The fact that Hamilton gallantly fended off Rosberg’s attempts to get by in the closing laps of the Bahrain meant that four staffers correctly chose the top two positions this week.  The fact that Rosberg could not gallantly get past Hamilton meant that three staffers didn’t.  And due to those two facts, there was plenty of movement up and down the standings of the F1B Staff Picks championship.  Todd, Andrew, Jake and JP all got the Merc duo in the right positions, with JP being this week’s big mover by also picking Ricciardo in 4th.  He and Jake both moved up four positions, while Andrew took sole position of the top spot.  For Grace, Tony, Dave, Mark and Tom, Bahrain was a big ol’ goose egg.  In fact, this was the first race of the short season so far in which more than three staffers went scoreless.  A great race and a big shuffle of our own standings!

Championship Picks

Pos Staff Points
1 Paul 107
2 Tony 84
3 Tom 70
4 Todd 67
5 Andrew 63
6 Dave 62
7 Grace 60
8 JP 31

  • Rapierman

    Only 4 points for me this time. Puts me in a tie with Jake.