Join Paul and me as we review the British GP. We discuss each team as they finished and even find time to mention a rarely discussed topic these days…tires.


Frodo failed…Martin has the ring!

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  • Damon

    Todd, anytime you want to tune into the Sky TV F1 channel feed for all practice, quali and races – including pre-quali and race buildup and post race forums – check out which has two feeds running that are free to watch for flash enabled browsers. Make sure you’re running the latest flashplayer.

    I watch these every race and aside from having to close a few pop up ads these have been the most reliable streams I’ve found thus far. Other seems toi be patchy or get cloised down mid-stream.

    PS: If you want to watch these via an iPad or iPhone you’ll need the flash enabled app called Skyfire

  • Relevancy in Formula 1 is pointless to me. I don’t need to have the same ERS system on my road car that Mercedes uses on the F1 WO4. While I love F1 because of the technology and speed, I do not care one bit if any of the parts the F1 engineers come up with end up on the street cars. That being said, I love sportscar endurance racing and believe relevancy is VERY important here. This is the platform manufacturers should go to if they want relevancy between their race programs and road programs.

    • ZamiAustralia

      F1Shift, I agree with you about loving F1 because of the speed & technology. Unfortunately, Formula 1 is not a sport like soccer or baseball. The purpose of F1 is mainly about selling products, mainly cars. Now, F1 cars cannot be driven on road everyday. That is why the relevance to the road cars are important. Now when it comes to cars, the environmental factor is big in general now a days. And the technologies are being used F1 to develop the cars are hugely relevant to the road cars. KERS, Pull/Push rod suspension, next year’s new turbo engine, Williams’ electrical technology being used in Formula E are all based on that purpose. If F1 ever becomes just a sport rather than selling products I can guarantee you that the races will be a lot more entertaining. But I don’t see that ever happening.

      • Agreed. However, my whole point is that F1 shouldn’t be about selling cars – it should be about engineers and drivers showing off their skill at the highest level. If a company wants to sell cars and develop road technologies, that’s awesome, just do it with a sportscar program. F1 doesn’t need to be, nor should it be relevant to road car programs.

        How many cars are on the road now because of how the F1 team performs? I’m betting it’s not that many.

        • the drivers seat

          If you completley ignore the tie in with road cars no manufacturers would see any reason to bulid engines, or as is with Merc & Ferrari & Mclaren to some degree complete teams

          • I understand why manufacturers think it’s important to have road relevance, I’m not arguing that. I just think as the pinnacle of racing, Formula 1 does not need to worry about relevance to anything. They should just be building crazy cool cars that go fast and look cool. I understand that’s not the way it is, it’s just a wish of mine.

        • ZamiAustralia

          It would be great if F1 was just a sport, unfortunately it will never be. Because there will be no money for any team. By the the way, most sports cars, super cars & hyper cars on the road today are developed based on the virtue of F1. Even on the cheap cars some of the safety features are from F1, also uncountable amount of little features are from F1. For any car car designer or engineers in the motor industry F1 is the biggest reference point. That’s how people like Bernie Eccleston use F1 to make $$$. F1 in general depends on it.

  • tom firth

    Williams 600 Grand Prix starts I think is from the 1977 launch of the of Williams Grand Prix Engineering and inclusive of the March 761 events that the team qualified in that season. Excluding the Frank Williams Racing cars / Wolf Racing cars prior to the formation of Williams GPE and obviously excluding the events the team has failed to qualify in. as well as the San Marino Grand prix of 1982 which Williams didn’t start and the 2005 Indianapolis Grand Prix which the team also DNS.

    I think that’s correct anyway. Technically this weekend is the 600th but it was celebrated at Silverstone due to Williams British heritage.

    Really enjoyed the review podcast. thanks alot.

    • MIE

      Yes, I’m sure Frank Williams said as much over the weekend. Technically it was their 599th start, but t felt right to celebrate at Silverstone.

