Teams met this week in Spain to vote on several measures and discuss the overal sporting issues of Formula One. What was agreed upon, according to AUTOSPORT, is that the proposed points punishment system for a driver’s license will go ahead. Four teams were not too keen about the idea including Red Bull, Williams, Toro Rosso and Lotus F1. Two of those teams may have had drivers sidelined with no points left after some dodgy driving over the past year and a half.

The system will give race stewards the ability to asses points deductions from a driver’s license for violations with a recommended numeric value for typical infractions. I can see this being a point of consternation as causing a collision could be a three point deficit while speeding in the pit lane could be a one point penalty… are you saying that speeding in pit lane by dozens of people working on other cars is somehow less important that causing a collision? Could someone be killed by a speeding car in pit lane? Are you not for safety in F1?

Offering a good performance for the Bravado award, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said of the points idea:

“Drivers who are creating problems will suffer more than the others. What I did all my career was not be involved in this, so it is OK.”

Tires /  practice-

The other noteworthy is that the proposed Friday testing routine with an additional, harder set of Pirelli tires for rookies-only running has been scuttled, Force India thought that would be a good solution to get teams out on track on Fridays and yet it was not agreed upon. Instead, the teams have agreed to accept an extra set of Pirelli tires for to be used in the first thirty minutes of the free practice one session on Friday. All teams were in favor except, amazingly, Force India.


Teams couldn’t arrive and a unanimous solution for testing but the idea of in-season testing was ruled out. This let the concept of adding January  a month traditionally banned from testing, as the go-forward option. AUTOSPORT called it like this:

“Five teams wanted there to be 12 days of testing across both January and February, five teams wanted there to be 15 days of testing in January and February, while one team wanted there to just be 12 days of testing in February”.

The teams will most likely add January to the schedule and leave the idea of in-season testing off the table for another year. All the whinging about testing comes ahead of massive regulation changes for 2014 and teams are keen to get extra seat time to prove their 2014 chassis designs and new engines formats.


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  • mini696

    With a delamination and some cars being really harsh on their tyres (looking at you Webber), it seems the tyres are going to determine the outcome of the race once again. #whatsthepoint.

    Step up yo’ game Pirelli.

    • Rapierman

      FIA also needs to step up its game.

  • nofahz

    One would think the possibility of all regulations being decided by the WMSC due to there being no Concorde agreement would amount to some pressure on the teams. Yet the teams seem about as productive as the United States Congress. Wonder if this is by design as its easier to manipulate the WMSC than operating under the tripartite arrangement?

  • james

    F1 needs to sort Pirelli or terminate the contract, drivers having to drive slower to manage tyres? What’s the point? We might as well have a race to see who can win in reverse gear!I for one won’t Buy Pirelli tyres anymore as I’m worried i Won’t be able to drive without the tyres falling apart! Not all publicity is good publicity Pirelli!