The news of Pat Symonds leaving Marussia is a difficult pill to swallow but then signing a deal with Ferrari for 2014 as the engine supplier helps take the sting out of the situation and according to Marussia, it signals the teams commitment to be in Formula One long-term. Team CEO Andy Webb said:

“The Marussia F1 Team is delighted to be entering into a technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari for the supply of a full powertrain from 2014,” Webb said.

“The importance of this development to our Team cannot be overstated. Not only will we benefit from a customer supply from the most successful engine manufacturer in Formula One’s history, but this also provides further confirmation, if it were needed, of our commitment to the sport and determination to maintain our progression towards our long-term ambitions.

“The new powertrain regulations being introduced next year represent the most substantial engine development within the sport since the introduction of the V8 formula and are all the more significant for the increased contribution of the Energy Recovery System. We look forward to working with Scuderia Ferrari during this exciting new era of Formula One competition.”

With Toro Rosso parting company with Ferrari for Renault engines, the Italian team were keen to get another team and Marussia fit the bill. Now if Marussia can a commercial agreement signed with Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone and still have some cash left over for operations, 2014 could look a little brighter even without Pat Symonds.

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  • Got high hopes for Marussia, For having a lot less cash than Caterham they seem to be a lot closer this year, I wonder how much time the Cosworth cost them per lap, I’ve read it’s thirsty so they have to carry extra fuel.

  • charlie w

    Good for Marussia! Didn’t they just get sponsorship from Martini & Rossi? If Sauber sinks, they could be the next Ferrari B-team.

  • Mike Allen

    I believe the Marussia announcements are a positive step forward even with the Pat Simons departure. Ferrari are a major player in F1 and won’t want a Marussia Team at the back of the gird running a Ferrari engine. So if Marussia can continue to move forward with the aero design they could be a lot more competitive in the 2014 season. There will be a Pat Simons legacy I have no doubt and his lose may not be as crucial to the the team as the engine deal with Ferrari. All in all they can move into 2014 with the positive attitude of raising there game and challenging the middle of the grid.

  • Marusia F1 are really going places and nit going to miss Symonds at all and he showed his colours with a swipe comment about drivers; Word has is that Ferrari asked the team for him to go re: the engine deal anyway…let him have fun with Maldonado and damage limitation!

  • F1_Knight

    i gotta say it, I called this. seems like the Razia money drying up was the best thing that ever happened to Marussia