Join Paul and me as we discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix in all its splendor. We chat about each team as they finished, share our thoughts on the Romain Grosjean penalties (were they penalties?) and even offer insight to sidewalls, Kimi Raikkonen’s head space and Lewis Hamilton’s personal life and motivation…yeah, I know…it was a stretch.

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  • Charlie

    I agree with you guys about racing being something we want to encourage but i cant see how you can dfend the Grosjean Button incident. You keep saying how its just racing and something is bound top happen. Im sorry, but if a driver cannot hold the line down the inside when he has a maneuver done and dusted… he should be getting a penalty. You say, oh drivers never used to get all these penalties… that’s because they never used to drive like idiots. Btw todd, stop making up myths about Japan last year. Alonso moved across Kimi who had maintained his line all the way down the straight, you can say… oh he should be back out, but he has no obligation to, Alonso shouldn’t sweep across the full width of the track like he loves doing every race. Also, Button could not back out as Grosjean had squeezed the space to a point where their wheels were interlinks… meaning if button braked or lifted… there would have been a bigger accident. I hate over zealous stewards, but if drivers cant do simple racing cleanly, then they should get penalties… its not due to the stewards being idiots, its due to the new generation of gp2 drivers being idiots!

    • I don’t think I said anything about Alonso in Japan, mate. I said Vettel on Button in Germany…he got a penalty for it.

      • the drivers seat

        I didbn’t remeber that either, thought it might have been the beer

    • Ab345

      How is Hamilton’s pass on Webber then not in question? Webber avoided contact by lunging fully off track? Jenson stayed on his line and contact was made, but it seemed incidental to me, not a really un-wise move. I know that you have to look at who had what line carefully, but there was other contact as well earlier in the race.

      My parting question would be would anyone other than Grosjean gotten punished for that incident? If the answer is no, but Grosjean has been a repeat offender, then I am fine with it, but it should be stated that Grosjean is in the referee’s book (to borrow a phrase from soccer). You will get a card if you keep pushing it, even on a minor infraction, in soccer, but the official doesn’t hide that’s why. Those defending the penalty appear to be justifying it for the incident alone.

      • Hamilton was on track, on line. Webber went off track but didn’t pass hamilton, he gained no advantage. If he had went off track, after being pushed wide by Hamilton, but kept his foot in it and passed Lewis, then he would have been penalized.

        • Ab345

          Well, I remember Lewis came from behind and tucked inside Mark, and without seeing it again, Mark left the track to avoid a collision as Lewis squeezed him out. It seems to me that Roman squeezed Jenson similarly who held his ground and contact was made? Clearly, I have not seen replays, but that is the similarity I questioned.

      • Charlie

        Sorry if there was any confusion but I was talking about the incident with button. I agree that we don’t want people getting penalised every time anyone touches another. But that’s if two cars are side by side through a corner or at the exit if there’s a small touch. Eg arnoux v Gilles. However romain does have a history and it was a simple case of him opening out the entry to the corner when button was along side. If you can’t judge that sort of thing and repeatedly make these same errors, something has to be done. I think my main argument that he should get a penalty for the button was was that yeh he touched him, fair enough, made a mistake. But he then doesn’t give the place back.

        Btw. Re the alonso thing. I’m sorry if I came across as slightly aggressive but you did mention the alonso kimi incident from Japan 2012 when talking about the button/grosjean incident. At 45.50 if you want to listen. What alonso did to kimi at Japan 2012 was a carbon copy if what grosjean did to Hamilton at spa last year. Just thought I would set that straight.

  • The drivers seat

    Well I’ve been watching and competing in racing for many many years now and I don’t see a big difference in driver standard in track, I even think with all the penalties it is more sedate in fact, if you look back through the years and you will find it was very cutthroat from the 70’s on. The button/Grosjean incident incident can be seen on any track on any day in any country without penalties and drive throughs, I think it may happen on every lap of a NASCAR race, it’s simy going to happen with cars racing at top speed in close quarters

    • Rapierman

      Only because we have this “double yellow line” on a limited number of tracks. Darlington was the worst of all, because it was a smaller track with these wide banked outer edge that we kept going on because you went faster around that than on the inside which was just one small circle. [/NASCAR history]

