The BBC’s Andrew Benson says that a deal to bring Kimi Raikkonen back to Ferrari is all but done and should be announced very shortly. According to Benson, the deal was completed Monday and will be announced imminently.

We suggested this was the case many moons ago when Raikkonen had that odd comment about folks finding his 2014 decision as ‘stupid’ and it seemed to us that returning to Ferrari would be the only decision that would raise eyebrows. Now we’re taking his comment in July a little (or a lot) out of context but it still seemed possible given the return of James Allison to Ferrari.

If Benson has it right (and there is little reason to believe he doesn’t), the pairing of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen could be the most lethal on the grid in 2014 but it takes more than two world champions to win more titles. It takes a car and that’s what Allison is there for.

Many suggest that Alonso would have his knickers out of shape over the arrival of Raikkonen, who was jettisoned in order to make room for Alonso, but other suggest that Kimi is apolitical and couldn’t care less about who is number one or who is number two. That may be somewhat true but it’s hard to imagine the Fin reacting positively to a radio call like, “Fernando is faster than you”.

Mr. Noble at AUTOSPORT says, effectively, the same as benson. This means that current Ferrari driver Felipe Massa is in need of a ride and to be honest, many felt that Nico Hulkenberg would be the best replacement for the struggling Brazilian. It appears that isn’t going to be the case.

In light of the Ferrari decision, Lotus F1 has some work to do and if I were the Eric Boullier, I would be calling Hulkenberg. Nico wouldn’t be as pricey as Raikkonen and I believe he would pick up where Kimi left off…he’s a very talented driver.

Will Alonso/Raikkonen work? Why would Ferrari pass up Hulkenberg for Raikkonen? Ferrari have always been a team that gets the best drivers it can and rarely take risks on youngsters or drivers they feel haven’t had the kind of results that Ferrari merits. What do you think? Can this be Ferrari’s master stroke to get back on top in 2014?

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  • Cat

    OMG Kimi have you lost your mind? if you think Ferrari are going to leave you alone because you know what you are doing you are bonkies! the money is not worth it. didnt you learn your lesson the first go around with them? blimey mate you have lost it. I still love you but you have lost it.

    • Mansell’s_Stache

      Could not agree more. As if Mondays were not bad enough. This is terrible news. I would burn my Kimi Lotus F1 Team hat if it had not cost $50. This is going to be a disastrous pairing (albeit should be entertaining to see how it plays out). Would also be great if Lotus signs Hulkenburg and Hulk melts the Iceman…lol. Super bummed.

  • Robin Horwitz

    This also indicates Ferrari is uncomfortable with Alonso’s comments lately and wants another superstar to fall back on if things really fall apart with Alonso.

  • Tim

    If I have my guess . . . Alonso’s days at Ferrari are numbered. If Kimi is really on his way to Ferrari, Alonso can’t be happy what-so-ever. If he sees out his contract I’d be surprised.

    • dimitris

      Agree. I think Alonso’s days at Ferrari are numbered because he put himself out of the team culture. You just do not call your team members stupid or idiots, and do not put the blame solely on them because the car is not up to your expectations. Whether he leaves on his own or is fired remains to be seen. My guess is that he is headed for Maclaren. The biggest surprise, however, will be if Ferrari announce that Kimi is replacing Alonso, not Massa.

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo ‘eating crow’, and ALLOWING Scuderia Ferrari to sign Kimi Raikkonen back onto their team?

    Do you need any more proof of the impending END OF DAYS? JF

    • UAN

      lol, though with this Syria thing heating up, maybe not so funny?

  • limited slip

    Leave him alone, he knows what he’s doing.

    • Richard

      God, I got a chuckle out of that.

  • dude

    I think it’s a good move for Ferrari. Ferrari needs to start winning the manufacture championship again and this is a good recipe, two excellent driver is going to bring in lots of points. With James Alison and Rory Burns, I think Ferrari will have a fine car for 2014. Alonso isn’t going to scare Kimi so I don’t think it’ll be an issue either, if there will be commotions than it’ll be good for the show, its what you can expect in F1, do expect to see more whining from Alonso.

