Join Grace and me as we chat about this weeks Formula One news. If you are tired of hearing about tires, you might skip a bit of the podcast as we do cover the tire news of the week…sorry, it’s important to F1 and it’s in the news so we cover it. Also, if you were wondering if you should go see the new Superman movie, well… we have the scoop right here. Grace let’s you know whether to spend the cash or wait for the rental.  We have all the awards and more. Yes, it was a slow news week, apologies up front.


Fashion award here.

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  • MIE

    On the BBC the bit where you can appreciate where one driver is faster than another is when they have the on board analysis of the pole lap. Occasionally they do a side by side comparison with fisrt and second places to highlight the differences between the driving styles. I don’t think there is time in the race to do this sort of analysis, but it may be possible post race. No doubt Sky have plenty of this sort of analysis (as they have a whole channel to fill with nothing but F1).

    As for Man of Steel, I did wonder how he would cope with phone boxes being few and far between. It seemed to be a long build up to a very corny last line of the film.

    • Michael in Seattle

      This really is an informative thing to see. They do a split-screen and start both drivers at the exact same moment at the S/F line. Then they analyze the two drivers throughout the lap and compare several specific points via slo-mo and stop action. At the S/F line at the end you get to see exactly how the drivers differed in performance/time/separation distance. It is fascinating seeing the different lines and approaches that each driver takes, and to Grace’s point, listening to the expert commentary that is explaining what I am seeing.

      At some point, you guys need to do a live stream during the race with Paul explaining what we are viewing. It would be great to hear the F1B’s staff comments in real time.

      • the drivers seat

        That would be fun, but you can really see alot more when you are there than on screen, While in COTA walking the track everyday with Grace i’m sure she will attest that you could see very clearly the differences in styles and car behavior, you can here engine notes and throttle applications, see braking points and driving styles which the commentators who are there can use to make the broadcast for more in depth analysis. Maybe we could give it a go sometime though. I did enjoy the times we did it in practice when Speed was just airing the feed without commentary

  • Jack Flash (Aust)


    1000km of stealthy rule disregard

    :-) JF

    • Jack Flash (Aust)



  • As others have commented it’s worth checking out the BBC broadcast. Here in Canada we get the BBC broadcast, I’ve watched the sky sports as well, but don’t like it nearly as much. BBC has David Coultard and Eddie Jordan, and the two of them together give a lot of recent experience. Also with the BBC in practice and qualifying they have Anthony Davidson, who gives more details on replays and break things down, shows entry to a corner, marks lines on the screen. The practice sessions from BBC gives a lot of extra detail, definitely worth checking out.

    • Admittedly I have not seen that broadcast, I’ll try to catch it and compare.

    • Tom Firth

      I’m slightly confused.

      Who do you get as a commentary team in Canada ? Ant does the analysis for Sky throughout the weekend using software called Virtual eye – Which effectively creates a CGI overlay and allows them to zoom and analyze the racing lines etc that drivers take throughout the corners.

      Demonstration of the software used during broadcast here from the software creators –

      The BBC did use the technology in the first few years of its broadcast too for showing real time gaps of qualifying laps over the start-finish line to show how far behind positions where but I haven’t seen it on their coverage for a few years.

      Personally I prefer sky’s coverage because i find the input from Brundle, Crofty and Ted , Particularly Ted’s post race notebook where he walks around the paddock explaining relevant information from the teams race such as strategy, penalties and how the race progressed. Course sky has hours in which to cover these features due to having the F1 channel that other broadcasters are limited by.

      I think BBC is better for encouraging new fans however, simply because its Free-to-Air and on a far more prominent in terms of market share channel.

      • blvd dog

        Here in Canada during qualifying and the race we get Ben Edwards doing the call, DC doing colour and Gary Anderson in the pits.

        • Tom Firth

          ahh so you do get the BBC feed then , is that live ?

          • blvd dog

            It is live but we don’t get post qualifying interviews, a pre race show, a post race show and we’re lucky if we get the podium interviews.

    • F1_Knight

      Its awful, our version of ESPN (TSN) and we do get DC and EJ. Its not that good compared to other countries. They kill the sound and do this awful picture in picture stuff with the ads, which are just Infiniti ads, and Rolex ads on loop for 4 minutes. The commentary cuts out all the time, so I get silence and slo mo shots of cars going around corners.

      we have no dedicated commentary team to give the Canadian perspective on things. It leaves me wanting more!

  • Rapierman

    1. So, what you’re really saying that you want to see the details and how that affects each driver’s progress.

    2. So, if both F1 and MotoGP are covered, is there room for something like NASCAR?

    3. Yes, I did see Sky Sports F1, and it is very detailed, and I like that detail. That’s the bar that NBC is supposed to reach, and they damn well better make the time, because that’s how money is made. Maybe that’s what Speed was intended for, and maybe that’s what NBC needs to do: An auto racing specialty channel.

