Join Grace and me as we discuss the weeks news and uncover things such as:

  • How young can a F1 driver be?
  • What would Marussia do with a Ferrari lump?
  • Can F1 exist with Mr. E?

We even chat about Italy and cover the awards.

Fashion award winner here.

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  • pear-shaped pete

    The logical successor to Bernie is not from F1……… It has got to be the newborn, unnamed prince!

    It’ll give Bernie an appropriate time to train the youngster in “Selling” and “Buying and Selling” and allow for a smooth transition. It just makes perfect sense!

    Imagine a half dozen bottles of Maldonado – sure to cause a little fracas

    I’ve never been to Altoona, but I have been to see the movie “walkabout”. I’ve never been to Enzo’s house (so cool to hear stories Todd) but I was reading stories about the Weber carburettor factory last night.

    Grace, I can’t speak for all men, but almost by definition the problem with attractive ladies’ bodies is the contrast between “waiting a few seconds” and letting commonsense prevail.
    Good to see Lewis handled the breakup with decorum and civility—–and a trip to the playboy mansion!

    pear-shaped pete

    • ZamiAustralia

      People in F1 has been asking the question for the last 10/15 years, “who is the successor of Bernie Eccleston”. Bernie’s back ground was directly F1. He was a driver himself as well as a team owner. However, CVC is such a huge organisation now that they don’t have to rely on finding any ex F1 driver or team owner anymore. Christian Horner has a had great connection with CVC & Bernie. That’s the only name from the current F1 grid I have heard so far that can take Bernie’s place. Whoever it is, he/she certainly has big shoes to fill. I think Jean Todt or Ross Brawn or would be great replacement as well. They are all awesome salesmen.

  • (How dare you make me do math to make a post on your site. I’m a dumb amurican after all.)

    Hey Todd,

    Great podcast per usual. I just had to digress into guitar geekerie for a moment though. I’ve heard you mention a couple of times now that you have/play guitar(s). I do too and was wondering what kind of guitars you are rocking, and what genres you play.

    Maybe you need to start the podcast to take this topic to another more appropriate forum.
    Anywho, thanks again for what you do for us F1 junkies every week. I can’t wait to hear back about your guitardom.



    • the drivers seat

      I think he plays a Uke, and is hooked on Skiffle.
      F1B VLL

    • I like the idea of a guitar podcast. :) have several Strats, few Collings, Gretsch white falcon and a 1958 anniversary, Martins, National, Larrivee and other odds and ends. A tally down to my old Marshall silver anniversary 25/50 single 12 amp. Real amps glow in the dark. ;)

  • OK!, Jenson rant!, Yeah he had the best car for the first 3rd of the season, middle 3rd had a car as good as anybody else, last 3rd he had at most the 2nd best car. So I don’t get this Jenson Bashing, Vettel wins championships in by far the best car and everybody says he’s a genius, Mika Hakkinen does and people write songs about the Legend from the Frosty North, Hamilton barely scraps one through in the Best car and people says he’s possibly the greatest driver of ALL TIME!, Jenson does it and everybody says ” Welllll he had the best car didn’t he”. I’ll grant his version of ” We are the Champions ” was a bit tone free but please, People!.

    • That’s all Grace, mate. I don’t subscribe to her theory. I think Jenson’s title is as worthy and justified as any other…best car or not. That’s part of the game. He had Barrichello as a teammate (who is no slouch) and he beat him so I consider Jenson a top flight driver and worthy champ. Grace, on the other hand… :)

    • ZamiAustralia

      Well Jenson bashing has become a little of fun joke recently in F1. He is a good driver, but lacks the fun & the speed & bad factor of Hamilton or Vettel. Having said that, getting the best out of the car is the best quality of a F1 champion. Jenson did that well. Vettel won his 1st championship in 2010 because of Ferrari’s silly mistake as well as Webber’s silly mistakes towards the end of the season. In 2011 he was a class of his own (keep in mind that Webber failed to have any impact in the same car). Last season, Ferrari messed up big time in the 2nd half of the season & failed to keep Fernando’s 40 points lead secured (even though Ferrari was the 4th fastest car in pre season). So, Vettel does not fall in the same category as Jenson or Hamilton. I don’t even like Vettel, but he is a more worthy champion than Jenson or Hamilton. Vettel goes for pole position, fastest lap & the win every race no matter where on the grid he is. That’s the quality beyond how good the car is. Instead of Jenson though I would rather ridicule Jack Villeneuve. In my 23 years of F1 memory, 97’s WDC was the most unworthy one. I bet most that people live & breath F1 don’t even remember the name “Jack Villeneuve” unless somebody like me points it out.

