If one needed another reason why I have trouble with Max Mosley’s pragmatic approach to F1 regulations, this stiry is it. You see, KERS was ushered in as a “green” issue for F1 and everyone living knows that F1 is not “green” but nor is a huge consumption of resources comparatively. But Max demanded KERS be introduced under th guise of eco-friendliness, cost cutting and relevancy. Now teams are looking at a Mini-KERS system at circuit tracks that will not generate large amounts of energy due to braking. So they not only have engineered, spent money an ushered in a KERS system but they also have created a mini-KERS system to combat the fact that certain tracks will not generate the braking needed to be effective. It seems to me that the FIA could have anticipated this and ruled that one KERS system only is allowed and must be fitted the the car at every race or not. Frustrating.

When asked about the mini-KERS system, Stefano said:

“That is something that could be done,” Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali is quoted as saying.

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  • Nelson DB

    Max need to retire, with five or six girls doing all day sadic games..

    The more sadic with Max will win a gold medal from Bernie.
    Also with a mini kers those girls can do some fantastic trick to Max.. It’s less expensive than using electricity!

  • Karl

    You have a problem with KERS NC? Who would have thought it! From podcast 87 I thought you were all for this system.

    • LOL. I know Karl…I get spun up from time-to-time on the issue. It just seems antithetical to the whole mission of cost-cutting and purposeful regulations. It is not that I think the technology is a bad idea or even the projected benefits, I just think it was deployed poorly and without defined parameters. But your point is well taken, I’ll try to dial it down a bit Karl. :)

      • Karl

        Don’t you dare stop ranting about this!

        The implementation of KERS (or lack there of) has been a complete disgrace. The whole cost cutting project a complete shambles, marshalling (lets not go there again). Really is F1 run by a bunch of morons!

        F1 needs some voice of reason, the fans to a man know whats wrong with the sport and how to fix it and all the governng bodies can do is shuffle from one disaster to another…

  • Benalf

    I think NC is not against KERS. it’s just the way Herr Mosley sells the technology, how he justifies it and how, over and over changes his minds about details that in the end will play a role during the championship. General regulations leave the door open to misinterpretations, loophole searching and additional regulation of the regulations….that suck when it comes to sports. Rules should endure for years, people needs to get used to rules and those should preserve the fundamentals and allow the sport to evolve healthy, not killing itself. IMO FIA is killing the sport, leaving an empty showcase or personal affairs, gossip, politics and business struggle to attract newspapers and keeping the fans looking for “overtaking”

    FOTA get rid of the sadomasoquist and the troll

  • SJ Skid

    Max obviously needs to rely more on his gut when it comes to regulations.

  • Noddy93

    I was understanding that running a KERS was always optional. Would someone send me a link or two showing that it was ever mandatory? thanks.

  • benalf

    It’s not mandatory Noddy, but if a team shows a huge advantage by using it, the FIA and the troubled big teams will turn the Earth down to banned. For me the message is clear, use it, shelf it but do not play too much with it, we still are an internal combustion racing series. . . it really sucks!

  • Noddy93

    I realize that it’s not currently mandatory… My thing is I don’t remember it ever being mandatory but I’ve heard a few podcasters rant about it as if it was at one point.

  • Mandatory? No. Strongly recommended? Yes. Both are often closely related when it comes to Max and the FIA.

  • Jim

    mandate corrected

  • Mini-KERS? The constructors’ predictable effort to limit the damage of a bad idea forced on them by the sanctioning body.

    If it were me, I think I would stick a little impeller on the nose or behind the airbox and above each brake duct, wire them to a generator, hook that to a small battery (sorry, I can’t do the artwork).
    During inspection… “That’s our KERS. Now, what’s it supposed to do? We have it powering the audio communications.” The inspectors will not be able to notice that the impellers are variable-vane and can be made to constantly adjust downforce balance on the car.
    That’s using the system to one’s own advantage… ;-)

  • benalf

    the key here is that is not mandatory, therefore you can shelf it if it doesnt pay off. The main problem here IMO is that is not sure if it is worth for all the circuits when compared with the lap time loss due to its weight. I am sure it would be worth in some circuit that required high/frequent braking together with high speeds but the point here is how good is a laptime of the non-KERS car with a KERS car having using it for 6 sec? Is it worth? I am not sure -teams are not 100% sure either, I guess-

  • Caleb

    Go figure, the year they introduce a system that relies on energy generated from the brakes, they get rid of the Canadian Grand Prix…I’m sure the hard braking chicanes leading into long straights would have perfectly showcased this new element in F1.