Much like the current case with Ferrari, Fernando Alonso seemed to be the only thing any of us had going for us this week. With every staffer picking Hamilton for the win in Austria, the second straight race that we’ve all done so, we all once again came away with a goose egg in the win column. In fact, Austria, for all it’s beauty and fine racing, did very little good for anyone at F1B this week. Todd, Paul, Tony and J.P all picked up a welcome but still somewhat paltry two points for Fred’s 5th place, while Jake took one lone tic for Perez in 6th.

The Top Three widened their gap over the rest of the pack ever so slightly and Paul was able to move out of a tie for 8th into a tie for 7th, but that was really all of the movement throughout the field. The racing was good as F1 returned to that place where the hills are alive, but hopefully Great Britain will bring a bit more excitement to the F1B Staff Championship.

Championship Picks

Pos Staff Points
1 Paul 159
2 Todd 133
3 Tom 131
4 Andrew 122
5 Tony 108
6 Dave 108
7 Grace 102
8 JP 68

  • This F1B contest should be closer than the numbers show – what? People are voting their wish list instead of reality? Here’s my 50/50 prediction: Hamilton or Rossberg win the F1 title. Mercedes take the constructors. The rest? Who cares this year?

    • Actually the only thing of interest this year is sharing the moans and groans over the rotten tomato engine sound, the lack of downforce, the degrading tires, the limited fuel, the race being won by pit crew speed, etc.
      Oh, and of course F1 Blog as well!

  • Rapierman

    Damn, first goose egg of the year puts me down in fourth (theoretically).