Join Paul and me as we discuss te Bahrain Grand Prix in our GP review podcast. We cover the teams as they finished and share our thoughts and commentary with you, the Formula One fan. We cover such gripping notions as tires, bullying, chops and the High Delaminating tires this year. We even chat about intra-team rivalries, why it matters and what we’ve seen this year so far. We offer our awards and even started rating the Grands Prix. All of this from a hotel in Toledo no less. Enjoy.





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  • mini696

    I can’t believe how agressive Nico Rosberg is, he reminds be a lot of Schumacher.

  • Christy

    Love the intro conversation, it made me laugh aloud!

  • Silversource

    Where is Mark! :) I’m starting to miss him in the race reviews.

    • MIE

      Mark wouldn’t listen to team orders, so Todd had to drop him from the podcast….

    • Mark didn’t like the Multi 21 call. :) Mark has been a busy bee and I am assuming he is working when we are recording. We miss him too. you hear that Mark? People miss you mate, you’ll have to tell the office that you can’t come in…you have a podcast to record. :)

      As it is, Paul and I are trying to make up for his absence with content and commentary and we both hope you enjoy what we are presenting.

      • Rapierman

        It could be worse. That could be me up there. :-D

  • ranger

    great podcast guys. i miss mark as well. i think diresta deserves drive of the race. perez over alonso for pass. i give donkey to mercedes pole to 9th place. the whole time i am watching this race i was thinking that todd would love it. alonso passing multiple cars without drs. i felt sorry for massa. 2 punctures in 1 race.motogp was exciting. i was wondering why yamaha struggled for pace on the austin track. jorge is never a second off the pace but he was.

    • I did like it. It was a good race. REally enjoyed the passing. :) I miss Mark too. He’s a singular guy with, apparently, a singular work schedule. :)

  • Cj

    I think I’ve figured it out! Someone has put bad juju on webber. It’s the only thing that makes sence. They must put bad juju on his grid position too but because he was penalised, massa got the bad juju! He had dinner with alonso remember, ergo DRS problems.Really hates vettel, 3 time world champion. Minardi? Williams? Bad juju I tells ya!

    • the drivers seat

      Probably Dr. Evil, I mean Helmut Marko

  • PM

    Ok so enough is enough. You guys have ranted about tires for the last 5 podcasts and I think you’ve made your point. I listen to this podcast because it provides insight into f1 in a fun accessible way, not because I want to hear the same thing over and over. I hope the tire talk dies down in the upcoming podcasts unless there is actually something new to talk about in regards to Pirelli.

    • Rapierman

      My military ancestry has this thing about getting things done. My grandfather once said, “Do the job right or doin’t do it at all.” Quality Control is a key element in any operation, regardless of what it is. Without quality control, things can become disastrous.

      Example: He made sure that the concrete was done correctly before pouring it in for a new hospital. If it wasn’t for him, that hospital would have fallen. That’s how important quality control is. Same with Formula1 and Pirelli: Quality Control is key, especially in terms of safety. A blown tire can lead to lethal accidents, so it’s important that this quality control be as close to perfect as possible. People’s lives depend on it.

    • The drivers seat

      I get it, I don’t like talking about them so much either but they have been a big part or the races so far, I’d much rather just discussing the sport rather than the constructs . It looks like Pirelli have made some adjustments which hopefully will lower their impact.
      So I agree, let’s get back to the racing!

    • You’ll be happy to know that I have nothing about tires, well…actually I do but not what you’re thinking, in this week’s podcast. :) BTW, have I mentioned how much I am troubled by this year’s tires? Well, let me tell you… ;)

  • cconf1

    You comment about Force India leading my McLaren boys got me thinking: so far this year, both FI drivers have led a race for several laps. On the opposite end, only Jenson has led and then only for, I believe, 2 laps.