In what actually should be a happy occasion for Lewis Hamilton, has been overshadowed by the off-track shenanigans and goings on of Mercedes AMG Petronas’s ownership and management moves of late. The assignment of Niki Lauda to the board-level and then investing partner Tot Wolff taking over from recently released Norbert Haug as VP of Motor Sport and now rumblings of Nick Lowe and an unhappy Ross brawn and the eerily quiet Nick Fry. It just seems Lewis can’t get a simple break from the white noise that surrounds his moves.

Lewis told Sky Sports F1 that he’s excited about the new challenge and that Ross Brawn was a consideration for him when signing to Merc:

“Of course, when I was making the decision definitely he was on the pros and cons list.

“He’s had a great career, he’s got great success and he’s a great part of the team. We need that figurehead in the team to help steer us the way.

“So we definitely all look to him. But he’s reassured me that he’s here to stay and he’s here to work as hard as he can with me and the rest of the team to win.

“So that gives me as much confidence as I need.”

Some suggest that Brawn is not happy with all the changes at Merc and he maintains that he is in charge at the team. It’s a shame this is all happening because what most folks really should be focused on is Lewis and Nico and the new car for 2013. Instead, Niki Lauda and the board have created a PR challenge and the political machinations of the car maker have overshadowed the more prescient aspects of what they really want to say to the world…Lewis and Nico are here, here’s our car and we’re taking it to Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari.

Let’s set all that aside for a moment and welcome Lewis to his new home and wish he and Nico the very best in 2013. Lewis was looking to build a team around him and so far he’s got nothing but tumult from the board down to the team boss. Not a good start for a driver as talented as Lewis.

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  • Kent

    Well Lewis you made your bed so now you have to……….

  • Cona

    I don’t feel any sorry for him at all….actually I’m quite envy of him, we all know what he can do with a racing car, in the next 3 years or so he’s going to pocket nearly 100m quid or so, if you include his salary + endorsements, and like Lewis said himself, if doesn’t workout I’ll be only 31 and I’ll have plenty of time to do well with other teams…

  • Eulan

    It feels as though all the big names involved in the current Merc moves are out to cash in on Lewis winning the WDC/WCC – akin to cashing in on an IPO everyone knows will do well like Facebook, doesn’t it?

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Pfft! … Feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton… yeah sure thing.
    The devil you know vs the devil you don’t. Cha-ching $$$

    If he shuts out all the outside Merc self-generated white-noise, closes out all his own lifestyle distractions, and concentrates on the F1 driving and car development and team building stuff alone, he’ll be fine.

    Oh wait…. he’s screwed then isn’t he. JF

  • Rik

    Why is it every time Niki Lauda gets involved things go to shit? He must be the worst person for a management position much less a race team. Why did Toto need to buy his way into the Mercedes team? I mean the team moved to take 90% of the team last year and Brawn holds the remaining 10% I believe unless he just sold his 10% to Toto.

    Lewis made his bed and if the crappy car that Shumacher walked away from wasn’t bad enough Shumacher also threw in a nightmare of a management team for free.

    Is Shumacher the Genius here?

  • David

    Lewis is putting a good game face on, but right now I have to think that the uptight McClare,n organization looks more promising than all the traveling Willburies .at Mercedes
    I don’t see any sense of long term commitment at the silver arrows

    • JasonI

      i could easily see Merc pulling out at any time.