  • Daniel Arevalo

    The was race was very interesting to watch. The passes by Lewis on Button and Webber were key.
    I agree with Paul and Todd that Gro has been blacklist and now he is getting scrutiny for anything he does. Granted he has down some silly things. After listening to the podcast, I changed my mind regarding the Button and Grosjean contact. What Paul said made sense to me. The “illegal” pass by Grosjean on Massa was great. Massa himself said he had no complaints about the pass. The dogfight that was stated in the podcast and other duels that happened in the past would not exist today. The rules seem to discourage overtakes outside the DRS zones. If FIA stewards want to discourage passing outside the track limits place a strip of grass along side the track or something else to deter drivers .

    • ZamiAustralia

      Yep, Hamilton’s drive was reminder of the best of Schumacher & Senna. The passes, the focus, the speed & execution were some of the best I have ever seen. What a great driver line up for the Mercs. Let’s hope that these drivers get a championship winning car next year. We will see some fireworks then. Rosberg’s contract with Mercedes has clause. It states clearly that the team cannot favour any driver over the throughout the season. They are both awesome drivers. I thought Todd was wrong giving Rosberg the Donkey award. We will see battles like Prost & Senna, Alonso & Hamilton if Mercedes is one the of the leading cars next season.

  • Unfortunately for Grosjean, I think his past played a major factor in the Hungary pentalties. While I do agree with these penalties as all, I don’t think it will take much for hte stewards to rule against Grosjean.

  • tomfirth

    I completely agree with you about the Grosjean penalties , I would have put the first one down to a racing accident myself against Button whilst attempting an overtake at a track that is incredibly difficult to overtake on. I didn’t much like how quick the commentators over here where to judge Grosjean on that one

    The second one. Until F1 does something about Run off area’s not been any disadvantage to a drivers race , The drivers will use every inch to make an overtake. Other than at point committing to the overtake, what else could Grosjean really do that he wouldn’t have been criticised for ?

    As for the race itself as a whole, it was alright, Decent for Hungaroring but I still aren’t a huge fan of the track for F1 cars, Does make a good touring car track though. I found it interesting when Sky showed the 1986 race in the buildup to this years, Hunt and Murray Walker sounded very optimistic about it been the first of many F1 races behind the Iron Curtain. Seems that was a little optimistic hey.

    Thanks for the podcast anyway, Enjoyed listening and really look forward to the Aston Martin GT4 piece.

  • peterriva

    The situation with Hamilton may be likened to Casey Stengle and Mickey Mantle in the ’50s. Mickey was given plenty of room to be a boozing bad boy – up to a point, then Casey would rein him in meanwhile keeping the owners off Mickey’s back.
    McLaren is a business, no Casey Stengle there, so Hamilton was on his own (with daddy, a novice in the game) when it came to boundaries and meanwhile, as a business, McL wanted a strict business schedule (which is why Kimi hated it there). At Mercedes with Ross, big daddy, setting boundaries, assisting players to be better, keeping the business suits off the players’ backs… Hamilton may well shine for years to come.
    He certainly did well last weekend.

  • ranger

    i think the donkey of the race should go to the stewards for the grosjean’s penalty. i want racing and passing. romain’s pass on felipe is pass of the race even if it was illegal. how about jensen for drive of the race.13th to 7th on a track with little passing is pretty impressive. great podcast as always. do you think there will be 22 races next year

  • Sam Field

    I have no idea why but I really like Malaysia.

    • I think it was one of the first circuits he designed and didn’t stray too far away from classic track design. I don’t mind it either. kind of like the two long straights.

  • ZamiAustralia

    Hi Todd & Paul, great insight to the Hungarian Grand Prix review. I have got to point out a few things tho.

