The name Kimi Raikkonen continues to swirl in the press and minds of Formula One fans and not just for his second-place finish in t today’s Bahrain Grand Prix. The Finn has continued to be rumored for a move to team with Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull when his contract ends at the end of this season. It’s a tad early for silly season rumors but with the recent tumult internally at Red Bull between Vettel and teammate Mark Webber.

Raikkonen says he has no contract for next year but certainly isn’t pouring water on the rumors:

“I have no contract for next year – that much is true. But further than that, I don’t want to discuss the matter. I want to do well this season and everything else will fall into place,” he said.

“There are many things that are undecided and there is still a long way to go this season, so let’s see how things unfold. We will see pretty significant changes when teams switch to their 2014 car development – and then it will be interesting to see what is going on.

Red Bull has a stable of drivers in the wings such as Felix da Costa but they also have a complete junior team , Scuderia Toro Rosso, that was created to develop the next generation of Red Bull drivers. It worked for Sebastian Vettel and many think current driver Daniel Ricciardo should be the logical choice. That could be the case but Red Bull will choose the best possible option for the complete package and Raikkonen, right now, may be that man.

It would be a bad situation for Toro Rosso drivers Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne but such is the draconian nature of Formula One. Raikkonen has such a massive following among F1 fans and the Finn seems impervious to bad moves or utterances. His every word is praised by fans and they love his anti-establishment attitude. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me to see Kimi become the F1 version of the “V” mask… with an ice cream bar of course.

Would Vettel and Raikkonen make better teammates than Webber and Vettel? Kimi is nonplussed with internal teammate issues and perhaps Ricciardo and Vergne’s pre-season spat in public and continued internal squabbling has put a nail in their F1 career coffin at Red Bull while the genuinely disengaged Raikkonen’s demeanor would be more complimentary to Vettel and would throw cool water on a white-hot situation at the energy drink empire.

Keep in mind, Raikkonen was sponsored by Red Bull in his Rallying efforts so he’s no stranger to their marketing program.


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  • Sizziano

    Not to mention they are good friends. Check out todays podium.

  • Sam

    Yes, Kimi was kind to the rookie Sebastian and they have been friends since 2007.

    Would be great to have 2 of the best, and no nonsense, no politics type of drivers who love racing in the top team. Can’t wait for Kimi to trash Alonso.

  • Joe

    Would be interesting to see, but I bet Kimi would wipe the floor with Vettel in equal machinery

    • Sam

      Well Joe, maybe and maybe not. Let’s hope we get the chance to see what will shape up to be the most exciting teammate ‘wars’ in this modern electronic racing era (Sidebar — Ferrari has really nailed the starting software!) .

      Hamilton and Jenson failed to deliver anticipated excitement, though IMO it was more of a Mclaren team failure rather than drivers’ failure. If this happens we can expect plenty of clean, fun racing at the highest level for sure.

  • Pooya

    It depends to results at the end of the season but it is possible that M. Webber leave Red Bull in this season because of problems with Vettel and team. I think he cat continued his carrier in other teams.

  • Guest

    Makes me think of old slogan: “If you want to win, hire a Finn.” Kimi would be great driver for Red Bull, but Lotus is currently very strong. We will probably see the desicion after the season. If Kimi will end up behind Vettel after counting the points, Red Bull would be a good choice for him. Newey would probably design a good car, even while the rules for 2014 seems to be radically different compared to today. Red Bull should also think about hiring Rosberg, Bottas – or even Kovalainen, if they need a strong driver for the future and if Kimi will stay at Lotus.

  • tomfirth

    I reckon Lotus needs Kimi more than Kimi needs Lotus.

    I don’t think Kim particularly cares which team he races for as long as the car is competitive.

    I get the impression Kimi puts Kimi first, not the team hence why things didn’t work at Ferrari in some respects.