Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We talk about Renault, Perez, Gene Haas, Vijay Malya, Tk vs Lewis and much more. 

Fashion award winner here.

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  • Schumi Toronto

    What? No fashion award winner? WTF? How about Stroll asking for help? I’m Canadian but I’m really having trouble getting behind this guy.

  • Chuck C

    I thought it was pretty obvious what “trusting the process” meant: welcome to the team Joel Embiid. :)

  • jakobusvdl

    Todd, maaaate, I thought the original ‘mis-speak’ was a huge faux-pas, but you’ve taken it to the next level. Apologising to the Aussies for calling Scott Dixon an Aussie!!!!!??????
    180 degrees out of order Todd, the Aussies claim any good kiwi an Aussie – including Neil Finn, Crowded House, Pharlap and pavlova (look it up, its what the interweb is for). They even claim Russell Crowe but no one here has a problem with that.
    The point? Your apology should be to the kiwis, and doubly so for implying that somehow the Aussies might find your comments insulting, good grief Todd, words fail me :-(

    • LOL…it’s like the Scottish drivers who do well are British, if they don’t their Scottish. ;)

      • MIE

        I think that you may be making it worse….

      • jakobusvdl

        Precisely Todd, nationalism is a fickle concept. Along with sex, politics and religion best avoided in forums. But we can all agree Scott Dixon is a heck of a driver, and Indy week was a week he’ll never forget.

  • Jason Smith

    Just listened and (don’t be offended, I mean it as a compliment) absolutely loved how much of a glorious s#!tshow it turned into! Seriously, you guys killed me when it went off the rails toward the end, well done!

    • LOL…it happens from time to time. Atticus the intern (or Thing #2) did a poor job with the notes this week and Huxley (Thing #1) was supposed to edit that out but what do you expect for Lumbersexual hipster interns? More Clove incense?

      • Jason Smith

        I like it, it adds personality to the show. Thanks for not taking offense to either the sentiment or the hint of profanity. I thought it would be an appropriate nod to Grace’s hand in the events.