    Paul, I agree that the penalty on Roman was extremely harsh in my view. Because Roman already committed to the pass & he was already half way up Filipe. Then Filipe tried his best to protect the position, but he couldn’t. As a result Roman ran out of room & had no choice but go to the edge of the white line. I think Roman didn’t cross the white line completely, it was touching the front wheel when he completed the pass. So, based on that it was an awesome pass & he didn’t deserve the drive through in my view. The other pass on Jenson was also also no illegal in my view. As Todd mentioned, the overhead shot clearly showed that Roman front was way in front of Jenson when they touched. It looked a bit awkward initially, but from the replay I thought it was another fantastic pass. Jenson has a bit of tendency to complain about little things. Plus Roman has caused a fair bit of accident in the past. Those things didn’t go down well with the stewards. But definitely not something to be penalised for. The thing that I don’t agree Paul, the rules are clear & I think fair that the driver cannot have all four wheels outside the white line when making a pass & also the driver in front must leave enough room to make one overtaking move for the car behind. Otherwise, we will see cars al over the place, cutting chicane & possibly causing potentially dangerous accidents during the race. Can you imagine that the law allowing Maldonado to go around the outside & taking all four wheels outside of the track & turning back into the track to complete a pass? I think the rules are very fair & square, the issue is interpretation by the stewards sometimes. The worst thing I have seen this year is that a lot of incidents are being investigated after the race. That ruins the race a bit for me. FIA should sort that rubbish out.

    Todd, I am not sure if you watched the Sky Sports coverage or not. There was an interesting interview of Webber taken by James Allen (he does special reports for Australian F1 broadcast in every race) after the qualifying. This basically how it went,

    JA: Mark obviously you are disappointed. But why is that we always see your car having KERS issue & other technical issues?
    MW: I don’t know. You should ask the team that question (and he walked off)

    The point that Martin Brundle & David Croft made is, Newey designs the car based on Vettel’s physical appearance. Even though the car seat is different for every driver, the actual design still favours Vettel in the long run. Therefore, there’s more balance issue for Webber & can appear to be more troubled than Vettel’s. So, having Kimi as a team mate, I think Vettel will enjoy the same fortune as he did with Webber. Now, Kimi doesn’t show emotion as much as Mark, he doesn’t spend thinking about F1 before or after the race. But when Kimi figures out that Vettel is the golden boy of the team, I think we will see some bitter driver relationships in Red Bull again. By the way Todd, I think Riccardo is the better driver for Red Bull than Vergne. With a good car underneath him, he will make the most of it in he race day as well. In 2009 after the Abu Dhabi grand prix, Riccardo & Vettel both tested the Red Bull car & Riccardo’s pace on the same car was faster than Vettel’s fastest lap on the grand prix. Is there better driver than Riccardo for Red Bull? Yes of course there are better drivers on the grid, but not for Red Bull. Riccardo can drive for next 5/6 years for Red Bull & take the lead role when Vettel moves to Ferrari or any other team. Will Vergne be able to take the lead. I am not saying it because I am Australian. History shows that the driver that doesn’t qualify well, doesn’t win the championship. Button is the only driver in last 15 years (that i can remember) who won the championship with less pole positions. So, the odds are in Riccardo’s favour.

    Also, I have to say something about Alonso’s feud with Ferrari. It is clear that Alonso is one of the best drivers (arguably the best one) on the current grid. But having said that, Ferrari is a team where great drivers become immortal & no driver is bigger than Ferrari or any team in fact. It took Schumacher 5 years in Ferrari before he won his first world championship, but he never said anything negative about the team or the car. Alonso is clearly frustrated & wants to win championship. He almost won twice in last 3 years, but he is not a driver who will settle for 2nd. Still, the comment about driving someone else’s car shows more disloyalty than frustration. Now, he is trying to damage control. I am a Ferrari fan & admire Alonso very much. As a fan I am deeply disappointed with that comment. Surely, drivers like Hamilton, Vettel (he openly admitted that he wants to drive for Ferrari one day) & Rosberg will jump at the opportunity to drive for Ferrari as soon as Alonso decides to call it a quit.

    Finally Paul, I like the Austin track as well. But surely, it is just another modern race track, is not it? When it comes to F1 racing, I think Spa & Monza, Silverstone & even Sujuka has some better characters than the Austin or Indian or Abu Dhabi track. Again don’t get me wrong, I love the turn 8, 9 & 10 in Austin & I also think that the Austin track is the best F1 track USA has ever produced. But from racing point of view corners like La Source, Eau-Rouge, Les Combes, high speed Parabolica etc are just breathtaking. Not just for the history, but also for the great moves that Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel & so forth produced in those corners are memorable, aren’t they? Where else in the calendar would you see those moves? I think you are being patriotic Paul, I am ok with that. From racing point of view, Monaco is the worst grand prix in my view, but drivers love it because of the history & the physical demand of racing in Monaco. Yas Marina circuit is better in that aspect, it is luxurious, picturesque & pretty decent track as well.

