Returning the Indycar has its challenges and those challenges are different than the ones Juan Pablo Montoya faced in Formula 1 or even NASCR. As Penske Racing’s new Indycar driver, this former Indy 500 winner had a track day at Sonoma this week and our own Paul Charsley caught up with him to ask about his progress in getting ready for the 2014 Indycar season.

Fitness routines, car dynamics and even the new sensation of driving Sonoma for the very first time in an open-wheel car are all topics Paul spoke to Juan about. If you’re a Juan Pablo Montoya fan, then don’t miss this very special chat with the 500 winner and hear how the first days back in an Indycar went.

  • Tom Firth

    Thanks for recording this, really good to listen in. Looking forward to the barber open test and to St Pete to see how JPM does.

  • Nathhulal

    Thanks for the podcast. Someone from the F1B team should tell JPM about recording from the cool down lap of his maiden F1 victory being used on this podcast. That recording is a major contributor to my loyal following of the podcasts on this site. Its ironic that the podcast featuring his interview didn’t conclude by the famous recording :(

    • LOL…I love that sound clip too! You can hear the sheer elation in his voice can’t you? Loved that radio message to the team when he won. Great stuff. Big thanks to JPM for taking time to speak with Paul.