Join Grace and me as we get ready for the United States Grand Prix in Austin Texas at the Circuit of the Americas. We discuss a few of the events and fan experience attractions like the Buxton Bash, Justin Timberlake and Old-school Stevie Wonder but one thing that caught my attention was Topgolf Crush.

We are very grateful for Jeehae Lee’s time and for coming on the show to discuss the Topgolf Crush event at COTA this weekend. Hitting a drive off of turn 1 at COTA would be awesome so I called Jeehae to talk about the event, what is involved and get all the details.

As Formula 1 expands its fan activities over a race weekend, I thought it was very cool that they blend other sports an interests into the race weekend.

Check out Topgolf Crush and get your tickets right here.

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  • Paul KieferJr

    1. Once of these days, I’m going to have to get my own opening theme music. ;-)

    2. Sam’s? Why do you need to buy wholesale like that?

    3. Southeast Austin, in fact. West is a lot more hilly.

    4. That stretch of East Six Street is mainly bars and live entertainment, good places mixed with small holes in the wall.

    5. I don’t think Timberlake has a nickname.

    6. I’d rather take a driver, but I’m kinda weird that way. The only thing I have to do is convince myself that I can scrape the ground.

    7. Virtual golf? Seriously? Hmmm….interesting.

    8. I beg to differ. I’m American, and even >I< would cringe at the poor grammar I just heard.

    9. Good lord, a serious three-ring circus at Toro Rosso. All we lack are the clowns.

    10. Okay, maybe it'll be okay with Hartley behind the wheel.

    11. I beg to differ: I do have a life. It's not yours, but it's a life.

    12. I hear ya (from the guy that follows football, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, tennis, etc.)

    13. "Weird" is a bit mild for Hamilton.

    14. So, Lewis Hamilton is Citizen Kane? When does his downfall start?

    15. Weird? Have a look at "Leslie Cochran":

    16. Then again, who's the one in ultimate control as to what shall and shall not be? Ask the NFL about that one.

    17. The tradition is that not having any sort of green means you get pinched (not that I think anyone takes it seriously).

    18. …unless, of course, you're "P!NK".

    19. Eh, just run the damn race and we'll figure out the permutations later.

    20. Okay, who do I contact for this #FBCMeet"? I got a laptop and a headset-mike to work with and Skype at the ready.

    21. Hamilton, Ricciardo, Bottas, and first out will be will be Sainz.

    • the Late Idi Armin

      5. i’m 46 and know Timberlake’s nickname is JT.

  • p1ngu

    Er, golf? Yes, I get the idea that fans might like to do things other than just watch cars going round the circuit, so by all means mention it.

    But an interview about golf on an F1 website? Presumably Mexico’s ‘cast will have an interview with Los Buzzios, South America’s premier beekeepers. Or maybe watchmaking in Abu Dhabi.

    Maybe I’m outwith the norm, but as a car racing fan I have zero interest in golf. I’d rather sell my arm on eBay than play a round, and hearing about the technologised form of ball and stick that is Top Golf didn’t make that arm sale come any closer.

    What’s that phrase? “Not good enough, dammit, not good enough” Quite honestly, I fast forwarded after a few minutes.

    • Meine Postma

      Maybe others will like it though… it’s NC’s podcast / bar round so let him decide what’s good enough.

      But I gather you do like wine, basketball, fashion and lots of other stuff the podcast regularly contains?

      • p1ngu

        Firstly yes, it’s Todd’s podcast, so he can do what he wants. And secondly, I find the ‘fashion award’ bit tragic, the constant mentions of wine/IPA/fruit beers pointless, and don’t get me started on basketball. Like all these things, however, they’re funny to start then quickly then become part of the furniture. You have to keep things fresh, move them along, and perhaps those elements are a bit tired now. Regardless, they’re over fast.

        The golf interview was trailed for about five minutes before it started, the interview came in at 17:50 and finished at 37:30. That’s a lot of patience-testing …. which is why I just skipped through it.

        Maybe others will like it, as I acknowledged in my earlier post, but I thought it fair to give feedback that I didn’t.

        • Meine Postma

          Yes, I get what you mean, but NC needs some bucks to keep the blog going probably.

        • Rock or Something

          I think this podcast is #1 in the FBC genre, which I do think mimics a meandering conversation amongst friends and that’s a particular style. A lot of people will prefer that to boring, straight F1 only. But in the spirit of horses for courses, a guy like you might like Superlicence F1. When they go off topic of F1 news or race report, they go to quizzes about F1 or how the hard workers in the lower formulae are shaping up to affect F1 soon, or what the long term strategy of the various teams might be inferred to be, in other words a lot of different styles of F1 information but all F1.