    Thanks guys, great podcast again. 4 weeks break after a 3 week gap sounds miserable. So, keep it coming. Sorry about such a long post.

    • The drivers seat

      Hi Zami, some good points there, but just to clarify Todd asked me if Austin was the best Tilke track not best track, so I think Austin is his best work with Turkey a close second, the classics like Spa are still way ahead.
      I agree even run offs can be manipulated for an advantage with premeditation, my point really is the need to make the runoffs in a way to keep them as a safety zone for drivers but grade them in a way to make it detrimental to be there rather than an extension of the track .

      • ZamiAustralia

        I am with you mate. Austin is definitely the best Tilke track on the calendar. And yes, some penalties always raise the question of how to improve the show. At the end of the day passing around the outside is very very special. Alonso does it better than anybody. Grosjean has shown what he is capable of as well. So, I hope FIA is taking the viewer’s opinion on board to sort out the issues. I still think that the rules are clear, but the stewards got it wrong.

  • pear-shaped pete

    Across the brad range of F1B opinions, on all continents and islands, across different nationalities and tongues, no-one seems to believe that Grosjean was treated fairly.

    pear-shaped pete

  • Did you know that Kimi Raikkonen was at the Burn Yard Live in Hungary.
    He gave his helmet to Rune Glifberg, famous skateboarder.
    It’s rare to see him smile!
    Enjoy ;-)

  • D-egg-O

    Grace – Could you share your stock picks with me? If you can pick stocks like F1 race podium finishes, then I will retire early. :)

  • Mike Steck

    7 little-known facts written into the 2014 Concorde Agreement

    1. Toro Rosso driver contracts to clearly state teaser rates.

    2. Pirelli to remove all invisible spike strips at Silverstone for 2014

    3. McLaren to provide complex electronic system for F1 wheel air guns to ensure positive lock.

    4. Newly acquired funding stream at McLaren to provide armed security to prevent staff leaving premises

    5. Red Bull to issue new radio code ‘psyc 23’ in 2014

    6. Ferrari to test modified F12 road car as possible chassis donor for F1 2014 campaign

    7. All teams issued a Remington 870 pump shotgun to uniformly force Lewis and Nicole to marry in the pit lane at Monaco during 2014 opening ceremonies

  • Rapierman

    1. ….and now you know why NASCAR has 36 races. ;-)

    2. Welcome to Texas weather in the summer. ;-)

    3. A flowey track in Hungary….where you can’t pass? What does that make a race?

    4. Well, I’m sorry that CotA wasn’t what you thought it should be. We’ll try better next time.

    5. Alonso is the new Massa?

    6. What the heck is it with KERS and Webber?

    7. Kinda makes you wonder what happened to Di Resta’s engine.

    8. Tells you what happens when Hamilton’s on his game.

    9. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

    10. I wasn’t sure who was at fault there.

    11. Okay, let’s not go there.

    12. So, on track where you have several different types of turns, the tire is going to be set up with only one of them?

    13. Raikkonen’s race was halfway decent. Grosjean’s…..not so much.

    14. I think we’re all wondering what “Fail-2-2-” means.

    15. That was a bad showing for Ferrari, especially their engineers.

    16. But I’m wondering about the rumors saying that Vettel will be a #2 driver. Sounds weird.

    17. At this point, I’d like TR’s drivers to give me a clear showing of who’s doing what.

    18. I liked it that McLaren is starting to come together.

    19. Finally, Maldo’s doing something right.

    20. At least it’s improvement for Sauber.

    21. Typical for Marussia

    22. Pass goes Hamilton on Button.

    23. Donkey to Grosjean.

    24. Drive goes to Webber, but Hamilton gets an honorable mention.

    25. I swear, there’s something magical in Grace’s “Cheerios”.

  • Big Orange Paul

    I thought Grosjean was penalised for not overtaking within a DRS zone

  • I have a little knowledge about Grosjean, and I just care to know and understand about it when I had the chance to watch the racing live.