      • JackFlash(Aust)

        That…. and probably also because his name is “Jacques Villeneuve”, not Jack. Jacob is the Anglicised alternative. Or Jake.

        No matter what you may think of a persons achievements, it is common courtesy to at least get their name right.

        “Jack” is the diminutive shortening of “John”, in English. Jean is ‘John equivalent’ in French. Juan in Spanish. Johannes in German. Giovanni in Italian. Seán in Gaelic. João in Portugeuse, etc.

        However: As a first name, “Jacques” is often phonetically converted to English as Jacob, Jake (from Jacob), or quite inaccurately Jack, but the last is not an accurate translation. (Jack, from Jankin, is strictly a diminutive of John).

        So “Jacques” is the French equivalent of Jacob (English/Hebrew) or Jake; & nothing to do with Jack/John/Jean/etc.

        • Rapierman

          ….or you can call me “Ray”, or you can call me “Jay”, or you can call me “Sunny”, or you can call me “funny”, but ya doesn’t hafta call me “Johnson”. ;-)

        • ZamiAustralia

          Jack is the shorter version of Jacques, just like Bill for William or Maz for Murry. It could be because that’s how we refer toa lot of people in Australia & UK.

          • JackFlash(Aust)

            No. It formally isn’t.
            Whether or not my countrymen in Oz, or our cousins in the UK care to get that right, is immaterial to whether it is in fact ‘strictly correct’.

            What is so difficult in using “Jacques” itself? JF

  • Charlie

    Hey Todd,

    Ever tried any ‘erb in your vaporizer?

    • No, no “herb”. Just red bull flavor and nicotine. I’m even working my way down on the nicotine levels. Haven’t smoked cigars in over 4 months. :)

  • tom

    Re Sauber:
    The way I understood this, it’s not yet clear what the role of that Russian kid is going to be. He may end up as their reserve driver.
    Hülkenberg on the other hand seems destined to leave the team as he has officially withdrawn from his contract. The Russian money might make it possible for Sauber to offer him a new contract, but that doesn’t appear to be too likely.

    Re Bernie:
    You were joking, but in Germany there actually are rumors that he might purchase the Nürburgring outright. He was asked about it on German TV, but he evaded the question, giving a non-answer, which certainly sounded as if it was a real possibility.

  • Jason

    It might just be me but every time I drive past a blown out tire on the highway I think to myself “must be a pirelli.”

  • Oily Bo Hunk

    Haha, Altoona is maintaining it’s worldwide relevance! Next time Grace goes to Altoona, she’ll need to include a trip to Hollidaysburg (where Matthew grew up), in order to visit the center of all things Slinky (the coil toy, that is).
    So besides getting a shout from Grace on F1B podcast(Grace isn’t the only one that went to PSU, we also have a “salute” from HeeHaw!

    As for the race, I gotta take Alonso FTW. Ferrari needs to start showing it’s form, or in a couple races announce they are moving on to next year’s car.

    • I’m pretty sure Grace watched HeeHaw every night.

    • Matthew Snyder

      I remember George Burns once mentioned Altoona and the Mishler Theater when he guest starred on an episode of “Alice”. (George stopped by Mel’s Diner and Vera thought he was actually god.) It actually made the local news on WTAJ. Woot.

      • Matthew Snyder

        And I’m also a PSU alum. This is getting progressively more chummy.

        • Well, as chummy as one can get being a PSU alum like Grace. ;)

  • Schmorbraten

    Re Ecclestone’s successor: of course there’s not going to be anyone who can replace him like-for-like in every aspect of his job, but I think that’s maybe not needed. The one thing which maybe marks him out among other great salesmen and deal-brokers is his ability to sense how much money can be squeezed out of a given situation or negotiation partner and coldly exploiting that to the max. But while, as a result of this, the overall cash-cow has grown immensely over the years and the teams have also shared in the profit (read: profit after feeding some numbercrunchers in suits), spending their increasing share to develop more complicated brakeducts and the like, drivers becoming superstars etc., on the other side of that same coin you have teams folding left right and centre, classic circuits falling off the calendar one after the other because they’d actually LOSE money by staging an F1 race, let alone investing in circuit infrastructure, spectators getting ripped off, talented drivers being left out because some less talented guy had friends with more cash, … I think F1 could very well live with a successor who completely overhauls F1’s business model. So a) I don’t see Ecclestone on that high a plinth as Sylt puts him, and b) F1 is overdue a change to the way it generates money as well as to what parts of the organism get nurtured by the sport itself as a measure of self-preservation. Ecclestone can be portrayed as the guy holding everything in F1 in balance with each other – but you can make an equal case for him creating a massive (and, in the long term, self-destructive) financial imbalance between the participants or constituents.

