The FIA recently posted a call for expression of interest in Formula 1. That’s a nice way of saying they would entertain new F1 teams should they meet the qualifications. Here’s what they said:

“The FIA has decided to open a new selection process to identify a candidate team to participate at a competitive level in the FIA Formula One World Championship from the start of the 2015 or the 2016 season up to 2020 inclusive. The overall long-term interests of the Championship will determine which candidates are selected.”

Not much has been said about potential teams that might have the desire to enter the series and with the costs involved in F1 these days, you’d have to be mad to try and enter the sport right? Especially if you were an American contingent as that’s only ever ended in tears as Peter Windsor can tell you from his still-born USF1 experience.

Not so fast. It seems that the boys in NASCAR might actually have an interest in the series. According the the authentic and charming Speed Sport News, Gene Haas, co-owner with Tony Stewart of the Stewart-Haas Racing team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, has applied to the FIA to enter a team! Get out of here!

Could Haas be bringing some of the spiced-up-show style NASCAR know-how to Formula 1? A North Carolina boy taking it to the those refined and wealthy F1 folks in Europe? Well…maybe. Haas said:

“We have responded to the FIA’s ‘call for expression of interest’ regarding a Formula One entry on behalf of Haas Racing Development,” the statement read. “We respect the FIA’s evaluation process and will share more details in the coming weeks.”

The FIA has requirements to participate and one of those is usually avery large chunk of cash for the entry fee and demonstration of financial fortitude and wherewithal. It will be interesting to see how many applications they received and who is interested but suffice to say, ti would be great to have an American team in the sport.

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  • But do they have a framed Jimmy Clark print hanging in the office?

    • Let’s not jinx the operation, perhaps better that he should have a picture of the Kansas City Flash (Masten Gregory) on his wall maybe? And I wouldn’t hire Mario as some sort of ambassador or spokesperson for the operation either. Nothing against Mario but that role has been done to death and they need new future-thinking direction. IF they are approved and get int he show, they’d do well to bring an American driver and a veteran for consistency and car development. They’d also do well to get Ford interested in making the new era’s DFV turbo V6 for them too. :)

      • Mike

        I think its very possible, with the visibility of RUSH and now the film project, Go Like Hell with Cruise and Pitt. I know Go Like Hell is not a strict F1 movie, but it is interesting timing about the Cobra/Shelby/USA story taking on the European giant, Ferrari. Also, enter Mercedes with F1 increasing success, V6 turbo and visibility. The marketing Merc machine is massive here in the USA, and if you take all these things, a seasoned racing team, a major car manufacturer in F1 already established in the US market with [somewhat] affordable machines to the avg public, decent racing films keeping it in the public eye, massice COTA success in Texas…it is very possible.
        If they needed someone of racing fame connected, i can well imagine Dan Gurney being great…

      • Rapierman

        Don’t limit yourself to Ford. GM & Chrysler are still out there.

      • niyoko

        Ford is a great idea. They might still have some infrastructure in Europe from from past racing endeavors. Plus I think they do have production facilities in Europe.

  • Well hell, I’m “interested” in starting an F1 team also, and I can mostly fill out paperwork too. Until I see more, at this point I would say both are intentions carry the same amount of weight.

    • MIE

      But who has sold more toasters? Isn’t that what makes a successful F1 team….

  • zzyzxx

    Until a major US company, wishing to expand internationally, gets on board, it just isn’t going to happen. The money needs to come first. The exposure in the US can’t justify the investment needed in F1. They have to find a sponsor that needs the international exposure to their brand.

    • Cipher

      Well Haas Automation is a company with hundreds of millions in revenue, I don’t know how well it does overseas but F1 could be the plan to give them that exposure.

      • Noddy93

        Haas has a decent global network with Haas Automation distribution centers in Belgium, Mumbai, and Shanghai.

        While Gene Haas may be relatively poor by F1 standards (at a reported worth of only a quarter-billion), he does have employees that know a crap-ton about getting sponsorships…. and never mind that the Haas name will draw interest from a large portion of American “racing” fans.

  • StephenB

    Do it with Chevy V6 turbo power! =P

  • Noddy93

    that Haas owns the best wind tunnel on the planet can’t hurt his chances

  • Oily Bo Hunk

    I’ll believe it, when I see the nosecone.
    Oh wait that’s not good enough.

    Curious process it must be to enter. Once on the grid, you don’t have to open your books again, but to enter you have to open the vault.

    • Rapierman

      So, I’m guessing that you’d like to employ Grace’s catchphrase: “I’ll believe it when the boxes turn up.”

      • Oily Bo Hunk

        I’m guessing that part of the reasoning behind Grace’s quote, is the famous USF1 nosecone test.
        I hope if the US does field a team, it’s not a one-and-done season.

  • F1fletch

    Noddy is correct. These guys are not some fly by night. Ferrari wishes they had that windtunnel, it is the cream of the crop. I for one will not get buried with cynacism on this one. I think it is legit and Haas may well end up on the grid in 15. Honda getting in is a great sign and I would love to see FORD back in. We need it, fans want it.

    All the best wishes Mr Haas, you have my undeniable grin and support!!!!

  • budred5

    Nothing excites NASCAR money like DRS, double point races and reverse grids. Do they sell corn dogs in Europe?

    • Cipher

      Coming in 2015, the Chase for the Formula 1 world championship!

      • Shocks & Awe

        No, no, the Chase for the Goblet!, or maybe the Chase for the Chalice! Something more snooty than a mere Cup, anyway.

  • Matthew Snyder

    Of two minds on this; it would certainly be cool having an American team in F1, but I don’t see how a team based in the States could effectively compete with the big boys. And if they moved ops to Europe….. then it’s really American in name only.

    • Shocks & Awe

      There’s plenty of racing technology , infrastructure and talent here in the states to make it happen. Their travel budget will be bigger than most, but there may be other savings to be had. In the end it comes down to the management. Haas has a successful team, so he knows how to make it work. Will he be competitive out of the gate? Maybe not, but I think he’ll do better than HRT and Marrusia did their first seasons.