Join Paul, Mark and me as we review the Korean Grand Prix. We talk astroturf, front right tires, Kobayashi, Red Bull, Massa’s return and Scottish independence…sort of.

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  • UAN

    just started listening to the podcast. One little point for Todd — Q1 is the first round of the qualifying, not the last round. Not to be nitpicky :)

    • LOL. Be picky all you want, I completely know that Q1 is first round but due to age and a momentary lapse of reason, I’ve chosen to speak out of my backside once again. :) It’s part of my charm, it offers a chance for you guys to show an amazing amount of patience and forgiveness with me. :)

      • the drivers seat

        Maybe we should rename them, as I too make that error.
        How about
        Q1- Wallflower


        Q3-Tyre Saver

    • “Not to be nitpicky” – ‘not to be an asshole’, but you are being ‘nitpicky’.
      Great show guys by the way, I’m new listener, I listen after every race. Love the banter, I’ll get onto my itunes to put a review soon. Cheers for the entertainment.
      Francis (Melbourne).

      • UAN

        Hey Francis, of course I’m being nitpicky. I love the show and have massive respect for all the guys and Grace too. I have listened to most all the podcasts over the last few years. I think the crew rocks and I have mentioned here on numerous occasions that they put together a very professional show, and it’s among the best podcasts available full stop, not just F1/motorsports related. But Todd actually referenced Q1 as Q3 more than once, which sort of put it into a “Schumacher/Kobayashi-esque let me drive up and through you” shunt. Still miles ahead of a Grojean style blunder, though edging close to a Lewis “Jenson unfollowed me on twitter” misstep lol :)

        • No worries, picky is fine. It helps keep us frosty and producing a podcast you want to hear. :) Welcome Francis, great to have you listening, mate. :)

  • ranger

    speedtv has lost the rights to carry f1 next year. speed was outbid by nbc sports tv formerly oln the tour de france channel lol. what do you think of this.are u happy or sad to see f1 leave speed.did u watch motogp at motegi this weekend. lorenzo’s lead is down to 28 points with 3 races to go. casey stoner is back. i give drive of the race to vettel. he led every lap.

    • Very sad to see SPEED out of the F1 broadcast. As you know, I am a big fan of Steve’s so this hurts. Hopefully it will be NBC’s chance to shine here and if they are wise, they will pick up Frank Wilson, Steve and the whole team. There is none better.

      I did watch Motegi and Dani was on another planet…looked terrific but I still have faith in Jorge, he’s my boy!