    But with big teams like Ferrari and Mercedes buying off engineers and drivers from smaller ones, it’s not good for smaller teams trying to break in, not the best thing for the sport maybe.

    • dude


    • dude

      I didn’t rule out the possibility that Alonso will leave Ferrari and Massa staying, but I highly doubt that will be the case, it would be a very stupid move and not a step forward for Ferrari. (sorry Massa)

  • Boycottthebull

    Well it was the only choice left for Gimme Gimme Kimi whose first interest is the money and racing second. Ferrari were the only other team he could whore himself out too for the money he was demanding. This nonsense Kimi has been saying these past few weeks that Lotus know what they need to do was all total BS. His drunken rant to all his friends at a party have proven to be true all along. No respect for you any more Kimi. I hope Ferrari produce the same lemon they did this yeah and you still end out out of Q3. the only good thing to come out if it was my hope the Hulk would get a seat at Lotus with Grosjean. Now lets see the newbies trample over the ego maniac two world champions in the red cars for less the tenth of the cost!

    • Rik

      So you are a believer in working for free, I mean it’s only money and you can live off your parents and friends right.

      Grow up. Kimi is not getting paid, his team has no development budget to get ahead of the other players, they are not the most technological team out there and they, like Sauber, are facing a finical crisis.

      What’s Kimi to do? Work for free with no solid chance of winning the races and or championships? That’s what pay drivers do. It’s best to not make decisions, much less life changing decisions for others and this is simply why Kimi doesn’t give a rat’s but hole what you think he should do. He is not asking you for advice nor is he giving you any. Hint hint.

      I would like to see Hulk in a better car though. He is a good driver but there are only a limited amount of “good” rides out there and unfortunately, he has no funds to bring to the negotiations. Hard to believe Ruben’s spanked him badly at Williams also.

      • Easy Rik. Decorum and civility here mate. Disagree all you want but please leave the personal attacks out.

        Money is and always will be a key issue for any driver so I agree with you on that point. Kimi is no different and I can’t fault him for taking the best deal he can get. F1 careers are short. Retire at late 30’s so money very important.

        • Chris T

          So, you’re going to criticize a poster for criticizing another poster that has posted unsubstantiated information while calling other people names in a derogatory manner?
          Is that your concept of “decorum and civility”?
          I admit that this is your web-site, but suggest that you need to get your egotistical shit together.

          • Sean

            What Chris T said! ^^^

            I was going to say something similar, although not as well set out. Top marks Chris T!

          • Mike

            Well said!

        • Rik

          Now I never made a salacious comment towards “Boycottthebull”, I mean its not like I stated his writing simulated the talk of a crazy liberal with no values for earning a living :)

    • We’ve had this rule since the beginning and it has served us well. @Chris T: If a poster disagrees with another poster, that is perfectly understandable but to personally attack them is not something we endorse and here’s why:

      You disagree? Great, simply say “I disagree and here’s why”. The invective can be saved for other sites.

      Folks, discourse is becoming a lost art. Disagree all you want, just keep the personal stuff out of it. It’s not “egotistical shit”, it’s a way of keeping the dialog civil. A simple rule to provide direction and a course to civility. You can read about our goal and efforts here on Civilination:

      It’s not my ego I’m concerned with by having a simple rule, it’s the ego’s of those on the site that I am trying get to engage each other without name calling and personal attacks. I understand that a poster slamming Kimi or Alonso is more rhetoric than substantiated claims but that ins’t a dialog between them and the driver they dislike. It is an opinion. the driver doesn’t need to be defended here as he is the topic of the conversation. The two people who engage in that conversation about that topic are the two that I would hope would follow our simple rule.

      I hope that makes sense. Or is that just egotistical shit? ;) I jest!!! Lighten up Francis.

      • straight line

        Every day that passes makes more sense Negative Camber.
        A great contribution to a culture of opinion that is so lacking the forums these days.

