll have a better opinion after Austin this year but I doubt it will change. These are fascinating machines and still, IMO, the pinnacle of racing.