Join Paul and me as we discuss this week’s news including such things as Cost caps, budgets, qualifying changes, tweets, Lotus F1 filming days, complicated driving, TV viewership and much more.


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  • m_walker26

    The horrible noses will only exist until Red Bull and Ferrari complain that they can’t make them work, they aren’t safe, and they are in violation of Section 1497.34 paragraph B of the Concorde agreement….which says in part “any tire, part, or specification that impedes the natural order (Red Bull, Ferrari, then everybody else) shall be deemed a misinterpretation under FIA Obscur Brouillard de Règle 1414.3.e.7.x.F.2”

  • @_canuck_

    To have a race on Saturday they would need T cars and extra engines/gearboxes incase of crashes or blow ups.

    • They have T cars already there but they are not assembled (mandated by the rules)
      extra 2 engines and gearboxes would be more than paid for by the extra funds it brings in

  • Tom

    Todd, you should maybe take a look at the Bundesliga instead of the Premier League for a football team to support. It is generally considered to be the most fan-friendly big league, it has the highest attendance rates, the best atmosphere, it is higher scoring than any other big league for 20 years running and it currently features both of the Champions League finalists of 2013.

  • Jeff

    Todd: I love 20 year olds

  • Jiji the Cat

    Thanks for the P. O. T. W. You pronounced it right and I’m male.
    Go Crystal Palace ……. Or did they get relegated again?

  • David

    Todd, you need to go with Liverpool.
    I live in Seattle, but grew up in Liverpool. Home of the Beatles in case you forgot.
    I spent many a Saturday cramed into the stands…. Yes you had to stand.
    A team with a glorious past struggling to get back on top. Williams anyone?
    Discard you short list of soft London teams, go for the grit.
    By the way I am totally with you on qualifying.

    • I was trying to find out what each clubs fan base is like. I reckoned maybe I could find a site that described the typical fans, what they like, what they don’t like what they tend to think about their club etc. Can’t find anything like that. I figured I would find a club that maybe fits my personality but I haven’t seen much on that. In NFL, I’m a Chiefs fan…that has its own connotations. In MLB, I’m a Cardinals fan, that says a lot too. But I’m not sure what being a Newcastle fan or Arsenal fan or Fullham fans says…if you get my meaning.

  • Rapierman

    1. Thank God that Renault got those problems fixed….but I’d start to wonder if that Turbo V6 will stand up to the demands.

    2. Why on God’s green earth would anyone want a trophy for pole?

    3. I think we’ve got something like that in NASCAR. We call it the “Nationwide” series. >rimshot<

    4. F1…..and F1.5?

    5. My idea is not so crazy. Do it like Indy and NASCAR does: one car at a time, do two-to-four laps, sort by the best lap times.

    6. I dunno…..if you state that "anything that can be tied to Formula 1 counts", that would be enough, right?

    7. What about a "luxury tax" system? Charge a tax percentage to those that spend too much and pay it to those that don't spend enough. (See "NBA".)

    8. Ummmmm…..please, no. I don't think we can bail you out of jail.

    9. No, you're not tainted, Paul. I don't hear that Texas drawl yet. ;-)

    10. Todd, regardless of your intentions regarding the Twitter-vs-corporate PR issue, I should mention this:

    Matthew 12:30: "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad."

    I'll leave it at that.

    11. Sorry, Kovaleinen. Maybe next time.

    12. Yep, give a pilot a lot to do and you run the risk of "information overload".

    13. I'm a "tunnel vision" person as it is: If I'm racing, my full attention is focused on what's ahead, and everything else be damned. Everything else is a distraction that might send me off into a wreck.