        I like seeing Kimi at Lotus.
        A black horse driver in a black horse team with a black car!… just fitting OK.
        Every pilot as an ambition and Kimi wants to win so is going to search for the better solution available for his objective.
        I don’t know if the Ferrari normal culture of a 1st and a 2nd driver will suit his ambition but if Ferrari will hire him then something is changing or something is cooking!…
        (something changing)
        We know that Kimi will always do is own stuff and Ferrari also knows that.
        Alonso will never agreed in taking a second rule so this will mean a change in the culture of a first and second driver.
        (something is cooking)
        Maybe Alonso isn’t so red as he sometimes appears and Ferrari found out!
        If Alonso is looking for another wheel Ferrari will look for another deal!


      • Rik

        I by no means meant to start a “Shit Storm” with the rules, but I also don’t really think my statement was as bad nor a personal attack as described.

        It’s all good to disagree especially when Massa is GONE and Kimi is in at Ferrari!!!

        • No worries, it’s all good. I agree with you on your posts. Not the worst that’s been said on the site. :) I just wanted to make sure we didn’t head down a rabbit trail we didn’t need to as your post spoke for itself and was not only rational but prudent in regards to Kimi and his move to Ferrari and why money is important. Not a big deal, no offense and no harm done. Move along. :)

  • dude

    Also Indy fans will get to watch more of Massa.

  • Toogood2tell

    I’ve maintained all along, show Kimi the money and he will follow the money. Ferrari will continue to their ways of focusing on title campaign of one driver and never maximize results of two cars in a race, something that RedBull has done consistently in recent years.

  • SirJackieFan

    Kimi and Fernano on the same team? One thing is certain…it will not be boring.

    • petes

      No. Kimi and Hulk. Fred to Rotus with the Santander brass, or what’s left of it. Renault step-up getting closer, will see that stolen moniker retired again. RIP.

  • Chris T

    Oh, boy. Look at what Ferrari has done for Alonso and Massa….
    I’d pretty much call that not much.
    When the drivers have carried the team rather than the other way ’round.
    I think that Lotus can do a lot more for Kimi than Ferrari at the moment and that Kimi would be a fool to leave.

  • MIE

    I don’t think it’s the ‘Fernando is faster than you’ message that will cause Raikonen to react. Long before that he will react if Rob Smedley treats Raikonen the same as Massa.

    I’m more interested in what Alonso woould do when confronted by the message ‘Kimi is faster than you’.

    • Toogood2tell

      I’m pretty sure Smedley will be shown door once Felipe is dropped. Smedley will manage races of other Nicholas Todt drivers on the grid once Felipe is out.

      The desperation in Smedley coaxing over radio comes more from securing his own job than Felipe’s :D

  • TonyF1

    If Alonso leaves Ferrari, its Ferrari’s loss and a big mistake for them, we can all see Alonso’s passion and talent to get that car up onto the podium with fantastic starts and overtakes, something Massa has not shown in a number of seasons. Ferrari quite simply have not delivered for the World Champion
    I think the question would be where can Alonso go to get the same kind of reliability and results. Perhaps the Lotus/Renault buy out might appeal (welcome back Flavio???) or perhaps there is something not quite settled at McLaren just yet?????????

    • dude

      Interview with BBC before Monza Luca said he regards Alonso as the best driver in the grid so I don’t think he wants to let Alonso go, any teams would want Alonso as their driver. Alonso was back to Renault once, didn’t work out. Lotus lost a key runner engineer and they are short on money dI doubt they can afford Alonso salary. I don’t see Sergio leaving so soon, as the sponsors should still be good and they wanted to develop him.

  • Meine

    Oh happy day! Kimi and Alonso in one team, this for me makes season 2014 already.

    I don’t think it is a sign Fred is on his way out, it is just the most sensible thing for Ferrari (and Kimi) to do.

  • Meine

    And now hopefully Lotus will take Hulkenberg and get their finances in order.

  • adaptable1

    If indeed this is confirmed, it is great news for the Scuderia. Will 2014 be the year of the best drivers vs. the best car?