    • Not everyone likes golf or plays golf (I haven’t played in years) but nonetheless, many people do like golf and play regularly. Lots of F1 fans I know love the sport and do play regularly. In fact, that’s why Topgolf is setting up their entire Crush event at the F1 race in Austin. I understand that not everyone plays golf or has an interest in it but it will be at COTA and I found it very interesting as a cross-pollination of F1 racing and traditional stick and ball sports in the US. Several of the top names in F1 will be trying their hand at the Crush event and it will be a fun event that adds more to the fan experience.

      As I was looking at the other events during the weekend and was collecting some info on them, the Topgolf Crush event stood out as something completely different and I wanted to talk to them about it and get a better understanding so folks who listen to the podcast and are going to the race would have more detailed info about the event and how it works.

      I think F1 is doing some great work at trying to bring other sports and experiences to the race weekend. I would understand if I did an interview with a table tennis star for no reason but as Topgolf Crush will be at COTA and the event is a very cool opportunity, I wanted to interview them and discuss the program and details for those who are traveling to COTA this week.

      If there was a baseball event or similar tie-in with other sports, I would be intrigued by that. Like bowling. :) For me, F1 could talk about their fan zone and fan experience a little more so folks who are going to races can understand what events are happening and what they are.

      • Meine Postma

        :-) Is this a game of ping pong or a race?

    • Paul KieferJr

      You’d be surprised. Not only do I watch racing in many forms, I’m also a fan of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, the Olympics (both of ’em)…fourteen different sports that I’m aware of. I keep myself rather busy with sports. Not many people can say that. ;-)

  • the Late Idi Armin

    The only real threat to life in Palmerston North is the crushing boredom.

    • LOL…never been there but I’m sure there’s something to do that’s fun. like driving fast?

      • the Late Idi Armin

        thats slightly to the west, in Feilding where there happens to be a decent club circuit called Manfeild.

  • Nino Mercado

    fyi Heikki’s racing in Japan Super GT, hopefully his still there to compete when Super GT and DTM forms Class One

    • What’s the deal with Heikki?

      • Tom Firth

        Gets paid to race in a factory entry in Japan. Why move?

    • Tom Firth

      Lets see if Class One does ever happen yet to its strongest extent. It’s been in the pipeline for a long time now. Things seem to have moved on in the past couple of weeks, and the post Mercedes DTM era will need this to work, if want to keep somewhere near the technical regs have now, but may be some time still until ‘Class one’ with entirely shared regulations becomes an actual reality.

      • Nino Mercado

        yea, same question with F1, what engine/ power unit would they use?

  • charlie white

    Note to Grace: educate yourself with the Commodores. Find the following albums on the streaming service of your choice: Hot On The Tracks, Midnight Madness, Movin’ On and In The Pocket. Old skool Lionel Ritchie was much more fun before he wrote “Islands In The Stream”.

  • johnblair7

    My picks for the race are Seb to win, Max second Valtteri third, Lewis first out. Points gap to close.

    • Whoa…Max second. Interesting. Your first out? I picked RoGro.

  • johnblair7

    My 2 favourite Stevie Wonder songs are one of his oldest, yester me, yester you, yesterday and I just called to say I love you.

    • Meine Postma

      I know, I’m old! For me ‘I just called to say I love you’ is an example of his new work where things went wrong :-)

      Me, I like Sir Duke and Superstition

      • johnblair7

        It was really popular in UK, I watched an old Top of the Pops on iPlayer last night and it was the second week of I just called being number 1. Superstition was a great song as well.

        • Meine Postma

          It was number one everywhere
          I’m just a minority :-)

    • I’ll admit it, I wasn’t into Commodores or Lionel. Buddy Guy, Albert King, BB King, Son House, Freddie King, SRV, Gilmour, Beck (as in Jeff), and many more. Although as far as the 70’s go, I will freely admit that I loved Abba. :)

      • johnblair7

        My main music was Queen, Bowie, E.L.O, Abba and Linda Ronstadt, with many others that I liked.

        • Queen. Good pick. ELO Time album is my fav.

          • johnblair7

            I still remember the first record I ever bought, a single. T.Rex, Ride a White Swan about 44 years ago.

  • Jeff Stephenson

    At least you don’t cover politics … that would make you ESPN.

    • No, I try not to do that…we get enough of that from the NFL and ESPN and just about every person in my social media timeline including F1 pundits and reporters.

      • Jeff Stephenson

        That is why you are the best F1 Podcast out there.

  • Speaking of golf. I have met Tom Watson (delightful guy), Master Jack and a few others. I will say that I always thought Ernie Els had the most awesome swing. But my favorite golfer was my father. I still have his old clubs. A set of old Pings and several vintage Tommy Armour persimmon woods. I would give anything to play another 18 with him just to watch him hit the ball. He could do anything he wanted with a golf ball and I never got that gene. My older brothers are much better than I am.

    Golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but is is the most humbling game in the world and the most difficult to master. It was also some incredible time bonding with my father and and perhaps that is why I still like the game and always have time for it.