Lewis Hamilton has shown what a true bad sportsman is all about. Nico Rosberg’s qualifying incident is very questionable no matter what the data says. I didn’t see him miss that breaking point all weekend.

However Hamilton for the last few weeks has been giving Rosberg a bit of stick in the media about how much better he is than his current team mate and how he has more fight.

 ” I come from a not great place in Stevenage and lived in my dad’s apartment, and Nico grew up in Monaco with jets and hotels and boats. So the hunger is different. I’ve got to be the hungriest guy in the cockpit to win the World Championship”

Lewis got a bit of his own medicine at Monaco and doesn’t seem to like it and now has claimed that “We are not friends, we are colleagues”

Nico drove a brilliant race and controlled it from start to finish with no complaints. I haven’t seen Nico openly rag Hamilton in the media, even when he has finished second to Lewis for the last four races.

I’m sorry but from a fans point of view (mainly being mine) if you are going to dish it then you have to take it. To see Lewis not even wanting to stand close to Nico after qualifying and also after the race just makes him look like a sore looser.

And by the way it made me feel awkward and I was on the couch.

“Well we’re not friends, we’re colleagues. We’ll work together to get the team as many one-twos and points as possible.”
“Well we’re not friends, we’re colleagues. We’ll work together to get the team as many one-twos and points as possible.”
“Well we’re not friends, we’re colleagues. We’ll work together to get the team as many one-twos and points as possible.”



Hi, I have been a Formula 1 fanatic since 1987 when my family took me to the Adelaide GP. I now enjoy close friendships with team members at Ferrari and within the Holden Racing Team (V8Supercars).
  • Two terms come to mind watching Lewis Hamilton this weekend:
    [1]. Petulant
    [2]. Classless

  • Bill

    Louis Hamilton has just proven he is the Miley Cyrus of F1..

  • rapierman

    I’m sure you meant “sore”.

    Anyway, I’ve said recently that Hamilton was a “Manic-Depressive with a trace of being neurotic. Starting to think that’s come true.

  • He was crying so hard, it even impaired his vision…

  • Benalf

    I can’t believe what Hamilton has been saying since the Spanish GP; such a lack of security, sportsmanship, pushing the envelope of both the team and Rosberg. He sounds like the same spoil brat that wanted all on his rookie year at Macca…..maybe even worse. I was looking forward to see a cool-headed, impeccable racecraft, mature Lewis. His words and body language seem to show that he thinks he’s entitled to win the DWC and that the team should ensure he has the upper hand on Rosberg. I still don’t understand his insecurities; I think he and Rosberg are close in race pace, but Hamilton can still get poles and defend his position on the track. If he concentrates on racing, he should be more than able to win the championship. Now it seems he wanted to win all the races, break records and mop the floor with Rosberg, not even caring about what it seemed a good friendship, and time spent with him and his father Keke. justifying his winning hunger by comparing his life to Rosberg Jr. shows how bad loser he is and how little he cares about whats important in life; even though a real champion is focused in winning, Lewis now seems trying to win in both in and out of the track at all costs. It’s gonna be difficult but I hope Nico can win a couple more races and tickle a bit more on Hamilton’s fragile mindset.

  • Buddy

    Totally agree with this editorial. Lewis says he is “hungrier”, geez he made $75 million last year. Professionals in any sport should act like they have been there before. Also doesn’t Lewis realize that this behavior looks bad to his sponsors and the team? Anyways, I am rooting for Nico.

    • gusgrand

      Mercedes used to spondor the Nazis so I don’t think anything lewis says will make them look bad! lol

      • GLC

        That’s Ferdinand Porsche

        • Patrick Delaney

          You both haven’t a clue about GP racing

      • Patrick Delaney

        That’s a stupid remark. Please read more about the history of GP racing if you want to comment.

  • Randy

    Lewis is a great driver and will win many races. To win he needs the mindset that he wants it and will fight hard. He also needs to realize he cannot win every race. Car settings, tire wear due to construction or driving style and now all the electronis will affect his race. I admire how hard he works, where he came from and his admiration for the sport. Let’s hope he puts this behind him and once again can race all opponents as friends and also challengers.

