Sebastian Vettel has extended his contract with Red Bull Racing until the end of 2015 according to a brief statement from the team:

“Infiniti Red Bull Racing is happy to confirm that World Champion Sebastian Vettel has extended his multi-year contract with the team until the end of 2015,” a brief statement issued by the World Champions read.

“A previous member of the Red Bull Junior squad, Sebastian first drove for Red Bull Racing in 2009. During his Formula One career, the 25-year-old has achieved 29 wins, 51 podiums and 39 pole positions.”

It is an interesting move as Vettel has had terrific success with the team and with team boss Christian Horner and Team brain Adrian Newey, they’ve proved unstoppable over the past three years. the Vettel domination could continue but the twist will be the 2014 regulation changes and time will tell if Newey and team will get on top of the new rule book.

There was speculation that Vettel could make a move to Ferrari in the waning era of their current champion Fernando Alonso. It seems the appeal of a Newey-designed car and unlimited development budget on hand by a energy drink company that has defied global economic depression was simply too alluring. The bigger question may be…who will his teammate be? rumors have Kimi Raikkonen moving to Red Bull ahead of Toro Rosso drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne.

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  • So Canadian fans will get to boo through 2015 then? Awesome!

    • Philippe

      Ah man, I was just in front of the podium last sunday. I was so pissed. I tried to cheer for him as loud as I could, but man, those Ferrari fans around me were just horrible.
      That booing was so pathetic and unsportsmanlike.
      I really hope Vettel goes on to do a Sebastien Loeb and win 8 titles in a row. A least 8… :-)

      Back on topic: Great news Seb extending his contract with Red Bull till the end of 2015.
      Now if Kimi can go to Re Bull next year, I’ll finally have my dream team.

      • cconf1

        So, we were probably about 10 feet apart and never knew it!

        • Philippe

          Really? Wow!
          Did you see the front page of the Montreal Gazette on monday?
          It’s a photo of the crowd in front of the podium.

          • cconf1

            Dang, no I didn’t. Doesn’t look like their website has a shot of it, either.

          • Philippe

            Here, you should be able to download it here. :-)

  • This was the longest story on Massa’s seat without ever mentioning Massa.

  • Rapierman

    So, we get two more years of “The Finger”, do we?

    • Philippe

      Oh we’ll get more than just two years of “The Finger”. He’ll continue winning wherever ho goes. ;-)