As usual, Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has a way with words. Adam Cooper got the scoop from Mr. E himself on the Mercedes/Pirelli test and it seems the ring leader thinks Merc should have just said “no” to testing:

“I don’t care. It makes no difference to me. What is right, is right, you know. The one thing an unmarried girl has got is the right to say ‘no’,” he said.

“You would have to reckon that Mercedes were in that position…”

Ecclestone was speaking of the implication that Pirelli did something wrong with the test. According to Mr. E, Pirelli haven’t done anything wrong and the entire issue really boils down to no testing. Had the series allowed for testing, Ecclestone believe we wouldn’t be in this tumult:

“Wait until the tribunal, they’ve got all the facts,” Ecclestone said. “If you offer me stolen goods, it’s up to me to decide whether I want to accept them or not. It’s not up to anyone to tell me what I should do. I should know what I should do.

“Pirelli were doing the right thing, obviously. They couldn’t get out of a tyre problem, if there had been proper testing, which there should be, they wouldn’t be in this problem.

“It’s only because there’s no proper testing that they’re in this problem. As people have been complaining, the obvious thing to do was to get out of it by testing. And they asked.”

Will this whole debacle impact Pirelli’s desire to stay in Formula One? Ecclestone says he doesn’t thinks so and that Pirelli already have contracts with teams for next year so the rumors of Michelin coming into the sport for 2014 seem less likely and perhaps with the approval of in-season testing we will avoid these issues in the future.

Adam does offer some interesting thoughts about Ecclestone’s feelings over Mercedes boss Ross Brawn but you’ll have to venture over to his sight to read that as that’s Adam’s thoughts and he can explain those much better than I can.

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  • Rapierman

    So, H. Marko’s got competition for the Matt Biship Bravado Award, does he?

  • “I don’t care. It makes no difference to me. What is right, is right, you know. The one thing an unmarried girl has got is the right to say ‘no’,”

    Uhhh someone please tell him that a married woman also has the right to say no.

    Ohhh, and actually Bernie an “unmarried girl” has a lot more rights than that.

    I swear Bernie is the almost politicly correct redneck

    • fergNuta

      Why does every sick mind go to sex/rape. Think about it…. Merc was offered a PROPOSAL to test from Pirelli. Guy proposes to a girl and she can say No!


      • I suspect his proposal and recent marriage might have been on his mind. He’s a newlywed. :) she could have said no. ;)

      • Andreas

        It doesn’t require a sick mind… It wasn’t too long ago that women didn’t have the right to say “no” within a marriage (definitely during Bernie’s lifetime), and it’s still the rule in many parts of the world (including several places where F1 goes to race). It might not have been on Bernie’s mind, but women’s rights are on many people’s minds (without them having to be sick).

        That said, he has a point – in hindsight and with the information currently known, Mercedes probably should have declined Pirelli’s offer. Merc obviously felt it would fly (and still seem to think so, or are keeping brave face). This makes me quite curious to see what (if any) ace they might pull from their sleeve on June 20th. :-)

  • JackFlash(Aust)

    Bernie ‘knows’ that Mercedes are in deep faeces.
    There is no escaping the “No In-Season Testing” rule in the FIA’s Sporting Regulations. No exceptions.

    [PS. NC: “sight” = act or gift of seeing; “site” = specified location. You should write the latter in last paragraph’s hyperlink. Just doing my bit to stop the publicised decline of American’s wielding of the English language. ;-) ] JF

    • cconf1

      You spelled “publicized” wrong. ;P

    • And “Feces” :)

  • JackFlash(Aust)

    Point proven…. Yankees! ;P

    • Because I’ve been listening to a lot of Jim Jefferies lately I can’t resist!

      Ah yes, the yank’s are the ones to Bodgy the Pom’s language, well just take a Squizz at this. Doesn’t half your county live in woop woop throwing wobblys while you sit on you clacker skulling your tallies of amber fluid in your budgie smugglers hopping the boozer bus doesn’t catch you while eating your Maccas?


      • LOL. WEll played. Nice sentiments from the “prisoner island”. ;)

      • JackFlash(Aust)

        I don’t recall saying my own Country was innocent of the ‘tide of decline’. Quite so.
        I come from the free settlers side of the Island Continent. I pass equal judgement on the poor language habits of the beer swilling descendants from the ‘Prisoners of Her Majesty’.
        Ocker heathens ;-) JF.

  • Steven

    Getting back to the topic, after a quick detour into spelling fun LOL, it is my opinion that they move by Merc AND Pirelli was totally political. I think they were trying to jolt FOTA into bringing back in-season testing. It was a calculated risk my Merc, again just my opinion. WHy else would they risk a penalty? Brawn is one of the smartest principals that F1 has ever had….

    • I’m still unclear on why the FIA would approve the use of a 2013 chassis.

      • cconf1

        On the other hand, what’s the point of testing on a 2+ year old chassis?

        • JackFlash(Aust)

          I have no tangible evidence of this, but given the circulating information snippets, I suspect that:

          [1]. Pirelli had possibly approached the FIA after early tyre disasters in 2013 season, to request permission for testing to ‘get on top of’ their construction and compound endurance issues. The FIA gave Pirelli permission to do 100km testing ‘in season’ with a 2012 or 2013 chassis, on the premise that Pirelli had to be fully in control of, and operating, and technically running the test sessions.

          [2]. Pirelli took this FIA “school hall pass” with them to seek support from certain F1 teams (not all), and Ferrari agreed to do the testing, but on conditions…. Ferrari insisted on being in control and using a 2011 chassis to avoid ANY breaking of the FIA 2013 Sporting Regulations which prohibit their ‘in season testing’ of 2012 or 2013 or proto-2014 vehicles at all. Pirelli agreed, as some testing is better than none when you are facing tyre delamination events and a great deal of public criticism on the in-race performance of your F1 products.

          [3] Mercedes later on jumped at the Pirelli presented opportunity to test in-season, given their very long standing tyre wear issues (especially their rears); but perhaps they read the FIA’s “hall pass” to Pirelli as opening a door for them to step through with impunity? Why they may have read the circumstances differently to Ferrari’s army of counsellors, is a mystery. Desperation perhaps? Perhaps bravado? The FIA Sporting Regulations couldn’t be much clearer on the issue. In any case, Mercedes decides they will offer Pirelli their 2013 chassis and they will run the test with current Mercedes drivers, and Pirelli can’t believe their luck… Pirelli scream “hell yeah!”. The test happens, and Pirelli get what they needed… for now.

          [4]. All hell breaks loose in Monte Carlo when the other teams find out Mercedes used Pirelli’s FIA “hall pass” to front 2013 Mercedes based testing.

          ps: Ross Brawn seems to act so confident, like… some wording in the FIA “hall pass” to Pirelli leaves Mercedes some wriggle room to argue a case in defence. I cannot for the life of me think of how that argument may dismiss the overarching obligation that Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 have to abide to the FIA’s 2013 Sporting Regulations in ANY way.

          We’ll see all soon…. I hope. JF

        • JackFlash(Aust)

          Erratum: 1000km (not 100km)

        • If its for tire testing, I think they can gain a lot. Agreed, best to have a 2014 chassis but those aren’t made yet. :)

      • Steven

        I didnt say that anybody aproved anything, I think that Merc just went ahead and did it. I also wonder weather the fact that Nico told Vettel about it was deliverate or an accident. Id like to think that Nico is not THAT stupid!

        • I know you didn’t say that, mate. I’m saying that. Mercedes said publicly that they had asked the FIA and the FIA said it was fine to use the 2013 chassis. That’s what I am referring too.