  • Steely Dan

    Adam, we use punctuation and grammar to make what we write understandable. Please try to use it. Also, I would recommend you come out and let folks know your views are not objective.

    • It is an Op Ed, so hopefully that will lend some context to the piece.

  • Julian

    I do think people are incredibly hard on Lewis. Like all the other drivers are perfect gentlemen? All of the champion drivers are hyper-competitive, incredibly sore losers, and can be almost child like in their petulance when they lose. Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher, Prost, Senna, none of these were nice guys when it came to the race. The nice drivers tend to be the ones who don’t win.
    I don’t blame Lewis for being pissed this weekend, either Rosberg executed a planned move to ensure he kept pole, or he was incredibly lucky. Either way thats gonna hurt a ultra competitor like an f1 champion.

    Vettel similarly gets unfairly treated for doing things the others also do.

    I will say, having all these characters in the sport at least makes it interesting. Imagine if we had 22 Jenson Buttons driving around.

    • I think Lewis will be fine. He’s going to come out swinging in Canada and he usually does his best talking on track.

      I will say that if you consider Lewis the better driver, fair enough, but I wonder how easily Nico is to having his cage rattled versus Lewis. Lewis has had a couple of seasons where he imploded and told the press that his personal life was really to blame. I’m not implying anything here as many of us have had relationships go bad and it’s not fun but clearly Lewis is not made of solid iron. Then again, you could argue, if the quali stunt was deliberate, that this was Nico’s way of being so rattled that he pulled this incident in order to win (which is what I’ve read elsewhere).

      No doubt there are head games going on but Lewis doesn’t strike me as the best head game player or recipient to be honest. I would think Nikki would be advising Lewis to stop the brooding teammate routine and win the PR battle by being the nice guy, the good guy because we know he can deliver on track. Why not deliver off the track to win the image race too?

      Just to throw an equivalency test in the, what would Lewis fans say if this had been Vettel saying these things and acting this way? Would they be defending him or heaping more petulant child accusations on him?

      • Julian

        I don’t think there’s a Lewis fans vs Vettel fans here, I think both of them are treated unfairly by many f1 fans.
        I love having all of these different characters in f1. Its the characters in sport that make it so fascinating.

        I think it was the best result for the championship though, even though Nico resorted to some pretty desperate tactics to get the win. If Lewis had won today, it might have broken Nicole, and with Montreal next the championship would have been firmly in Lewis’s sights.

        Hamilton’s response to all of this in Montreal will be very interesting, as will Rosberg’s. He will know that this is probably Hamilton’s best track, what can he do to stop him.

        • agree about the “characters in F1”

        • So, Lewis talks to Nikki and has broken Nicole.
          O dear…

      • UAN

        The thing is, in fairness to Vettel, I don’t recall him making these types of comments towards Webber. They always spoke in terms of respect towards each other, at least in public.

        Vettel may have said things like “he’s too slow”, but I’d be gobsmacked where he said something like Lewis did after they pitted at the same time during the safety car “I knew you wouldn’t pit me” or words to that effect.

        Contrast that with Vettel today, getting a brilliant start into 3rd place only to have more car issues, which seems to be the norm on his car and when he pitted he started to say “You guys have to do something (or words to that affect)” and then something I haven’t heard from a driver, maybe ever, he shifted his tone and said “I know you guys are doing everything you can.”

        Some may be cynical, and may think he only said that because he knew the world feed was transmitting his words, but I don’t think so. I think he was sitting there thinking I could take my frustrations out on the team, but that’s not fair to them.

        This is really a watershed moment for Lewis. He’s got the car to win the WDC. No excuses. That may be extremely stressful, the pressure he’s put on himself. But how he handles that pressure, that will be a legacy.

        I’m a bit gobsmacked that he would diminish his friendship with Nico – since they were young (12-13?) Keke opened his home to Lewis, flew him around to races, etc. Sure, Lewis and Nico may not be bff, and are competing for the biggest prize there is, but “colleagues”? Wow. Just wow. Even if he feels he needs to do that for the psychological upperhand, there really are some places you shouldn’t go.

