After making a public announcement that Fernando Alonso’s comments were not taken too lightly, Ferrari president, Luca di Montezemolo, has suggested that the arse-chewing was for the whole team…not just Alonso.

“Fernando has given a lot in these last years and I repeat, his disappointment, which came about mainly after Silverstone, where all of us expected to be more competitive, is understandable. But I didn’t like some attitudes, a few words, some outbursts. And I said so…I reminded everyone, including the drivers, that Ferrari comes before everything, the priority is the team. Rather like a family father pointing out the need to respect some family rules: I wish to underline the concept of family values.”

Seems logical if you understand that Ferrari is and will always be the main goal with drivers coming and going such is the history of the Scuderia. As the team head into the summer break, the lingering question of if Alonso would leave for Red Bull seems illogical as he has a contract through 2016 with Ferrari but contracts can have clauses and who knows what Fernando’s small print might say.

As for the other driver? Felipe Massa, as many have suggested, may not be long for the Ferrari world:

“Felipe is a quick driver and a great guy. But in the past days, we were very clear with him: both he and us need results and points. Then, at some point, we will look one another in the eye and decide what to do.”

If the team is the most important thing, then scoring points is crucial and Massa has left a lot of those on the table. Look for a new driver in that seat come 2014. This is the first pointed statement toward Massa’s future at Ferrari in a while and that never bodes well when the frustration level is this high at Maranello.

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  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Massa is toast!
    The best Flip can hope for, so far as a 2014 ride, will be a contract lifeline from Sauber. Hulkenburg swap to Fez. I suspect Massa will call time on his F1 career, if it comes to a Sauber or nothing scenario.
    Felipe Massa should’t hang onto fading glories like his countryman Rubens did for two seasons at the end. It hurts your F1 public legacy. JF