Here’s what you NEED to know about Formula One this week!

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  • JackFlash(Aust)

    Hi Todd.
    I enjoy listening to these five minute snapshots of the Formula 1 week, and expect others with a desire for quick F1 update, do so as well. Thanks again for taking the time to make them every week, for the wider F1 web-audience.

    A point of constructive criticism on the production side if I may: I’d enjoy them a lot more if the audio quality wasn’t so low (ie. 2,663 kb @ 64 kps mp3 this week). Does it have to be that compressed?

    A stereo mp3 at 64kbps sounds quite ‘tinny’ and makes the segment sound very old-school mu-law or a-law Telco-line compression like. It takes the shine of your presentation voice, puts in squelchy filter artefacts, and erodes the exit soundtrack to .

    “Please sir…. can I have some more spectral diversity…” he says holding his Oliver Twist bowl.

    Maybe stereo 96 kbps mp3, if that resulting file-size can be webcast afforded?
    I know this has been brought up before by others previously, and the competing F1B web-challenges to comply discussed; but I put forward that the F1B product is being done an unfortunate dis-service in the trade-off of ‘sound quality’ over ‘distribution constraints’.

    Respectfully, and gratefully yours, Jack Flash.

    ps: I checked the few podcast mp3 downloads, and they are also 64 kbps (~ 35 to 45 MB sizes for 70-90 min). Would prefer them to be 96 kbps min mp3 too. Grace’s voice really can’t sound that shrill in reality… surely?

    • Good feedback. Let me check the compression ratio on these. I normally make them higher because of how short they are but didn’t do that on this episode. I’ll double check. Thanks for feedback.

    • Btw, thanks for the comments. They are a lot of work and I was hoping people were listening. :)

  • dude

    Please continue to pronounce “grand” prix like a British person and ignore the haters.

    • MIE

      There was a kids TV show in the UK in the 1970’s called Saturday Banana. On one occasion one of the child presenters (Susan Tully) was reading the autocue and pronounced Grand Prix as it is spelt, then said ‘that’s not right it’s gran pree, but it says grand prix on the card’.

    • As an American, we are keen to butcher names, accents and words in different languages. Having so many British friends and watching mainly British TV, I acquired some of those terms over the years. It’s funny because some Brits get pissed when I do say it like them as I’m an American and they think I’m being pretentious but that’s really not the case, it just comes out that way over years of being anchored in British media, friends and culture from afar.

      • Rapierman

        Actually, I pronounce it “grand pree” also, and I haven’t had that kind of exposure. ;-)