        • Ike

          A couple of years ago didn’t Keke say Lewis should be suspended for his aggressive driving. Some family friend when Grosjean & otherd were much worse.

          • Sai Das

            OK for Senna but not Lewis?

      • danielsussex

        Not much doubt Lewis is faster than Nico, always has been. But that doesnt mean he is a complete driver like Alonso, worthy of multiple WDC.

        As a Brit, i want Lewis to do well, but im not fan of his demeanour. At the moment, im rooting for Ricciardo and Hülkenberg.

        • Sai Das

          I’m a Lewis fan but I have to say that he is his own worst enemy. He cost himself at least one WDC with his overly aggressive driving.

  • Being a relative “new ” fan of Formula 1, I thought this sport was for men not cry-babys. Doesn’t Hamilton understand comments and ideas like he harbors can cause the mind to be not on the work at hand which can and had cause many senseless deaths in this sport. I have this to say to Hamilton” It DO NOT MATTER that your background is not as good as that of your team mate’s or others in the sport. What matters is your skill and mind set. You have shown your skill or you would not be on the team. Now, little boy, time to get your mind on your job and do it as well as you can. Jealsousy can be a REAL KILLER!!!!!Oh 1 more thing–there is NO I in team!!!

    • Sai Das

      Lewis literally has the track record and bank account not to be jealous of Nico but he is a prima donna. He and Fernando are the two best drivers on the track.

  • Interestingly, Nico said this:

    “We are always friends, we have always been friends,” Rosberg said. “But you know, friends is a big word, what exactly is friends? We have a good relationship, we work well together, we have our moments but we’ve known each other for so long that the advantage is we’ve always had those moments and we can talk about them and move on.

    “We have known each other for so long, since we were 13 when we were team-mates, that always is a base. As we have always done in the past, when there are some more difficult moments we sit down, talk about it, and move on.”

  • adam vella

    In response to Julian, the difference between Hamilton and the guys mentioned is that Hamilton has openly bullied Nico through the media. These other highly competitive WC’s didnt have small chwap digs, they either helped their team mate or they didn’t.

    • Julian

      I am not sure I agree with that, most of those drivers would openly bully their closest wdc rival, to say Nico is just a team mate ignores the fact he is his only rival to the title this year (probably). For a lot of the others they had subservant number 2 drivers who were contractually barred from beating them.
      How was Alonso during Hamilton’s first season? Schumacher even deliberately crashed into Hill, hardly great sportsmanship.
      Don’t get me wrong, I do not think he has handled this situation well. I just think the overreaction and lynching is totally unfair

  • Neilmc

    I agree with everything in this article. What could have been a classy tough fair battle for the rest of the year has been tainted with Hamilton’s lack of maturity and bad sportsmanship.

    I was enjoying the battle and would have been happy for either to get WDC. At the moment I want to see Rosberg win it. Outclassing Hamilton sometimes on the track, but usually off the track.

    I thought Hamilton had got himself together, but now I’m just finding him really annoying.

  • james

    So lewis is showing some bad sportsmanship. So now he’s now considered a mental case and a cry baby. Well if it wasnt lewis what would you numb nuts be saying. this man can’t say a word without you cry babies loosing your minds. so whos the real jerks. think twice before going off the deep end yourself. He would’ve never made it this far if he was as you say. but it does explain why you’re not on the track.

    • F1derbar

      So, only other racers (F1 racers at that) are allowed to talk about racers. I guess we may as well pack this up and go home. Thanks for showing us the folly of our ways James.

  • gsprings

    Monaco saved Nico’s arse this time,but now we get to real race tracks, I expect Hamilton to start butt kicking again

  • CF

    I think many of you are losing sight of the fact that Nico resorted to unfair tactics to get the pole. That is evident by his comments in the press conference stating he did not know where Lewis was on the track. He knew he had gone out first so Lewis had to be coming up behind him. And to further ensure no one could better their lap time, especially Lewis, he began to reverse onto the track. What would be the purpose of that move, I haven’t heard anyone mention that in any of the previous post.