  • Zami Rahman

    Hi guys, I am a new listener of this blog. One word Todd, “outstanding”. Let me tell you guys little bit about me. I have been a life long Formula 1 fan. I am a Bangladesh born Australian citizen, 29 year old F1 fan. I have watched & listened to a lot of F1 broadcasts & Blogs from US. The best thing about this blog is that Todd, your passion along side Grace & Paul for this sport is remarkable. America needs more people like you so that F1 can grow there. The broadcasts from sky sport, iTV in old days, BBC in previous years & BBC live radio have been terrific. US broadcasts are quite bad compare to the British or even Channel Ten Australian broadcast. So, this blog in my view brings the best of F1 for all American fans. I also like the fact that Todd, you admit the fact that the US broadcast has huge room for improvement. I hope you follow There are lot of great stories and discussion about F1 in daily basis. James Allen’s knowledge about the sport & his contacts with top F1 personnel makes it remarkable. I hope this blog does well as well. I got this on my smartphone Todd (I hate saying iPhone) lol. One suggestion Todd, you might wanna consider taking direct questions from listeners via phone or email & then have a little segment to discuss those questions in your weekly post. Because what makes it a great F1 blog or website or broadcast is engaging fans. That is what sky sport does well with it’s technical analysis. Same thing goes with or podcasts. Maybe some ex American F1 drivers like Danny Sullivan or Michael Andretti or Scott Speed can join as guests to give their views as well. Anyway, all in all I am a new fan Todd, keep it up. By the way, driver of the day goes to “Webber” for me. I agree with Paul about the pass of the race.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words mate. Very appreciated. We are a bit of a voice in the wilderness as far as F1 fans in America goes. There are a lot of fans but not comparatively to other countries. Now if we can just get US sponsors to realize it, we’d be in good shape. :)

      Thanks again for the kind words and yes, I do like James a lot. Met him in Austin and he’s a prince of a guy. Also, Motor Sport si the only racing magazine I get from the UK. It’s, quite honestly, one of the only magazines truly worth subscribing to. Met Nigel in Austin too and he was absolutely delightful. Funny how the biggest and best journo’s in the business are perfectly delightful people and the less-revered can be very cold and sometimes rude…suppose that’s in every walk of life.

      • F1derbar

        It’s true, trust me Todd – I used to work in the film business and the bigger the star (save some of the very biggest) the nicer they are, it was always the up-and-comers, B-listers and the hangers-on that were the rudest and acted the most entitled (divas and mega-stars notwithstanding). Insecurity mostly.

      • ZamiAustralia

        Yep most of the biggest stars in F1 are delightful as well, just like the rest of the world except Kimi. I was fortunate enough to go to Lotus garage in Australia last year. The guy is nice, because he doesn’t make any sound or show any bloody emotion lol. By the way, hopefully NJ gets to host the race next year. That will encourage the young Americans to be involved in F1. On the point of motor sport in US, I could never figure out how on earth the NASCAR is so popular & not F1 or Lemans or even moto gp. Marcus Ambrose is from the same town as I am (Tasmania), so I have total respect for NASCAR. But the technology is extremely old & tracks are really boring (we call it turn left in Australia). Having said that I reckon the top drivers are great. Still can’t figure out what you guys love so much about NASCAR.

        • Rapierman

          Speed, power, action, accessible to the average person….that pretty much sums it up. :-D

  • Kit

    I’ve been listening for a while now man do I love this podcast! I haven’t watched F1 for very long and i started getting into it at the last few races of the 2011 season but this podcast has helped me understand this spectacular racing series! I now definitely go out of my way to watch the races just so I’m “in the know” so to speak while listening but it is also a great way to have the race recapped if missed one. They just do such a great job that when i do miss a race it makes me regret missing the race haha.

    Thanks for helping turn me from a newbie that started blankly at the TV during a race into a dedicated fan that now cheers and shouts at the TV during a race! Keep up the great work!

    Also, did anyone else got the finish of this race spoiled by NBC sports? I followed my TV guide for what time the F1 race was supposed to begin, and when I got on I found the tail end of the Tour de France. and i thought “No problem I’ll just leave it on while I fiddle with my phone.” A little after NBC Sports had their short recap and i took notice because i heard the words “Formula One” and bam, Leigh Diffey began to tell me that Nico won the race, Lewis had an exploding tire and Vettel DNF because of gearbox malfunction. I know it wasn’t live and I’m mostly likely a minority on this but I like not knowing the events of a race before i had a chance to see it.

