McLaren have officially announced the appointment of former Lotus F1 team boss Eric Boullier as their new team Racing Director. The role will eventually report to a newly created role of CEO of McLaren racing. Until that time, Boullier will report to Jonathan Neale.

Eric Boullier said:

“First of all, I regard this appointment as an honour, a privilege and a wonderful opportunity.

“The McLaren Racing workforce and the facilities at the McLaren Technology Centre are world-class, and I’m hugely excited about the prospect of joining such an outstanding team.

“I’m both eager and determined to play an active part, working alongside McLaren Racing’s other senior managers and directors, within a new operational structure, to bring about the changes that will deliver success.

“Last, I want to take this opportunity to assure the McLaren Racing workforce that I’m utterly determined to match their famous passion and commitment to win.”

Ron Dennis said:

“Eric’s appointment is an integral part of a senior management restructure within McLaren Racing.

“I’ve already personally conveyed to the entire workforce of the McLaren Group, which includes McLaren Racing, the values, principles and mindset that I intend us all to adopt, going forward. My intention is that from now on everyone at McLaren Racing will understand their responsibilities and accountabilities, focusing on their specific areas of expertise, in keeping with those values, principles and mindset.

“In due course we’ll announce the identity of McLaren Racing’s new Chief Executive Officer, who’ll report to me, and to whom Eric will report.

“I’m firmly of the belief that, once McLaren Racing’s restructured senior management team has been assembled, together we’ll begin the march back to full competitiveness, quickly and professionally, harnessing the fantastic depth of talent that exists within our organisation.”

As Ron Mentioned, the new CEO role has yet to be filled and speculation is that possibly Ross Brawn might be connected with that role. The CEO will report directly to Ron Dennis and be responsible for the racing team. It is a role Brawn is fully qualified for and would be a nice tie-in with Honda returning to Formula 1 as an engine supplier for McLaren.

Brawn has a long history with Honda having ran their F1 team and eventually purchasing their assets when the Japanese car maker decided to leave the sport at the end of 2009.

Eric is one of the most capable trackside leaders in Formula 1. He has played the central role in Lotus F1 Team’s recent successes, and brings with him extensive single-seater motorsport experience, having worked in senior positions in World Series by Nissan and A1 Grand Prix before moving up to Formula 1.

An F1 fan since 1972, NC has spent over 25 years in the technology industry focusing on technology integration, AV systems integration, digital media strategies, technology planning, consulting, speaking, presenting, sales, content strategy, marketing and brand building.
  • dude

    Not sure how I feel, for one Boullier have proven he can do good in a team with little budget and shape an erratic driver into an arguably fast and consistent driver. At the sametime I didn’t like some of his Flavio-like style by throwing drivers under the bus, with Heildfeldt and Petrov and doing a 180 on his treatment of Kimi. It’s what I dislike from Renault/Lotus and why I’m a fan of McLaren so I don’t want to see that type of management coming over. But he wouldn’t be replacing Whitmarsh without good reasons and Ron is keen having this under control, I don’t think even some people in Bahrain were happy with 2013.

    • peterriva

      It wasn’t Boullier who mistreated Kimi, it was Permaine. Boullier was in the same boat as Kimi – no pay.

    • Tom Firth

      Dude , Didn’t Mclaren effectively throw Perez under the bus ? Seems abit that way anyway.

      • peterriva

        I agree… there must be a story there… maybe the truth will come out why it happened that way.
        Or is it just Ron sweeping clean?

  • peterriva

    Don’t you love it when you are right?

    Stick that in your pipe Permaine and smoke it.

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know what “Racing Director” position entails?

    To me, it sounds like Boulier will manage trackside operations within Mclaren ie; Team Principal, but with all the titles Mclaren Group seems to be creating in their race team (Sporting Director, WTH is that?), I’m unsure how tasks will be assigned.

    Boulier; Lotus made some tactical errors during his tenure, such as leaving Kimi out too long on worn tires China ’12, but overall, I believe he did a superb job. I believe this is an excellent hire. Whether Mr. Dennis allows Boulier, or anyone, to put his/her stamp on the team without over site, remains to be seen.

  • Jeff

    I’ve seen it proposed that Boulier will likely run the race team during events (team principal role as stated previously), and the Team CEO will oversee all other team-related operations (including other formulae-racing), whether FIA discussion, advertising, and so on. What the heck the Sporting Director does/will do, then, still boggles…

    Makes sense, particularly if the Ross Brawn-rumored move to Team CEO comes true; Brawn apparently doesn’t want to travel as much, and his skills in both understanding trackside operations and overall team requirements is highly-regarded.


    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      [Copy of my last Blog Entry from Boullier Bombshell thread – written well prior to this Story being posted]:

      Oh… and Autosport also conjecture that Ross Brawn may be a candidate for the vacant McLaren Racing CEO position (temporarily filled as caretaker by McLaren Managing Director – Jonathan Neale). But I don’t see that as very likely.

      If Ross Brawn was to take on the McLaren Racing CEO role, he would have Eric Boullier – Racing Director answering to him (Okay), BUT… he himself would have to report directly to Ron Dennis – McLaren Group CEO. I cannot see Ross Brawn’s character being too enthused at being under Uncle Ron’s oppressive ‘control-freak’ thumb.

      I don’t see Ross Brawn in McLaren’s future. I would rather Ross Brawn went to Williams F1 and work alongside Frank and Claire to get that team back to where they should be in the Formula 1 pecking order. Jack Flash

    • Julian

      Ross Brawn’s next move is going to be interesting. How about Ross back to Ferrari? I would say, unless Ferrari win either the wdc or the constructors title this year, then Stefano will be out. He is the most at risk team principal now, just because of the super high standards of Ferrari and his lack of winning.
      Ross could fancy one last big team before he retires. Is this impossible? Ron Dennis back at McLaren, Kimi back at Ferrari? I hear Ross Brawn still has lots of friends at Ferrari.

  • Julian

    Will we now hear the cheer from McLaren fans ‘ Booyakasha!’

  • Mike Steck

    Formula1blog fans go to the ends of the Earth to harvest and post the best opinions, thoughts, facts and rumors in our shared beloved world called Formula 1. Recently, a memo surfaced that brought some illumination to some little-known reasons as to Eric’s Boullier departure from Lotus. Actually, there were 5 little known reasons;

    Little known reason #5: The dapper slim ‘British’ executive look and diet plan seemed a good idea for a Spring personal make-over.
    Little known reason #4 : Disgruntled Lotus pitcrew members refused to yell ‘Boo-YA!” in unison at the conclusion of each team meeting.
    Little known reason#3: Genii Capital national ad campaign having Eric emerge from a vase via a cloud of pink smoke, grinning and holding bundles of cash seemed in poor taste.

    Little known reason #2: Mr. Boullier owns more silver watches than gold, and he thought a team should suit his personal style.
    Little known reason#1 : Eric grew weary of each of his paychecks being reduced by $9.99 for Vista Print ordered Lotus business cards.