    If not for Nico’s actions in qualifying, we would not be having this conversation. It was not fair to Hamilton, nor was it fair to the other drivers that had to abort their lap. True F1 fans know that by securing the pole at Monaco, you have likely secured the win. I personally think it shows how desperate Nico has become to get a win and get out of Hamilton’s shadow.

    If you can win it on your merit and your skill, then so be it, but don’t cheat.

    Everyone want to say how Hamilton should or should not react. That is like saying a person should pretend they don’t mind that someone just sucker punched them, that is not reality.

    • danielsussex

      Theres been cheating in F1 since the day it started. Part of the game.

    • UAN

      It didn’t matter that Nico reversed out of the run off. The yellow flags were up until Nico’s car was removed from that area (which is actually quite short). The fastest way to move a car out is for the driver to back it out. They do this at T1 all the time. THAT is the purpose of backing out.

      Let’s say Nico parks it. He still needs to get out of the car, he still needs to shut it down per the team’s instructions, get out of the car, put the steering wheel back on, and then he needs to clear the run off area. Yellow flags would be flying all this time. Because that run off is so short, RC may decide the car needs to be cleared before going to green, which means Marshall’s in the run off area, either to push it out or to hook up the crane and fly it out over the barriers.

      So it is actually faster for a car to reverse out on the track. Such is the nature of Monaco.

      How many times have we seen in other races an untimely yellow scupper a hot lap in qualifying? Just this year in Australia, both Button and Vettel were caught out in Q2 in Australia when RAI dropped it in T3. One or both may have advanced to Q3.

      It just sucks more when it’s a driver we like gets hindered.

      Now whether the initial mistake was accidental or on purpose, who really knows. Stewards saw the telemetry and footage. Hamilton claims he saw something in the data that night, though if you look at data hard enough trying to find something, you eventually confirm your bias.

      My thinking is more along the lines of Occam’s razor. If he dropped it on purpose it would have been obvious in the data. Not something you have to go all Columbo on to tease out.

  • Stan P.

    “Nico resorted to unfair tactics to get the pole” Says who? You? The FIA checked the telemetry and decided nothing was amiss. Rosberg had trouble with lockup at that corner during every session, and even during the race. I’m not saying that Rosberg didn’t do it on purpose. I’m saying that to to make the assertion
    that he undoubtedly did is ridiculous.

  • gsprings

    no more Monaco’s to save Nico’s behind now,he’s used up his qualifying tricks,he can’t pull that again without it being obvious, tricky nico

  • Been following F1 for about 30 years they are all a bunch of pampered cry babies . STFU and race. Love the sport I just wished there was more chances to pass and make it more competitive. Seems like you get the pole majority of the time you win. Still watch it and enjoy. These drivers couldn’t hold Senna’s soiled draws.

    • Patrick Delaney

      Frankly, I think Senna was a thug. I thought he deserved his end. I know that’s callous of me, but he wouldn’t have baulked at causing the death of another driver in order to win.

      • GLC

        You know this, how?

      • danielsussex

        Wow, just wow. Think you need to re-assess that one.

      • GLC

        You need to read up on Senna before you make such a uneducated remark.

      • gchern

        How ridiculous of anyone to say that because of his determination to win Senna deserves what happened to him at Imola. I suppose you’re happy that Schumacher is in a coma and that he deserves that as well? Please read up on the drivers before sputtering nonsense.

  • CF

    That’s pretty harsh, and quite a ridiculous thing to say.

  • F1derbar

    Senna was no more a ‘thug’ than Schumi, Mansell, any number of drivers…the extreme desire to win races seems to push all the champions into questionable moves on occasion. However, to suggest that Senna was unconcerned with his peers safety flies in the face of history – have you EVER seen a contemporary driver do this?

    • Rik

      Senna had more character and concern that any of the modern F1 drivers. Although wasn’t it Webber in SPA that stopped when he was at Team Jaguar and his teammate crashed? Senna was the one pushing for more and more safety regardless of his desire to win.

      Hamilton wish he as Senna but he act’s more like Prost but it’s going to be hard for him to get all the National bias that Prost profited from as Jean Totdt isn’t British.

