Join Grace and me as we discuss the FIA engine regulations for 2021. We cover the bullet point, the team’s reactions and much more…actually a lot more than you would really want us to cover. We get segued into silly stuff like fan experience and too many sound clips but in the end, that’s what you pay for.

Fashion Award winner here.

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  • Meine Postma

    Don’t know if it has been acknowledged yet, but thank you for some other winners of the fashion awards beside the big HAM.

    • You’re welcome. Let’s face it, Lewis is a snazzy dresser and makes it easy.

  • FryDaddy

    Curious point by Bernie with words to the effect that Ferrari is going to spend what they are going to spend. If you don’t hear that as an acknowledgement that cost controls don’t work – then you’ll never hear one. The other constructors are no different. The only way you are going to get better racing is if the top tier teams are forced to spend their money on areas of the car where the payback is in thousandths of a second instead of hundredths or tenths.

    • IT’s a tough situation. I’ve asked in the past if there isn’t a way to mitigate cost through tighter regulations that have built-in diminished returns. I know that’s nearly impossible but I do think it would require some more basic approaches and technology which isn’t the way folks want to go.

      • FryDaddy

        “built-in diminishing returns.” word
        In the end. I suspect it will be that or the series moves even closer to either spec cars to control costs, or customer cars to leverage and aggregate costs.

        • There’s one appealing part of a customer car in that more teams might enter with lower budgets and that’s been done before if you think back to the March days. To be fair, perhaps that was more driven by a standard chassis and Ford DFV combo allowing more to enter than it was regulations of a spec series. Result was similar though.

          • Paul KieferJr

            If the bigger teams were forced to spend some of their money on other lesser teams after they reached a specified spending limit, that might convince them that there really is a point of diminishing returns.

  • FryDaddy

    Does the initial PU regulation change on offer by Chase&Co seem bigly persuasive in framing not just the PU changes but the upcoming concord agreement? I can’t read their offering as anything other than “Hey! Here is that list of stuff you said you wanted…”

    It would appear that the only elephant left in the room is revenue sharing.

    • They know there are major sticking points to a new agreement and perhaps they are trying the fine art of persuasion in order to at least remove the thorns from an otherwise sticky bush they have to haggle over.

  • Jeff Stephenson

    I love the first 10 minutes. It really makes you feel like you are having a beer with friends talking F1. And Todd’s soundboard is incredible!

    • LOL…you may be one of few. Stick with us, it’s a revolution. It’s funny how any other podcast I sample, the hosts are chatting away about all kinds of things and these are non-F1 related. Just sports or car related. I don’t feel like we’re doing anything completely different from starting a conversation just as we would if you sat at the table with us for our first beer. I’d ask you the same questions, Jeff. Thanks for listening and even enjoying the soundboard. ;)

  • Paul KieferJr

    1. Sounds like they’re trying to make something in which you had to bring a road-relevant engine into Formula 1 (instead of the other way around). Next thing you know, they’ll have Ford cars with Ford engines, Chevy cars with Chevy engines, etc. Was this really the way to go?

    2. Well, at least we won’t have diesel engines.

    3. Well, it’s either Todd reading a book or Todd doing stand-up.

    4. So, has anyone considered taking Ferrari out to the woodshed and beating their rear ends black-and-blue with a switch? I’ve never had a tolerance for spoiled brats. >:-(

    5. Ferrari never spends enough money on growing up and becoming a mature adult, do they?

    6. Right, Bernie saying we should learn our place and stay there. Sorry, Bernie, but we fought a revolution to get rid of that idea.

    7. Rule #1: Never let the inmates run the asylum.

    8. My question would be: Is reaching the limit of tech really a bad thing?

    9. I’ll believe it when I see Massa in a rocking chair.

    10. Apparently, they made the Paradise Papers for people like me. ;-)

    11. Hmmm…haven’t we covered Hamilton’s tax dodging before?

    12. I wasn’t sure if Ricciardo was at Texas Motor Speedway or a heavy metal concert.

    13. Hello, Zak? Delusional, are we?

    14. Going with Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, and first out will be Wehrlein.

  • Sebring71

    Mmmmm, reduction sauce…..Now I’m hungry.

  • jakobusvdl

    Good podcast Todd and Grace. I can’t believe you get criticism Todd, F1B has always been high quality, entertaining and occasionally insightful.
    I enjoyed the discussion around the 2021 p.u bullet points, you made a good job of covering the different view points, and wants, of the interested parties

    • Thanks my friend. Yes, I do get some. People who listen and yet hate when we do this or that. People who continue to listen and personally dislike me/Grace/Paul or whomever. People who listen to lots of other F1 podcast and feel inclined to tell us how ours doesn’t do this or that like the other podcasts. People who just have to tell us that we suck compared to other F1 podcasts. People who have hundreds of suggestions that would require thousands of dollars and for this to be a full-time job in order to do. People who feel compelled to be critical of things we say or how we say them. People who are Lewis Hamilton fans and have heard or been told or deduced that we aren’t and they feel compelled to call us racists, bigots, and haters. On and on.

      It all comes with the territory. We weren’t the first F1 podcast but we’ve been doing it non-stop without pause for over ten years now and I think what we do on a very modest, Patreon budget is as good as we can do it. I would love nothing more to just focus on FBC all day every day but that’s not a reality so what we give is just about as much as we can give and still have day jobs, lives, families etc.

      We aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s what other F1 podcasts are for and they all do a nice job of it. We weren’t born to serve everyone but the ones we were born to serve, I think we do a pretty decent job of it. I’m biased of course.

      I get those kinds of emails but most of them are marginalized by he occasional email I’ll get from the Netherlands, or Finland, or Taiwan, or Australia, or Germany, or the UK or Idaho, or Montana, or Greece, or France, or Indonesia telling us how much the podcast means to them, how much they enjoy it and how much they look forward to it every Monday. I even had a young woman from Taiwan tell me that her and her friends love F1 and they are learning english by listening to us..which is really scary if you think about it.

      It’s just a lot easier to concede that everyone is right, all F1 podcasts are better than us, we never do anything right and all those criticisms are spot on. Then I throw that in the dumpster and go on delivering thousands and thousands of podcasts each month and over 3.5 million downloads in total. I think the numbers suggest that someone is listening and they probably think what we’re doing is ok.

      • jakobusvdl

        Cheers Todd, thanks for sharing a bit of what goes on at the centre of FBC.
        I’m often surprised by people who think they can make outright rude comments to you about your editorials, then say if you don’t like that, you shouldn’t be running a website/podcast.
        I’d like to think there are far more of the thousands of monthly FBC listeners who appreciate all the time, effort and money that you’ve lavished on building up FBC over the last 10 years. Hopefully many more will express that appreciation, in posts, emails and better yet through Patreon.
        However a bit of negative feedback can be far more toxic than a heap of positive comments, so as you say throw the negative feedback in the dumpster, and crack on with the great podcast and website content.
        Thanks again to you and all the team who give up time effort to make FBC so enjoyable.

        Now can you get those Taiwanese fans to record a few sound bites for you in FBC english? ‘Steering wheel!!’