In 1988 there was a team named McLaren with an engine supply from Honda that dominated the sport and if you are fond of history, those two names may just return to launch a new assault on Formula One in 2015. According to Japanese press, Honda will announce as soon as this week the new deal that will see the Japanese car maker return to the sport it left in 2010 as an engine supplier.

The lure for Honda is the new engine format for 2014 onward which consists of a V6 turbo engine and this plays more directly into the relevancy of many road car manufacturers as an incubator series for engine development as the format is common among their current models. Reuters says it is being reported in the press but Honda couldn’t comment saying:

“There is nothing we can say at the moment,” Honda spokesman Shigeki Endo said.

It will come full circle should McLaren driver Jenson Button still be with the team in 2015 as he spent a good amount of time behind the wheel of Honda’s F1 effort in 2000 and eventually won the title in a re-branded Honda in 2009. Let’s hope McLaren can recapture that magic of 1988… only thing missing is Ayrton Senna.

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  • JasonI

    Still leaves the 500lb gorilla in the room: What about 2014?

    • According to the Reuters article, Macca is still contractually obligated to Merc for 2014. I did read some rumblings about Merc not being too keen for Macca to have a peek at their 2014 lump only to give the data to Honda.

      • mini696

        Surely McLaren are upstanding citizens and wouldn’t do any such thing. 270 page Ferrari documents aside of course.

        Saying that, I am super excited to see McLaren change up their engines. I would rather see them go it themselves though.

    • BasCB

      I understand that for 2014 it was McLaren’s to call whether they wanted the Mercedes engine, with Mercedes being obliged to supply it (part of their dealings to end the cooperation after buying Brawn GP).

      McLaren have already called that one, probably because they had no realistic option not to (as Honda won’t be ready for 2014, I guess), and Mercedes is already working on steps to make sure Honda gets as little chance of a sneak peak at that engine / data as they can.

    • MIE

      For 2014, Honda will be in the back of the Lotus cars…

      Rumour control – this has no basis in fact.

      • dude

        Sorry that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, considering their current partnership with Renault who has been working on this new V6 for a long time now. And of course also is in the hugely successful RedBull cars. It would be crazy to switch all the sudden unless there are some big benefit and major changes of sponsorship.

  • JasonI

    I’m sure it will completely be coincidence that there are so many Japanese engineers wearing McLaren uniforms next year.


    Hello again F1B! I’ve been lurking but have not commented in many months. Honda has plenty of experience with a turbo V6 in the LMP2 category via the ARX-03b. Here’s hoping some of that SoCal no-how transfers into the 2015 lump (if there is one). With the return of the NSX (V6 non-turbo), I expect Honda to push to regain its sporty past in the coming years. There’s no platform in that regard better than F1.

    • Lurk all you’d like. :) Agreed on Honda, hope they do recognize success with Macca.

  • Webber’s Anti-Stall Device

    Does this mean Sato in for Perez?

    Also, I hope Honda doesn’t go for the rubber timing belt like they do in most their engines.

  • danfgough

    Not directly related to this post but it is on the screen. What is the YB F1 news panel? It seems oddly named as of the 6 visible stories 5 are about NASCAR (mainly Nelson Piquet’s ball kicking prowess) and 1 Indycar!

    • dude

      Yeah I was going to mentioned, but then I read the YouTube comments it was about typical F1 vs Nascar which the better sport fanboyism, and I regretted clicking on the video.

  • charlie w

    Welcome back, Honda! This time, don’t screw it up.

  • jonnowoody

    Remakably, Jenson Button was not heard to say; “Awesome to be reunited with Honda – the last time I had their branding the lump had six-foot flames shooting out the top as I failed to finish at Interlagos ’08”

  • robfiction

    Whats the point of signing the New Honda, when you’ve just let the New Senna leave your team?