Join Paul and me as we review the Malaysia Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished, each driver as they clouted each other on the cool-down lap and even hand out awards.

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  • Schumi Toronto

    Hey NC … I wasn’t going to say anything, but didn’t you watch qualifying? Twice you stated that Vettel went out in Q3, However his turbo (linkage?) failed on his first lap of Q1 (he didn’t even set a time) and was out before Q1 really even began! Sorry to be pedantic, but that’s what happened!

    Thank GOD it looks like his gear box is O.K. for Suzuka, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Changing subjects, I’d like to know what you think about HAAS wanting $500,000 back from the circuit for the damage done to Grosjean’s car, from the loose sewer grate? In my opinion, I think they (their insurance co.) should foot the bill!

    • You are completely right. Momentary lapse of reason. Yes, indeed, he didn’t make it through Q1. Had it reversed in my head.

    • subcritical71

      Agree 100% that the damage should be paid by the circuit but I also do not know what the contract language with the track says about it. This was caused by their negligence or at the least their track maintenance practices.This was not part of a racing incident. On the flip side, I don’t like what precedence a decision like that could open up. Remember when the lotus car (I can’t remember the Polish/Russian guy that was driving) got airborne when he ran wide. The track could very well be blamed for that type of incident also… then where does it stop.

      • That’s a slippery slope that I doubt goes through. I suspect, given the amount we’re talking about here, it would be litigated.

  • Junipero Mariano

    I was wondering, what is the purpose of Stroll picking up the used rubber?

    • subcritical71

      Adds weight to the car. This ensures that the car is above minimum weight and the team/driver do not incur a post race penalty.