    I still enjoyed the race but not as much as i would have if it wasn’t spoiled.

    Damn NBC Sports, damn you!

    • Thanks so much for listening Kit and for the kind words. I am elated that you are a new fan to the sport and I know the veterans and other new fans at F1B are really glad you shared your opinion and have engaged us on the site.

    • Stan

      Yes I got the spoiler as well. Who spoils a show two minutes before the broadcast? When dude mumbled something about F1 I muted and had the wife look away at least one of us was surprised at the end.

    • S. Kerr-Bullian

      That spoiler happened to me too, I was so irritated with NBC for that. I’d been so carefully avoiding F1 news while I waited to see the race, so for NBC to do that just two minutes before showing the race was bad form on their part.

    • ZamiAustralia

      Welcome to the high tech, blood pumping, high concentration, mind blowing, political & most entertaining motor sport in the world Kit. The best way to be engaged in F1 is to understanding the technical terms in layman’s term. Slowly you will figure out the rest. This blog will help you understand that for sure. It is also important to listen to decent broadcasts. So if it’s possible you can either get sky sports from your cable tv provider or live stream it (for free!!!). I even watch all the pre race shows on the net. They go inside of several team’s garage & sometimes explain what several components of the cars do as well, Martin Brundle walks through the grid before every race & interview people etc. Even things like the break pedal or steering wheel will blow your mind mate. Welcome & lets discuss every race here with Todd & the other guys. It will be fun

      • Kit

        Thanks for the welcome! As awesome as the idea of watch a live stream, living so far west (Hawaii) means that the European races start around 2-3 in the morning and i don’t think the family will appreciate me screaming in the middle of the night lol. But i have lived in Japan from 2010-12 so i have seen Sky and BBC broadcasts through less than savory means so usually have to watch the race 2-3 days later as i diligently not read/watch/listen to anything F1. That being said I just love the pre and post show stuff especially Ted’s notebook and basically anything that Eddie Jordan does!

  • Rapierman

    1. I was imagining an EOD guy dropping a Pirelli tire into an explosion container and then running off yelling “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! ;-)

    2. Anderson was definitely adamant about what he said.

    3. Plenty of blame to go around, though.

    4. Hamilton really had a big recovery drive and an impressive drive for Merc.

    5. Probably could have caught Merc, but didn’t. Note to Red Bull: Closeness only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

    6. Sooner or later, genius does show up.

    7. “….in the frozen land of Nador, they were forced to eat Robin’s minstrels….>chomp-smack-munch<….and there was much rejoicing. (yay)"

    8. I don't know if Webber just gets all the bad luck or if it's something else ("If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all…")

    9. I'm betting that Alonso leads a charmed life, talent notwithstanding.

    10. Massa needs better luck, but, yeah, damn good drive.

    11. I tend to agree that the engineering team let Raikkonen down that time.

    12. I think Di Resta's proven that he can run with the big boys, even as Sutil's reminding everyone that he was running with the big boys.

    13. I think both of the TR guys were driving like they were eyeing Webber's seat. I just need one of them to show some separation and show that they can be consistent about it. Bad luck about Vergne's tire, though.

    14. I think it's safe to say that Toro Rosso is having a bit of an identity crisis.

    15. Sauber needs a back-up light.

    16. Williams: Celebrating 600 races of mediocrity! :-D

    17. McLaren: A fine example of how to go from 1st to worst.

    18. Caterham: Still fighting to get off the schneid!

    19. Marussia: Still fighting to get back to the schneid.

    20. Pass of the Race: the battle between Hamilton and Di Resta.

    21. Donkey of the Race: Pirelli for the tires. By the way, a Texas Department of Public Safety inspector wouldn't pass those suckers. Don't bring them to Austin.