  • Benalf

    I think is cool news for Ferrari. I am sorry for Felipe but since the accident in Hungary he hasn’t been able to deliver consistent results and the Scuderia really needs to challenge to the CWC, especially since they haven’t been able to build a car that can be fast in large downforce circuits.
    On the other hand, the problem with Ferrari is not having a driver able to challenge for a DWC, it’s more about the technical people who designs the car and the lack of a reliable wind tunnel facility. I personaly think the hiring of Allison is more important that bringing Kimi back in. Ferrari really needs to get back and challenge Newey’s designs.
    The exciting part for 2014 is that there’s a lot that’s gonna change with the cars and we may be on our way to a new pecking order, no that RBR won’t be competitive but in terms of reliability, power delivery and top speed, we really don’t know how’s getting the leading edge here. I can not wait for next season, especially since this one is basically watching the fight for second place in both WCs……

    • I’ll be interested to see if Ferrari feel they can work with Kimi. He’s not what they expected when he was there before but he did win a title with them. He drives and goes home. A completely different vibe than what they had with Schumacher but I wonder if Alonso is all-in as they say? When I was in Maranello, I was speaking with some folks at the restaurant and I didn’t get the feeling that Fred was as steeped int eh Ferrari culture as one would have guessed. That’s all here-say of course but I think they were being genuine with me. I too liked Kimi at Lotus and I do think he would have worked at Red Bull but going back to Ferrari will be a challenge for him and for the team. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next few days.

  • Of course this also means that Grace will have to cheer for some part of Ferrari which I always love. Kimi at Ferrari makes life very difficult for our redoubtable one. :)

  • Buddy

    Finally my favorite (remaining) driver will be back to my favorite team. It has been hard to root for Alonso because I disliked him so much when he was at Renault. Then he was a cry-baby at McLaren. But, he is Red, so I will cheer for him. But, for Kimi I will actually double the cheer-one for him and one for the team. Kimi never wanted to leave Ferrari, so why not go back. He has no chance of WDC at Lotus. With the new engine coming, he is betting on Ferrari getting it right, not a bad bet if you ask me. Too bad for Massa, but at Ferrari, or any big team, you can’t go 4 years or whatever without a win, or barely even podiums.

  • Dread

    You are all crazy and wrapped up in F1 politics. Kimi to Ferrari is the best thing to happen in formula 1 for fans, especially those who have been following f1 many years. I remember 2005 or 2006 when Alonso was winning his titles and to me one of those should have been Kimi’s if it were not for his Newey designed Mclaren always having mechanical issues. I always thought Kimi was the best naturally talented driver of the two. Now with this move they go head to head in the same equipment…it’s going to be spectacular..just wish Lewis and Vettle teams have similar cars to the ferrari and next season could be one of the best F1 has ever seen. I for one can’t wait. If Alonso decides to leave he should go back to Mclaren,This great team needs a top driver and Jenson is a nice guy and a good driver but he is no Lewis, Fernando, Kimi, or Vettle. Mclaren is in big trouble next season with the driver line up. They need to grab Hulkenburg as their next big star as he is better than button and can only get better, and button can go to Lotus and I bet if Grosjean does not make so many dumb mistakes he would beat button too, but for constructors points button is the right driver alongside grosjean and he could mentor him. F1 is about the best drivers in the best cars..Good move ferrari you will become even more popular next season. “Go Lewis 2014 F1 WC”

  • Luiz

    Felipe is officially out of Ferrari.

  • peterriva

    Okay, you were all waiting for my comment… here it is…
    madre de dios, ¿son todos locos? increíble!
    Madonna mia, sono tutti patsi? Incridibile!

    • peterriva

      Jumalan Äiti, ne kaikki mutterit? uskomaton!

    • LOL… Hey, you’re in good company, Dread above thinks so. :) As odd as this sounds, I am really not sure how this is playing out because I really don’t know what’s going on with Alonso. On the surface, I would have thought they would be better avoiding bringing Kimi back as I’m not sure they worked well with him. I would have thought a Alonso/hulk pairing would have been better long term. However, if Alonso is leaving or unhappy or on the way out, I can see why they wanted a marque driver like Kimi just in case Fred bolts. It’s all conjecture on my part.

  • Downfarce

    “What did you think was going to happen?”

    – James Allison

  • Rapierman

    So, who has confirmed this BBC report? So far, I’ve only heard from this one single source, and I’m wary of rumor-mongering. I want to hear it from the team principal, the team owner and from Raikkonen himself before I go spouting off false statements that may come to haunt me.