Join Grace and me as we discuss the week in news in Formula One… or as we like to call it, that other racing series we cover at F1B. We talk about team orders, testing, Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton, Nico’s shut-up year, Jenson’s tat and more.

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  • pear-shaped pete

    Greetings from Prisoner Island

    I’m quite confused by your pop-psychology.

    Stoner is a whiner and yet you give Vettel a pass on the peronality test? Unbelievable. Actually I think Seb perhaps passes the personality test, but on Prisoner Island plenty feel he fails the character test. “Character is what you do when (you think [my addition]) nobody’s looking. He’s just lucky Niki got the first use of “The Rat” moniker.

    Anyway as you said, Webber will be patient. I have a feeling those 7/14 points Seb took in Sepang will come back to bite him.

    And I love that there is content from other series. F1B er’s should get involved in motorsport – it’s not that hard, or at least learn some more history or other stuff. All F1 makes Jack Flash a dull boy!

    cheers – lying in wait
    pear-shaped pete

    how do I get a transfer to Gilligan’s Island?

  • nofahz

    The bird song in the beginning is a Robin. Bring on Spring!

    • And here I was thinking it was a titmouse.

      • UAN

        I think you just wanted to be able to say the word “mouse” on the podcast ;)

        • LOL. yes, that was my aim. Nasty word that. ;)

          • UAN

            Especially if you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s drinking the last of your Red Bull lol

      • nofahz

        Definitely not the Tufted Titmouse. There seems to be hundreds of Robins around my house this spring and the last few days, especially around sunset, they have been singing and making territorial noises.

  • Brian

    Did anybody catch the FIA GT race at Nogaro?

    I only watched the qualifying race so far, but theres this new guy, Loeb. Kids going places!

    • I missed it but I hear good things about that Loeb kid. ;)

      • tomfirth

        Both races where ok , the first race was a rather good battle at the front as you know , with Loeb/parente been super quick and very competitive , think the team maybe shocked a few on the grid.

        Personally I got annoyed by the commentary describing Loeb as a rookie, the guy has a le mans racing team, has raced and ended on the podium at le mans as well as raced in FFSA GT championship and yet still somehow had to prove himself …. That and the 9x WRC championships.

        Anyway all that aside, I wouldn’t bother with Race 2 , ruined too much by penalties and rules outside of the race.

        • Brian

          I guess. I thought the second race was the more exciting one. I mean aside from Loeb penalty ruining his team’s race, it had far better passing action. I was hoping to avoid spoilers, but a certain car passing two opponents in the span of the last lap of the race made it more than worthy.

  • MIE

    With Grace’s comments on Stacey Moaner on this podcast, are you sure she hasn’t been replaced by Bladedancer314 from the forum?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me…. Grace is always doing something mysterious.

  • Schmorbraten

    If shortly after Vettel’s controversial win in Malaysia Mateschitz comes out and talks about Raikkonen and Webber both being strong candidates for 2014 and doesn’t mention Vettel at all, I wouldn’t say he said that without any reason or purpose …

  • Rapierman

    1. Probably fortunate that Webber’s not like me (lying in wait to ambush Vettle with a land mine followed by an M-16 followed by an entire platoon of drill sergeants ready to kick the living daylights out of him.) :-D

    2. So, where is the middle? Exactly how much testing would you be comfortable with, and now much not-testing would they be comfortable with? There’s a middle ground in there somewhere.

    3. BTW, NASCAR isn’t quite as “spec” as it was last year. You might have missed the part about the Chevy SS, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry getting into the mix these days.

    4. Yeah, that’d be an interesting thought (re: following Charsley around)…..say, waitaminit….isn’t that what Rolling Speed was for?

    5. It would be nice to see the testing….but what would we learn from it?

    6. Grace, when did you ever hear about a human being that actually had common sense?

    7. Simulators can’t duplicate the g-forces that impact your body when you turn the wheel. They can’t really duplicate the resistance you feel when you press the pedals. Only driving an actual car can do that (This I know from experience, having done a few arcade simulators in my earlier years).

    8. Yes, even I have my opinions on Vettel vs. Webber.

    9. I don’t see Webber sticking around at Red Bull for next year.

    10. Vettel only knows two modes: “Stop” and “Kill”.

    11. Lewis may want parity, but I’d be willing to bet that Brawn is secretly thinking something else.

    12. Maybe Brawn’s hand was force re: fuel, but it ended up the way it ended up, and that’s how people are going to think.

    14. Nico did keep up, so there should be no problem with him.

    15. Whether Bernie likes it or not, everything he does, every move he makes, people are going to put him under the microscope….Bahrain included.

    16. It would be nice if there were stable rules, but the question is: How general or specific would these rules be? How much freedom would the teams have?

    17. If I took Machette’s attitude, there would never be a Formula 1.

    18. Answer re: Global Financial Crises: Half yes, half no.

    19. I don’t think the issue is restrictive expense rules, but equal access. Is it better to say “You can’t have this because not everyone can afford it, so we must limit your expense” or “You can’t have this because either everyone has it or nobody has it, that’s the only way it can be fair”?

    20. Yes, I do watch things other than Formula 1. For example, NASCAR: I grew up with stock cars. :-D

    21. Not just motorsports here. I’m a true “sports fan”: Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, Olympic events…the list is long. I don’t know anyone who likes the concept of sport more than I do. :-D

    22. Axel Rose is an example of what happens when you have fast living: You turn into an old geezer before your due, and the clothing just exaggerates the effect.

    24. I don’t even know why anyone is talking about Kimi leaving Lotus.

    25. My picks for China: This will be Hamilton’s first win, followed by Vettel, then Rosberg, and FO will be Button.

    • Rapierman

      26. To the guy who complained about all the other stuff that wasn’t Formula 1: If you think that’s bad, wait ’til you hear my NASCAR views. :-D

  • UAN

    I believe when DM mentioned Kimi coming to Red Bull, it was for motocross:


  • cconf1

    Race picks:
    1. Alonso
    2. Hamilton
    3. Button

    First out: Vettel/Webber

  • mjidris

    I certainly hope that Alonso gets a podium in China and Massa gets a top 5 finish.

    I’m going to have to say that the first out is Maldonado.

    • At this point, Massa looks quicker than Fred…I know, it’s weird. :)