  • cconf1

    Great podcast as always….

    Gotta say, that was one ballsy pass by Marquez on Rossi on the corckscrew. I was hoping Bradl would be able to hold Marquez off, but it wasn’t to be. At least my boy Rossi still got a podium spot.

  • Rapierman

    1. I can’t speak for all of us Texans (and thank God, because sometimes I think they’re either idiots, jackasses, arrogant fools or any combination of the three).

    2. Grace, you should take that friends advice with a grain of salt.

    3. Austin, TX: low 90s in June, mid 90s in July, upper 90s to 100+ in August, probably 50% humidity, monsoon in the early part of Summer, desert dry in the latter half.

    4. I’ve never head of a King Nigel.

    5. Do you really consider most of those birthday coincidences worthy of attention?

    6. ….and I pray to go that the new royal kid doesn’t share Biship’s personality.

    7. Okay, probably doesn’t rank up their in British awards, but I’ll give it a golf clap.

    8. Dark Prince of WHAT???

    9. Like they had nothing better to do?

    10. “The impossible possible”? They actually divide by zero?

    11. That explains a lot. :P

    12. Oh, well, I think the R & A will live with Phil winning.

    13. All I have is Big Red and A & W Cream Soda for the “royal” birth. I think I came out ahead.

    14. Dang, that’s a mouthful.

    15. That would be a mile long.

    16. The question I have is “What the hell is Sauber spending its cash on?”

    17. It’s a statistical fact that teens are involved in the most accidents. Why in God’s Green Earth would I trust one to drive a Formula 1 car? That’s suicide, and I’d be guilty of negligence if I let one drive that particular kind of car.

    18. This is the very definition of corruption. Typical Russian tactics?

    19. No, it’ll be “Pirelli-Gate” that’s left.

    20. I dunno. If you go from one disgraced engineer to another, doesn’t that kinda tell you how desperate the Williams team is?

    21. Sure, you can go to Kinko’s to fax a press release without hiring an engineer. “Jenks, why is someone releasing a presser about me being hired to a Formula 1 team when I haven’t even applied?” “Sire, the team Is Williams.” “Oh! In that case….”

    22. Engineering musical chairs. Good clean fun.

    23. Maybe someone will end up in Never-Never-Land and will wonder how he could get back home.

    24. …and I’m guessing that the toes are stepping back.

    25. …..and how much of the BS could I actually believe?

    26. Maybe what you need to replace Bernie is for someone to take it in a different direction while selling tea to China. That could be Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, etc.

    27. Why would Marco go to Formula E when he’s got something going at IndyCar?

    28. Kimi might win one. Hamilton gets one more. I was sure that Alonso would be winning the title, but I dunno anymore.

    29. The actual poll should be “should anyone care who benefits from the new tires?”

    30. Proof that we have NO LIFE!!!

    31. I’m sure he’ll get through the experience.

    32. Why is this sounding very much like visiting the Hard Rock Café where you see glass window shrines to Holly, Joplin and SRV?

    33. Now you know why I hate simulators.

    34. No, actually, Alonso’s beard arrangement has precedent….in late Renaissance.

    35. O-KAAAAAAY. There’s some bragging rights.

    37. Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, FO is Van der Garde.

    • MIE

      4. I think Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet or Ayrton Senna may have referred to ‘king Nigel (or ‘king Mansell) at one point or another.


  • MIE

    If Alonso is aiming for the Inigo Montoya role, who is the six fingered man?

    • Michael in Seattle

      Not sure, but I suspect that Eddie Jordan is Miracle Max.

  • Jenn

    Oh, thank goodness. I was dying for someone to finally address the travesty that is Alonso’s facial hair. His old time-y villain disguise has been bugging me for weeks.

  • Jenn

    So sorry for the multiple comments. It was saying it did not publish. But I really do feel that strongly about the terrible facial hair.

  • Dkxkv8r

    As I listened to the list of birthdays that coincided with the little British winner of the ovarian lottery I realized that it had been a while since I had logged into Facebook. I jumped over and noticed that I had missed a birthday announcement for Pat Badger of Extreme fame (we grew up in the same Bostob suburb and our paths crossed many years later when he had made it big) so I jotted down a quick note to let him know that he was mentioned in this crazy little part of the Internet. He seemed underwhelmed when he responded later but was thankful to have been remembered. Keep up the great podcast work, I hate it when i don’t have something new to listen to!