  • UAN

    It’s interesting to watch Lewis in this very close WDC battle with his teammate. Shades of 2007. I can see a young Lewis acting in the same manner then, with Ron Dennis 100% behind him. It’s making me more and more sympathetic towards Alonso during that time.

  • this is a super fascinating conversation. as most of you know i recently wrote a post on Hamilton for this blog (lucky it was about his possible WDT and not how he is the epitome of maturity). I have to say i am a little surprised by Hamilton’s behavior. The rich kid quote seemed a low blow and the take a page from Senna remark, presumably Hamilton was referring to Senna driving Prost off the track at turn one seems so out of his character of the last couple of years.

    But as has been stated many times by many fans and experts alike, we don’t watch F1 because drivers are polite and well mannered. we watch F1 because we love to watch super humans going at it tong and hammer. we watch because of the added drama a drivers personality will bring. personally i could do without all the bulls**t, but there is no denying this will ad an interesting layer to the battle between the Merc drivers.

    i really want to see the data/telemetry that Hamilton is referring to when he says in the debrief has saw evidence that Nico intentionally over cooked his breaking point. and yet another interesting detail that has come to light was the fact that Hamilton changed a engine setting back in Spain against some pre-race agreement between himself and Rosberg (not sure where i read that thought).

    now canada will be a great show down for the Merc duo. an all out street brawl is what i expect with lewis coming out on top (as Todd mentioned he loves this track. I think he has 3 wins there). bad behavior aside and don’t get me wrong i have complained many a time about Vettel and Hamilton’s lack of maturity, what will be a nice case study is how each drive deals with what has transpired and how the each use it to their advantage.

    • rapierman

      You’re right, Hamilton committed an ‘ad-hominen attack”; went for the pure emotion and never really presented a logical argument to why he should be #1. You lose every time you do that.

  • F12002

    No matter how much you love F1 or racing, no matter how much you want to win, no matter how much longer you can go on doing it than others, the one fact is that it is just a single part of life. There’s a whole lot more to it. At what cost does Hamilton want to win. Does he not think how people will remember him when he’s old and cant race anymore let alone win. There’s more to racing than just winning – something Vettel has learned, I hope. First he loses friendship of Sutil and now he’s trying to unnecessarily mess with Nico who is also known to be one of his friends. Is a F1 WDC worth losing a friend? I don’t think anyone with any level of humanity believes it is. Its time for him to wise up or he will be known as the worst racing driver ever.

  • F1derbar
  • Brody

    I’m glad that Lewis and Nico seemed to have buried the hatchet, and happily not into each others heads. Lewis can now concentrate on Canada, and stop having to answer endless questions regarding Monaco, which will probably make some very unhappy.

  • jonnowoody

    Canada:”We are not colleagues, We are aquaintances”

  • jonnowoody

    Austria: ” We are not aquaintancies – We are neighbours.”

  • jonnowoody

    Silverstone: “We are not neighbours – we are at war.”

  • jonnowoody

    Germany: “We are winning the war.”

  • jonnowoody

    Hungary: “We are fighting a rear-guard action.”

  • jonnowoody

    Belgium: “We are suffering an Ardennes offensive.”

  • jonnowoody

    Italy: ” The soft underbelly.”

  • jonnowoody

    Singapore: ” Bugger, We’ve lost Singapore.”

  • jonnowoody

    Japan: “It was just a racing incident.”

  • jonnowoody

    Russia: ” Very cold, even icy.”

  • jonnowoody

    Brazil: ” We had terrible weather conditions and if it wasn’t for Perez dropping back at the last minute We could have won the Championship.”

  • jonnowoody

    Abu Dhabi: ” We did our best and I’ve got to thank the team but even double points couldn’t help us. Nico was lucky and it wasn’t really fair that he was given first call on the pit stop. We’ve been friends since carting days and I’m proud to have borrowed some milk from a champion. I’m really looking forward to a new challenge with the Williams Team in 2015.”

  • Pffffft. ROFL Classic piss-take JonnoW. 10/10.