While Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz made the news last week by suggesting the team would always welcome Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus F1 boss Gerard Lopez says he thinks Kimi will remain with the team:

“Kimi’s position is going to be based on a bunch of things and not on what Red Bull say – I think they have their hands full right now,” Lopez said in part reference to the simmering tension between Vettel and Webber.

“As far as we are concerned, the relationship with Kimi is excellent. We are where we want to be, he is where he wants to be, and I can guarantee you Kimi is not the kind of guy who is going to sign any sort of pre-contract – not with anybody.

“If we keep giving him what he wants then I don’t see there is any reason for him to go anywhere, and we are happy so we don’t see any reason for us to replace him.

“We are where we are, and I think Kimi will stay.”

Let’s make this really simple, Kimi will stay at Lotus F1 if they have enough money to keep him. Kimi could go to Red Bull if they really want him because they have the cash to pay him just about anything he’d want. end of argument.

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  • Rapierman

    He could go, but why?

    • F1derbar

      Exactly. If they start micro-managing him then look out but for now he has a great car and his pimp-hand is strong. is anyone NOT a fan of this guy?

    • F1derbar

      Also, I get the feeling that he’s just really getting warmed up; if the Lotus stays reliable he could easily win the WDC this year (makes me feel bad for quick Nick, the car he was give was such shiite).

    • UAN

      To prove himself against a real champion? He’ll never be considered one of the greats until then heck, even Massa took him down in 2008) :) lol

      The biggest issue one way or the other may be timing of when RBR would want to lock in a replacement for Webber, if Webber in fact leaves (which isn’t a done deal yet).

      If Lotus stays strong throughout the year and Kimi is in contention for the WDC, probably not. If Lotus’s development wanes, then maybe he does want to leave.

      A big consideration is 2014. Many say Red Bull could suffer a bit and that Merc and Ferrari are in the strongest position since they are actually building the engines. Kimi could feel that Lotus may not have the resources to develop the 2014 car quickly or well enough.

      Not to mention that he’s good drinking buds with Vettel.

      • F1derbar

        with all due respect, I’m thinking that Kimi is already considered one of the greats, whether he has the record to back it up or not ;)

        • UAN

          I was being somewhat facetious (hence the :) and lol). However, there is another current 3x WDC on the grid and people keep saying that to be a “real” champion or among the “real” greats, he’d have to do it in 2 different teams (not that Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark did it in 2 different teams or Senna).

  • michael higgins

    i think he should stay where he is. lotus has been getting better and better and he is defo the right man to take them to the top