Here’s what you NEED to know about formula One this week!

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  • Rapierman

    1. I think the FIA are just dancing around the issue. They haven’t even come close to either stating what it is, recognizing what it is or even realizing that it exists. They’re like the small child who has faced a traumatizing incident: They pretend that it doesn’t even exist.

    2. To be honest, I think that Hamilton’s a bit peeved that he isn’t on his way to the championship.

    3. I could have sworn that the RB Ring was made unusable for Formula 1 purposes. I wonder what they’re planning to change to make it happen.

    4. That’s right, Dietrich, money is no object. It’s Kimi’s happiness that’s the issue, and it could all go south if he decides to retire out of frustration.

    5. There’s no way that Kimi could go to Ferrari: Their management style doesn’t suit him.

    6. I would have preferred someone along the lines of Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, etc. So, if all we’re going to get is Jean Todt, are we going to expect a change from him or simply more of the same snooze fest?

    • cconf1

      3. They’ve already done it:

      Also, as far as this ridiculous grid penalty for tire loss, what’s the point? The driver is not the one who’s responsible, so why is he being penalized? If the FIA isn’t going to go after the cause, then at least make it hurt: 1st offense: 1,000,000 Euro fine (5,000,000 is someone gets hit), 2nd offense: fines double and Constructor’s Points are halved for the entire year.

      • Rapierman

        I said the same thing RE: Redevelopment, then Tom informed me that this idea was shelved when it was first proposed.