It’s official, Williams F1 has hired Felipe Massa for 2014. Massa, who is replacing Pastor Maldonado, will join Valtteri Bottas to complete the driver lineup. Massa brings a lot of experience to the team having competed in 12 FIA Formula One World Championship seasons. Felipe has 11 race wins and 36 podiums to his credit.

Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal:

“We are delighted to be able to confirm our 2014 driver line-up and welcome Felipe into the Williams family. He is an exceptional talent and a real fighter on the race track; he also brings a wealth of experience as we begin a new chapter in our story. Valtteri is a valued member of the team and I’m pleased he was able to demonstrate his talent in tricky conditions in Montréal. There is much more to come from him.”

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal:

“It is very exciting for us to be able to confirm our 2014 driver line-up as part of a number of announcements we will be making over the coming weeks. Felipe has demonstrated his talent and speed over the years, as well as his ability to help motivate and drive a team to championship success, and we are extremely pleased that he will be joining us as we embark on our 2014 campaign. Valtteri is an exciting, young talent who has done a solid job for us in his rookie season and we are looking forward to giving him the equipment he deserves to show just how good he is.

“This announcement is a key step towards our goal of returning Williams to the front of the grid, and part of our on-going plans to ensure we are stronger in 2014 and beyond. The stability of having both our drivers on multi-year contracts, Mercedes-Benz as our engine partner and a strong commercial base all contribute to the future success of the Williams F1 Team.”

Felipe Massa:

“Williams is one of the most successful and important teams of all time in Formula One. When I was a kid, I always dreamed about racing for Williams, Ferrari or McLaren and I’m glad to be signing with another icon of the sport following my time at Ferrari. It is also nice to remember that some of the best Brazilian drivers raced for Williams and cemented a strong national link with the team. With such a major change of regulations in 2014, I hope my experience will be useful in helping the team in its effort to move on from a difficult period. Since my early days in motor racing, I don’t remember seeing so many new rules in a single season and I’m fully prepared to work with everyone at Grove to make sure we find the right direction. I’m highly motivated to start working hard from the very beginning in what is an exciting new challenge in my career.”

Valtteri Bottas:

“I’m very happy to be staying with the team as I embark on my second season in Formula One. I have known everyone here for many years, firstly as a test driver and now as a race driver, so it feels like home. I have faith in Williams and I know we can do so much better in the future than our current performance shows. I am looking forward to having Felipe as my teammate. He is a quick and experienced driver and together we will be pushing to the maximum to improve the car and get as many points as we can next season. We will be working throughout the winter to ensure we are ready for the challenge of 2014. I would also like to thank everyone at Williams, especially Frank, Claire and the senior management for their on-going trust in me.”

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  • Robert Weber

    Good for you, Felipe, and for Williams F1 as well! Hopefully the next FW will be more competitive!!!

  • So that leaves the question of Maldonado and his PDVSA backing…is it Lotus? Quantum Motorsport says they want Hulkenberg there now that they own a portion of the team (or we assume the deal is done). PDVSA had a multi-year deal with Williams and I’m sure that’s not very easy to back out of…or maybe it is with performance clauses etc.

    • F1_Knight

      I just thought of something:

      What if they sign him as a tester? Completely safe place for him. Very little driving, little to no media attention. Great fit you’d say…

      But what if we lose Jerome! I don’t think I could go on…

    • danfgough

      Lets not think about that right now. Lets just bask in the glow of a 2014 driver roster that doesn’t contain Maldonado!

      • lewymp4

        As long as Maldonado doesn’t interfere with Hiulkenberg’s placement at Lotus, I could care less,….. but those Venezuelan petrol dollars, unfortunately will allow Maldonado to land somewhere.

    • Brian

      I think I’ve left the comment before, but why is it still assumed Maldonado will have backing? There have been numerous stories out of Venezuela relating to funding issues in the past few weeks. With Chavez gone and an investigation looming, my bet is that many Venezuelan drivers, not just Maldonado will be having issues next year. In fact, Viso, who also receives PDVSA funding, pulled out of the final Indy car race.

      • Bill

        Viso was said to be “sick” when he missed the final Indy car race. You sure hear nothing about him since then. Still “sick” or in hiding?

  • F1_Knight

    Great news! This should put a spring in his step!

    Oh crap did I say spring!? let’s try again.

    It’ll really put a spring in his face!

    nope that’s worse…

    Congrats Felipe Baby…yeah let’s just stick with that…

    • danfgough

      Congrats! You just made me laugh so much that I snorted….at my desk….in a crowded office!

      Very good!

    • dude

      Guess I have to look forward to Kimi Baby.

  • jonnowoody

    Phew! Thank goodness for that, I thought that We were going to end up with a spinning under-performer, recruited solely for the South American Dollar.

  • HAs anyone read anything about how much cash Felipe is bringing with him and from whom? It’s interesting in that the PDVSA money was rumored to be about $15m or more. Not that Massa had to replace that amount but I can’t imagine he would bring a stipend and still get the ride. Had to be a decent amount.

    • Mr Obvious

      One thing to keep in mind is the deteriorating economic & political situation in Venezuela. The government seized a major retailer over the weekend, and assured the people that “parasitic bourgeoise” would never overcharge them again. — Not exactly an encouraging sentiment if you’re expecting a big fat check from PDVSA at any moment.

    • Michael in Seattle

      One thing to remember about Pastor’s Venezuelan money is that the funds were frozen in October pending “a thorough investigation” of corruption within its motor sports program. I haven’t heard the latest update on this. While Pastor was not specifically implicated, the entire package of funds to all drivers was frozen. Is the investigation ongoing? Has the fund package for Pastor been released? Is it all too tentative for a team take a risk on?
      Just curious.

  • Sod’s Law

    Good for you Felipe and congrats Williams. It’s the best they could hope for until they return to winning ways and can afford the best again.

  • Michael in Seattle

    Good for Felipe. Maybe there is a last hurrah left in this guy. He is a talented driver. Maybe Frank and the Wms. Team can motivate him to be his best.
    Here’s hoping for the best for Felipe, and Williams.

  • danfgough

    Another day goes by and still no Maldonado on the 2014 roster!

    Treasure these days!