Things are looking up for Lewis Hamilton. He still has his girlfriend, Pussycat Dolls lead singer and X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, as well as a new dog, named Roscoe, and a brand new jet worth £20m. The one thing he gained by going to Mercedes was a bit of autonomy and that could allow him to re-focus on his music. the one thing he loves and hasn’t seen to fruition.

That could be a case of history as producer Angel has been working with Hamilton and has recorded 12 songs. Angel said:

“He sounds better than certain singers. He’s a proper singer. It’s a breath of fresh air. He’s got a smooth vocal,” said Angel.

“I hope (he does release them) because it’s actually crazy. Right now he’s just recording. He’s a perfectionist. He doesn’t want to rush. If it doesn’t sound right, he’ll record it again.

“It’s a real diversity. He’s got rap — “dirty south” kind of tunes, some massive pop records and soul records. We’re doing all types of genres. We’ve written about 12 songs so far.”

How’s that for an endorsement? Comes in handy having a music business girlfriend and a desire to record songs. Lewis is a lover of music and has spent a lot of time learning guitar and one presumes having a well-known producer to handle vocal production, well that is the icing on the cake. Angel said:

“I was chilling in a restaurant and he was in the studio opposite. My manager got an email saying he’d been referred to us after hearing I did vocal production. We left the restaurant and went straight over and the day after we started working together.”

Hamilton came under criticism two years ago when his personal life seemed to be adding distraction and stress on his professional life. His on-track performance seemed to struggle from time-to-time and he admitted that his eye was off the ball… at the expense of McLaren. His desire to record music, travel with his pop music girlfriend and chill with Hollywood folks may have gotten in the way of his desire to be world champion again.

Will it have an impact on his new role at Mercedes? Most likely not as Hamilton proved last year that he is capable of re-focusing and getting on track with a terrific performance that came short of a title. Hamilton likes his new life and if the team keep asking teammate Nico Rosberg to stay behind Lewis, as in the Malaysian Grand Prix, then his life can only get better as the clear number one at Mercedes.

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  • charlie w

    Let’s see…#1 driver at top Formula 1 team with championship potential-check; super hot girlfriend who is also lead singer of a super hot girl group-check; private jet to leave and arrive in style with aforementioned girlfriend and her friends after the race-check; now recording an album in his spare…with the help of a top producer and AutoTune. In the words of Joe Walsh, life is good.

  • JasonI

    Always be yourself. Unless you can be Lewis. Always be Lewis.

  • nofahz

    I’m a little disappointed that there is no duet with Jacques Villeneuve. Shame…

    • cconf1

      He tried one with Massa, but their guitars kept hitting each other…

      • nofahz

        I would listen to a Felipe Massa album, I would have to know.

        • cconf1

          Fernando had an album … it sold faster than Massa’s.

          • menonitefury

            Yea, but that’s because they pulled in off the shelves early. Guess it’s a good thing Webber and Vettel aren’t musicians…. :-/

    • Steven

      Jenson had an album too, but the stereo balance was off…

  • zzyzxx

    I’m waiting for Kimi’s album. I hope it comes with a lyric sheet though.

    • Steven

      Im sure it will, he knows what hes doing LOL

  • Eulan

    Thank goodness he’s not a lagger lout like James Hunt