Join Paul, Mark (@Charlie_Whiting) and me as we review the Italian Grand Prix. Mark reveals why he likes the heat-seeking camera, Paul explains the reason for Massa’s departure and I wonder if there will ever be a bigger fanboi for Hulkenberg than myself. We also review each team as they finished and hand out some awards.

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  • Andreas

    Re the Sutil – Hamilton thing – Sutil can not have been on the way to start a hot lap, as the flag was already out (if I remember it right). So he was either on a hot lap himself, or cooling off on the way to the pits. From the speed delta between the two, I’d lean towards him being on the way to the pits. For sure, getting out of the way in Parabolica isn’t easy :-), but it definitely didn’t look like he was on a hot lap.

    • I agree. I didn’t think it looked like a hot lap due to the rate in which Lewis closed in on him. That would have been a place where Adrian was giving it the boot to start his hot lap.

      • UAN

        Lewis exonerated Sutil on Sky after qualifying. He said that in that situation, Sutil would be relying on his team to let him know where other cars were on the track. LH said the stewards saw there was no communication to Sutil from his team – so Sutil would have no idea that Hamilton or anyone else was coming up behind him.

        Kudos to Lewis for owning up to his missed lap in Q2 that kept him out of Q3.

  • swaz

    I thought your comments were pretty harsh on masa that he qualified fourth, was second by the 1st corner and so should have finished higher than 4th! He did have to give up his second place pretty quickly to alonso, and then was out monouvered by some pretty impressive redbull pit stops. He qualified fourth and finished fourth, webber qualified second, but only managed to finish third in what is apparently a far superior car! Not that I don’t think hulkenburg deserves the drive

    • It’s a fair point, Ferrari got beat or undercut by Red Bull and Webber so it’s hard to pin all of that on Felipe. I think had he been closer to Alonso, he wouldn’t have been undercut but that’s hindsight.

      It’s really more just frustration that he hasn’t been able to produce for the last couple of years and that’s cost Ferrari. Could have cost the title last year for sure. Again, that’s hindsight though.

      • UAN

        I think it’s fair to criticize Felipe for how he’s raced on average the last several years, however it’s still unfair to bring that to what he did this past weekend. He out qualified Alonso even though he was playing the proper Number 2 and giving Freddie a tow in Q3.

        Then as Swaz says, he’s ordered to give up P2 to Alonso. You could use the same argument about Webber’s race – Alonso got by Webber pretty handily – and you could say Alonso wouldn’t have been able to do that if Webber had kept closer to Felipe or to Vettel for that matter.

        Either way, Massa had a very strong weekend and it’s not right to minimize that for the way his career has been going. If anything, one should say “if Massa performed at this level consistently, he’d still have a drive.”

      • Michael in Seattle

        There was an interesting delay in MAS leaving pits after tires changed. Release delayed or was he just slow? Hmmm. . . ! Seemed to be just about the amount of time he was beat by WEB.

  • Rapierman

    1. Wasn’t that much action at Monza. It turned into a procession punctuated by moments of “heart-in-your-mouth” events.

    2. Question: Should they bring back the original configuration with the loop back over the track?

    3. Yeah, I get the point. You get to see that steering wheel movement in NASCAR and maybe IndyCar and/or other series in America, but almost never in Formula 1. Maybe they should explore that.

    4. I was rather concerned about Lotus doing poorly at qualifying. I’m starting to wonder what’s going on with their cars.

    5. So, we’re waiting to find out if Hulkenberg actually goes somewhere with that performance.

    6. Red Bull just ran away with that race despite the issues.

    7. At least Ferrari got the pace right, so they’re at least doing something.

    8. I dunno, folks, but I don’t think I’d want a guy who was always fighting for his life every second. At some point, he has to get past that barrier, and that’s just not happening.

    9. I don’t know Andrew Benson, so I’m not going to trust just one source. I’d want to hear from the team principal, team owner and Raikkonen himself before I put him in that second seat.

    10. Raikkonen is a hermit and a loner only looking for “fun”. He’s never been a team guy. I’d almost….I say “ALMOST”…question his maturity.

    11. Hulkenberg’s performance was a real shocker. if this is the example we should be looking for, then I guess I should start to take notice along with everyone else.

    12. If Hulkenberg needs a top seat and there’s nothing there, then maybe we need to create a team for him.

    13. Well, the puncture and lost radio didn’t help Hamilton. Then again, would Mercedes have ever done well in just running fast straights all day?

    14. Well, at least that’s one positive for Hamilton: the passing.

    15. I think, in the case of tires, no news is good news.

    16. Nice performance by TR. Too bad about Vergne’s transmission.

    17. Only time will tell if Ricciardo will be able to deliver, but he certainly bears worth watching.

    18. Bad bit of luck for Raikkonen

    19. True, I saw one of Grosjean’s passes. Textbook stuff, did everything correctly.

    20. Grojean’s pass was on Perez. I wrote it down on my Twitter feed so I wouldn’t forget it. :-D

    21. So, McLaren needs new engineers?

    22. Hmmm….Williams-Go Daddy? Ugh, bad pun I think.

    23. No flags, no DRS? Why not have M-16s in the cockpit? (I say this with tongue firmly placed inside the cheek.)

    24. One retirement by bad luck, one by stupidity. I pray to God that this is not how things will go with Force India in the remainder of this year.

    25. Pass: Alonso on Webber at the first lap.

    26. Donkey: Di Resta when he rammed into someone and broke a wheel.

    27. Drive: Vettel running away with it, but Hulkenberg was a close second.