    4. I believe that’s what they call “selling out”.

    5. Actually, it’s storage, transmission and recharge.

    6. Grace: “Tribunal” only slightly misused. “Tribunal” refers to the fact that there are three judges. The guys on the panel? That’s more than three. No way that could be a ‘tribunal”. However, those guys are certainly more than qualified to serve as judges in those proceedings (I saw the list).

    7. Brinksmanship. I wrote a post in the forums about that:

    8. So, you think this one wins the Bravado Award? Nope, apparently it was something else….but maybe next time.

    9. Two more years of “The Finger”.

    10. ….and three world championships.

    11. So, Grace, you think that Webber’s due for a punch in the face (Stoner)?

    12. I’m certainly rootin’ for the Spurs (being from Austin).

    13. Okay, Grace, I’ll mark you down for Boston. ;-)

    14. Again with the facial hair!? Look, make up your mind: Beard on or beard off! Make up your mind so that I’ll know whether or not I have to shave! >:-(

    15. Could we get the fans of all the teams to go yell at them and pressure them to agree to testing?

    16. Todd, I’ll agree with you that the tires are screwball. If I had the opportunity and could be assured that I wouldn’t get arrested for it, I’d be all over both the FIA and Pirelli like white on rice and be screaming them down like a drill instructor at Paris Island about these screwball tires….but that’s just me. I don’t get that kind of luxury.

    17. I agree, testing after a race is a good idea. It’d have to occur after a race that’s before an open weekend (which seems to be the direction they’re going).

    18. You can design a car in a computer, but nothing beats reality.

    19. Congrats to Horner.

    20. He’s an “OBE-wan Kenobi”?

    21. Humble words from Horner.

    22. According to Wikipedia, there is a lapel pin that they can wear for everyday use, found here:

    23. I did read, and I think I put a comment in there.

    24. That’s right, Grace, social media is a double-edged sword. ;-)

    25. Really, Todd? Would that be one less zero for Grace?

    26. Good for you. Personally, I like my clean air too much, so I don’t do either one. ;-)

    27. Congrats, “Captain”, for figuring out a way to bypass the Bravado award. ;-)

    28. Normally, in 74º-weather, I’d be wearing a short-sleeved shirt and pants. C’mon, people, this is not the Artic. :P

    29. I’ll vote for Senile. :-D

    30. “Pirelli-Gate” was thrown around.

    31. Oh, yes, that “No”. :-P

    32. So, Bernie Ecclestone is Nancy Reagan? :-D

    • MIE

      6. but its the International Tribunal. So surely Paul ‘the international’ Charsley is the one making the decisions?

      • Rapierman

        Only if he can show me his degree in law and a brief note about his litigation experience.

  • dude

    “In a shit creek without a paddle.” Lol

  • Joseph

    On this podcast, Grace wanted to be educated on the driving styles of various F1 drivers; what makes Vettel great, Kimi smooth, or Alonso excellent race craft. Over the past couple of years, Peter Windsor has being doing a podcast, the Flying Lap. Now, its called The Racers Edge podcast available on you tube Wednesday, with a segment featuring Rob Wilson, whose a drivers coach. Rob Wilson does a very good of describing the various driving styles and the subtle nuisances. They discuss racing lines, braking, cornering, and race craft on a routine basis. You come away with a very good sense of the F1 drivers pecking order. Now with an affiliation with F1 racing magazine, he now has improved the platform with some very good guests like Craig Scarborough on updates and car design. Because I drive a lot, TRE, James Allen, F1 minute, Motor Sport magazine, and your podcast keep me informed on Formula 1.
    As for NBC, I really can’t complain about the coverage; all the races are live on the various NBC channels, which was not the case with Fox/Speed channel. I enjoy the 30 minute race wrap up show. Plus I don’t really listen the commentary, having my computer with F1 live timing and scoring streaming, smartphone for twitter following updates, and the television on low volume really keeps me totally immersed in the race.

  • Julian

    Sky Sports have always done an amazing job with every sport they cover, they deserve a lot of credit for what they do, and all American sports broadcasters are barely in the same ballpark of quality coverage.

    As a Brit now living in the US, I would say the coverage I see here is on par with what I used to see in the UK 20 years ago. Since then, Sky have raised the bar enormously, also taking the other British broadcasters with them.

    The other thing that also drives me crazy though, is not only is the sports coverage in the US low quality, it is also far more expensive, so we are paying top dollar for second rate product. I just wish Rupert Murdoch would transfer some of the people at Sky over to Fox.

    • Which always reminds me of this brilliant piece about Sky Sports:

      • Julian

        LOL Todd, love it! I’m going to have to watch an episode of Peep Show now

        • LOL. Love those guys. Few know who they are in the States but they are brilliant.

  • Julian

    The British Government should be ready to take drastic economic action if Mercedes quits F1, imagine the impact on unemployment that would have!

    • LOL…now that’s funny!

    • F1_Knight

      on the Flip side; Paddy’s Garden will be AMAZING!

  • Sam Field

    Will Buxton is incredibly passionate about the sport, knowledgeable about it and loves it more than anyone. he’s also great on TV. He’s by far my favorite part of the broadcast.