This is the worst news imaginable.

Because of technical changes, next year’s Formula 1 cars are going to look bad.



This, according to no less than Ross Brawn and Sam Michael. I picked it up at Auto Motor und Sport.

The key problem: a rule under which the maximum height of the cars’ nose is limited to 550 millimeters “above the reference plane.” (In other words, they won’t be as high — which also means one car will be less likely to jump over another in a crash.)

Here’s what the guys have to say:

“The cars will not get to look beautiful. The nose an ugly wave,” Brawn said.

Michael added: “The front part is reminiscent of a dolphin’s nose in profile… Looks ugly.”

Given how many posts and comments we have here when the cars are released in the winter, this should bode well for plenty of crazy-fun discussions. And probably a number of rants from Grace.

OK… back to Singapore quali.

  • gsprings

    f1 cars have not really looked good since the early 90’s,but we all know that these cars are not designed for looks

    • David

      I disagree! I think the f1 cars look absloutley stunning! THe big agressive nose! The Mclaren in shiny silver is just stunning! Not a fan of the early 90’s noses. Dolphins nose sounds like the early 90s??

  • violinmike

    I remember Martin Brundle when the wide-ass front wings were introduced, suggesting they should be covered with brown paper bags. He had a point, but I think one can get used to almost anything. Those wings don’t disturb anyone anymore do they? Besides, a fast car is a beautiful car in my books.

  • F1 Kitteh

    Is it actually possible to make them even more hideous than the current ones?

  • F1Sommelier

    If Fernando is beating Red Bull an McLaren next year the 2012 Ferrari will be the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen.

  • Benalf

    beautiful is relative. Remember when the high front was introduced by benneton….kind of ugly been able to see the car’s belly..then we got used to it. one ugly aspect of the cars on late eighties and early nineties was the elevated and forward cockpit; drivers looked as defenseless as in the cars of the fifties. I think car in 2011 looks better than the ones during the period 2007-2008 which IMO marked the barroque period of aero design. Gothic car gone, now we have highly compact wingletless cars -except from the little wings Macca is using on the sides of the cockpit- which I think looks nice to me. Things are not gonna change much more in the years to come since the FIA is shrinking the allowed car designing boxes, and as a results cars will basically look the same…

  • This disappoints me, but not because the cars won’t be aesthetically pleasing. It disappoints me because Formula 1, the “pinnacle of motorsport” has taken another step toward spec-racing by regulation. The technical regulations are so stringent that the cars end up all looking pretty much the same anyway, with small variation (albeit important ones) from car to car. What I desire from the preeminent form of open-wheel racing on the planet is the absolute best drivers competing in the absolute best designed cars with absolute best engineered engines. That’s what the series is at the moment, and it sounds like we’re moving further from it in 2012.

  • gsprings

    maybe they won’t look to bad

  • Formula1Mad

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I loved the 2004 Renault with it’s telefonica livery. But if you want to see a gorgeous racing car take a look at the Brabham BT52, truely a machine beauty.

    • Williams4Ever

      Now why does that remind me of this –

      • F1_Knight

        That should have been a special Livery this weekend! what with the Angry Birds guys being in Singapore. Then again, they probably could only afford to sponsor the one team that uses rubber bands like them; HRT.

  • F1_Knight

    Ground effect cars weren’t pretty, neither were the cars from the early 70s, look at the Ferrari 312T. It’s ridiculous looking! Even more so with the Alfa Romeo Tipo 179 in 1979, It’s Hideous!

    My point is, beauty in an F1 car is a by-product of a mechanical necessity. If it looks pretty because it makes it go faster, then it’ll be pretty. If the regulations say it’s gotta look like a dolphin then by god they’ll make them go fast with a bottle nose. But we can’t honestly expect them to design a car that looks good just because we say so. What’s more important; Good racing, or pretty cars?

    Besides…Dolphins kill Sharks. ‘Nuff said

  • positiveCamper

    There is no accounting for taste. I happen to like the look of dolphins. Maybe they can extend the look clear back to the tail.

  • Andy S.

    Great…..I’ve just got used to the look of the current cars and they decide to make them even uglier!

    More importantly though, doesn’t this low nose idea imply an increased risk of a driver getting a visor full of diffuser or tyre in the event of a shunt?

  • horns

    I’ve never found F1 cars particularly pretty. But then, I’ve never really cared much what they look like – I’m interested in what they can do.

  • David

    great!…. more rule changes, why don’t these guys who keep changing the rules get another hobby, seriously, its like they keep meddling with F1 just for the hell of it, the sport is so boring these days, I hardly watch an entire race anymore, so tedious, lap after lap procession, so predictable, Red Bull win, Ferrari and Mclaren fight it out for the minor positions and Hamilton does something stupid, boring and really sick of it, I used to enjoy F1 racing but ever since they started with the constant rule changes the sport has just become a BORE!