Pirelli came under some fire from Lotus F1 when they announced their compound choice of “hard” and “medium” for the Hungarian Grand Prix but that has now changed with the new construction tire for 2013. After the British Grand Prix debacle, Pirelli were asked to change the construction of the tire for safety reasons and in doing so, they reverted back to the 2012 construction which will allow for a more aggressive approach to Hungary.

Pirelli said:

“The change to the 2012 construction means that Hungary doesn’t require such a hard compound now.”

Red Bull and Mercedes have made no bones about their concerns over the tires and suggest that they are too soft and don’t allow a driver to push the car but Ferrari, Lotus and Force India are keen to see the softer tires used as they are easier on the tire wear issue.

Having said that, REd Bull seemed to do well in Germany and Ferrari were not as competitive as they have been this year so the tire issues continue and teams will struggle to get on top of the new construction from Hungary onward.

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