Yes, you can call this the Who Quadrophenia podcast because, “we go out of our brain on the 5:15”. We cover testing #1 and what we learned as well as what we’re looking for in testing #2 from BARCELONA! Social media and Lewis Hamilton too. “Are you crazy?”

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  • charlie white

    <—probably one of 5 people who ever watched the movie DRIVEN in the theater and one of maybe 15 people who own it on DVD to this day. I almost walked out on it when Sly Stallone drove the ChampCar on the Chicago streets but did it in pointy-toed cowboy boots and barely withstood seeing a wheelchair bound Burt Reynolds do an impression of Frank Williams. Stallone originally wanted to do a F1 movie but Bernie pushed back. Good call, B.E. Pop quiz: whose driver helmet design did Sly Stallone use for the movie? I feel bad for Grace because I think she has accepted that once-mighty McLaren is becoming another mid-field team much like Williams.

    • MIE

      It has happened before, Brabham, Lotus, Tyrrell all won multiple championships and slowly dropped down the field before running out of funding and disappearing from the sport.

    • Zachary Noepe

      I think mid-field might be a lot to hope for at this point.

  • Schumi Toronto

    Where is the fashion award winning photo?

  • Rhys Stephens

    With regards to the teams providing content to the various social media platforms chipping away at the value of the Sky’s of the world, I don’t really see it as a problem. It’s not as though Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull are going to start broadcasting the race. That’s what people sign up to Sky for – race coverage. All the other content is just a bonus.