    • Matthew Snyder

      Right on! Extreme is one of my all-time favorite bands and Nuno ranks only behind EVH on my list of rock guitarists who had the most influence on me as a player. One of my best memories living here in Los Angeles is going to see one of Nuno’s non-Extreme bands play at a small 50-head bar venue on Melrose Ave. Next to me in the crowd was Tom Morello, and the show ended with Nuno bringing Warren DeMartini up on stage to play. \m/

      • Nuno is a mad chopist. He is very impressive musically and a heck of a player. So is Warren. I’ve always liked his approach to the guitar post-EVH era.

    • LOL…that’s funny. Tell Pat that I have bought his CD’s so get a little more animated when I wish him a happy birthday. ;) He must be a NASCAR fan. ;)

      • Matthew Snyder

        They actually have a tune called “Slide” from their last album (2009) that seems as if it was written in an attempt to become some sort of motor racing theme song.

  • Andreas

    So… Alonso must be a podcast listener. Either that, or Grace has connections we didn’t know about. Either way, Fernando has shaved! :-)

  • ZamiAustralia

    Hi Todd, Hi Grace,

    Welcome back to both of you. I have particularly enjoyed your experience in Italy. And yes you are spot on, no matter how much you hate or love Ferrari, it is impossible not to be mesmerised by the history of the iconic red team & how much value they provide to F1. Only issue is that they have not been able to give Fernando the car that he deserves to win WDC. We are really witnessing a true great like Alonso not getting the result that he deserves in F1 history book. To be fair, Alonso needs to take a little bit blame on himself as well. Before moving to Renault from Minardi in 2003 he was in talks with Jean Todt to be partnering with Schumacher. But broke the promise & moved to Renault. Of course Renault is the only team where he won his 2 WDCs. But not moving to Ferrari could’ve been catastrophic because Jean Todt famously mentioned that as he would never sign Fernando in Ferrari. Now of course everything is history. But the 2nd mistake of his career was certainly the highly publicised issue between himself & Lewis. Ferrari had the best car on the grid in 07 & 08 as well. But unfortunately they didn’t have the world champion talent in either cars. Kimi is fast & certainly a great character, but he is not a championship material. McLaren’s bad driver management cost them the championship in 07. That is why Kimi won. Imagine Alonso in Ferrari in 07 & 08!!! Anyway, that’s the mixture of political & human error in F1. I think it is about time that Ferrari come up with something special in near future for Alonso’s sakes. To be fair on Ferrari, it took the great Schumacher 5 years until he won his 1st WDC with Ferrari (he lost at least 2 championship for his own mistakes before that). Now, next season will be Alonso’s 5th season with Ferrari. Everyone is tipping Ferrari to be the dominant team at the back of the new engine rules. As a F1 fanatic I think we are living in the best age of quality drivers on the grid. Now it’s up the teams & FIA to sort out silly tyre issues so that we can enjoy real racing sometimes soon. Did you get to take anybody’s interview while you were at Maranello Todd?

    One thing I have to mention Todd, is the number of paying drivers in F1. Now, Bernie has done awesome job to make sure F1 stays as one of the most popular global sporting brand. F1 as an organisation will benefit from Bernie’s work. The financial & sporting future is secured for long haul because of that. Schumacher’s return brought more people back to F1 when the sport was in a very bad place as well. However, the consequence of the financial growth of F1 has come at a cost of team’s sustainability. Let’s face it, F1 is not a sport where a 10 year old child from a middle class family can dream of racing. The making of a F1 driver is extremely expensive. Majority of the world’s population can only dream about that kind of money. So, the middle or low grid F1 teams have no choice but look for the paying drivers with potential to be a good driver. FIA & Bernie has failed to bridge that gap over the years. Only one example is good enough, the cost of super license!!! The drivers have to pay 12,000 euros per point to race in F1 in next season!!!!! Money is the same cause of why great track like Imola & the birth of the Grand Prix racing, France is not even on the calendar. I am glad that Saubar is still there, but unfortunately you can’t help being sad about Hulk. He deserves a good seat for sure. I hope FIA can help young people to fulfil the dream of driving in F1 that don’t have the finance like the rich children.

    By the way Grace, the fashion award has gone to right person for sure. I have the same kind of facial hair too lol.

    • PAying drivers have been a part of the sport for a long time. Senna paid to drive in the junior series…Ayrton that is. It’s a tough situation and until the economy recovers, it will be a tough situation for teams and those involved in F1.

      • ZamiAustralia

        Yes global economical crisis keep hampering the F1 teams. Teams like Sauber can’t afford not to have paying driver. Having said that BMW, Red Bull, Ferrai & McLaren’s young driver development program has brought in Vettel, Riccardo, Bianchi & so forth. The financial support & structured F1 driver production has increased significantly in recent years because of some of these companies. I just hope tha talent still gets the recognition over money.