    22. Drive of the Race: Webber storming through the field.

    23. Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso. FO: Grosjean

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      [7]. addendum…
      The Minstrels Tale of Brave Sir Robin (singing):
      Bravely bold Sir Robin, rode forth from Camelot.
      He was not afraid to die, O Brave Sir Robin.
      He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways.
      Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!
      He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp,
      Or to have his eyes gouged out, and his elbows broken.
      To have his kneecaps split, and his body burned away,
      And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin!
      His head smashed in and his heart cut out,
      And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged,
      And his nostrils raped and his bottom burned off,
      And his peni#…
      later (singing; with the protestations of Sir Robin interjecting):
      Brave Sir Robin ran away
      Bravely ran away away
      When danger reared its ugly head,
      He bravely turned his tail and fled
      Yes Brave Sir Robin turned about
      And gallantly he chickened out Bravely taking to his feet
      He beat a very brave retreat
      Bravest of the brave Sir Robin.
      much later (singing):
      Packing it in and packing it up
      And sneaking away and buggering off
      And chickening out and pissing off home
      Yes, bravely he is throwing in the sponge

      Jack Flash

      • Rapierman

        Oh, good lord, I’ve met my match. ;-)

      • MIE the home of Monty Python.

        • The drivers seat

          Comfy chairs and all

          • MIE

            So that’s what you spend all you zeros on!

      • F1derbar

        Did not!

  • Stan

    I’m a fan so just busting Todd’s hump. I’m surprised so many people complain about the British pronunciations the overuse of British slang is far more annoying

    • ZamiAustralia

      It will take a little getting used to, but the information that you get throughout the race as well as before & after the race are great for new or old fans. The British commentators collectively have more ecperience about the sport compare to the likes of Ferrari or McLaren. And the sky sports make mega money from the coverage. That is why the commentators make it as easy as possible for any viewer. By the way if you can stream it online, there is no commercial break either!

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    I presume you refer to Todd’s aptly apllied, yet somewhat not 100% comfortably pronounced, use of the English slang term “arse”. (also Aussie and Kiwi slang).

    Mmmmmm? Not sure you’d be advised to use American slang “fanny” on interweb forum. That would be most inappropriately received in a lot of countries. Very…. wrong.

    Perhaps term “butt” would suit US ears, however I daresay neither Paul nor Todd give a rats arse what I think. ;-) JF.

  • zzyzxx

    I don’t understand your problems watching the race on cnbc. I recorded the race and had no problems. It is the same feed everywhere, so what channel did you record? And as to their coverage, at least we got to see Hamilton’s tire explode rather than just see the replay after the commercial break, as Speed would have done.

    • Stan

      The spoiler was the delayed (2:00pm) broadcast on NBC Sports not CNBC. Coverage started in the studio at the end of the Tour de France. The studio guy is like let’s check in with Leigh Diffey and boom – tire explodes, box of neutrals, and Roseberg crosses the line. It was a comprehensive spoiler.

      • zzyzxx

        Todd said that he recorded three hour of infomericials when he tried to record the CNBC broadcast. He seemed to blame them for not showing the race live on CNBC, but it was shown live as advertised. If his DVR recorded infomercials, it was either recording the wrong channel or set for the wrong time. The spoilers, on the delayed broadcast on NBCSN, is an whole other matter. I’m not defending them for that. Although it doesn’t seem as bad of a spoiler as ESPN did one time with a CHAMP CAR race that was being shown on delay. They kept showing the results of the race on the bottom of the screen every five minutes or so along with the baseball scores and stuff.

        • I recorded three hours of infommercials when I tried to record qualifying on CNBC. I thought quali was on CNBC

  • Andreas

    To continue the Brit slang theme, his week’s podcast definitely was the dog’s bollocks! :-)

    In regards to the 13-inch wheels currently used in F1, I remember an article in Motor Sport Magazine a while ago that explored various ways to spice up the show without constructs like DRS (not to mention exploding tyres :-) Among the proposed changes were reduced aero as well as larger wheels with suitable (lower profile tyres). Besides producing less grip – to promote overtaking by benefitting driver skill and bravery – the bigger wheels would also reduce costs dramatically by allowing simpler brake setups with steel discs to be used. When limited to what can fit inside a 13″ wheel, things get expensive very fast. Moving to 16″ wheels would make life far easier for the brake suppliers, and the teams’ budgets. I can’t find that article at the moment, but someone else might know when it was published (and if it’s available online).

    • Andreas

      Found it! Motor Sport Magazine September 2012 – “Gordon Murray’s F1 Brief”, written by Ed Foster. Excellent article, and a design brief that really should go straight to FIA for approval as the next set of technical regs :-)