It really has come down to picking the right finishing order of the two Mercedes drivers, hasn’t it? And even then, if you’ve picked Nicole over the last three races, then you’ve picked wrong. Lewis’s third win on the trot followed by Rosberg in second means that Todd, Paul, Dave, Tom, Laura, and J.P. all picked up fifteen points.

Grace and Jake both picked the winner, while Grace took an extra point for Hulkenberg in sixth. Mark took the hulk for one lone point, as well. Other than points for first, second and sixth, no other points were scored in China! There was lots of movement in the standings as the new top four spots are all new to their positions.

Championship Picks

Pos Staff Points
1 Paul 159
2 Todd 133
3 Tom 131
4 Andrew 122
5 Tony 108
6 Dave 108
7 Grace 102
8 JP 68

  • Rapierman

    …and here I am, just a point behind Paul. :-D