Italian newspaper La Stampa says that Monaco Grand Prix promoter Michel Boeri is unlikely to apply for a contract extension beyond next year should Ferrari leave the sport. Interesting if true as this would be the first track to announce an allegiance with Ferrari in exiting F1 should the team decide to leave. Bernie will no doubt marginalize Monaco’s impact on F1 and suggest that Paul Ricard or the Argentina race would be much more suitable for current F1 cars and a much better spectacle but he’d be wrong.

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  • CheekyGit

    What about Monza? No Ferrari…no Italian Grand Prix?

    • This would kill Bernie’s idea about Rome too. The Pope will be so disappointed….

      • Jim

        I heard he wears a Williams hat under the big pointy one

  • Downforce

    No worries mate,There are lot’s of foolish rich people willing to fill the void. Monaco is not a track so much as an event for the real wealthy.
    Damn let me put down my champagne flute.

    • CheekyGit

      You’ve had too much already.

      • Downforce

        You are correct. There is just this annoying sound in the background in Monaco disturbing my sleep.

        • Downforce

          The new F1 muffler rule.
          Besides to myself it will first be applied to Max and Bernie.
          The best proposal I’ve heard.
          Lets go racing! can’t wait for quali

  • Benalf

    It’s an unique opportunity to bring a real F1 circuit (sorry Tilke…) to the calendar…..What about Canada?

    • Downforce

      I have been trying to get some of these canuks with bucks to build a track that FOM or Bernie might accept.
      There are plenty of folks with the money. Just no one who is comfortable dealing with this situation.

  • Downforce

    The next new North American F1 track I cannot wait, any where almost. Within reason. It would be nice to see east and west tracks in North America but I won’t be picky.
    Any suitable track will be lovely.
    Hope to see F1 in North America in the near future.

  • CheekyGit

    If the US gets their grand prix back, I would rather have it in Long Beach or Las Vegas.

    Indy brings many bad memories of 2005.

  • Racingforindia

    Hope some sense previals.
    If the US do get a grand prix, then its got to be at Laguna Seca. I love that track.

    • Downforce

      FOM/Bernie does not find any current track in North America acceptable.
      Laguna however great it might be is no good for the Bernie.
      I guess much money has to be spent to build a track that will allow the return of F1 to North America.
      Fixing up Montreal is no good but mostly for financial reasons.
      This whole abandonment of North America is bad for F1 in the long run.
      It’s a changing world I must have to adapt or move.

      • Downforce

        If you got an extra 200-300 million dollars bernie will maybe allow a race.
        Just nobody wants to deal with Bernie terms.
        Maybe the new F1 will.

  • Nelson DB

    it’s another point to say: if ferrari and manifacturers create gp1, monaco will be a track of the new series.
    Monaco it’s crazy, i know i always repete the same, but i love history of racing and Monaco like Ferrari is the history fo racing..

  • Sally Outlaw

    I love rumours. I cannot believe that Ferrari will not race after 2010. Did you know that a woman, yes a woman maybe selected to race in one of the new Teams next year. Ha Ha, but then never say never