Join Paul, Mark and me as we jeer our way through the Singapore Grand Prix review. We cover each team as they finish and share our thoughts and boos on each of them. Which teams did well? Which drivers did well? Who didn’t? What were the issues and why all the booing?

We offer our race review awards such as Pass of the race, drive of the race and donkey of the race.

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  • danfgough

    Not listened to the podcast yet but one thing I wanted to point out was that we surely had a first at this race: A driver arguing with his team about how he felt that he SHOULDN’T be pushing! What would a newbie to the sport think of that!?

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      You’re right.
      That really was an ‘alternate motorsport universe’ moment wasn’t it.

      *** Radio: Rosberg telling his engineer that he believes he shouldn’t push hard as directed to, but he’d rather be looking after his tyres at this point in the race! *** What the…. A racer arguing to put himself back onto his leash ???

      Not so much unbelievable… as it is just… sad :-(

      • UAN

        juxtaposed with Rocky telling Vettel to push hard after the safety car and well, he didn’t need to be told twice.

        (and for the record, I can’t imagine Lewis, Alonso or Webber or anyone else taking that line).

  • Mansell’s_Stache

    I love the spectacle that is the Singapore GP. Although I must admit it felt like a “Visit Singapore…we have lights on our buildings” infomercial with all the pan-to-skyline shots.

    Penalty on Hulk was garbage. He had nowhere to go.

    Vettel drove a fantastic race…can’t deny that. Just cannot fathom how the RB is so quick.

    The booing is just classless. Meatheads. Although, I might boo Montoya is he was still around. ;)

    Ok…so Webber. Must say I am not a fan after his interview on Top Gear. He seems a tad smug (in contrast to Vettel who seemed genuine and good natured). Then he makes flippant remarks with regard to the steward’s decision about his hitching a ride. His attitude stinks lately. Bitter much?

    Grosjean looked so dejected in the garage after his retirement. He is properly quick. It’s only a matter of time (and Lotus resolving reliability issues) before he podiums.

    What was with Rosberg saying something akin to “I think I should not push.” Huh? His blocking Hamilton was tense.

    Pass and drive of the race: Raikkonen

    Donkey of the Race (Coverage): Will Buxton’s Wish You Were Here segment

  • violinmike

    Todd, I’m absolutely not a football supporter, but from what I remember from my childhood, and what I know about you (both are somewhat limited), I’ve come to the following conclusion.

    You’re a Ferrari guy, so you need a team that has a worldwide following and is recognised for greatness even outside the sport. You’re looking for a team with plenty of cash, that historically has had astonishing success but recently has been knocked off the top spot. Above all, you want a red team. There’s only one answer – Manchester United.

  • Juan

    Negative Camber, I just heard your podcast and heard that you didn’t know what happened to Webber and why the car failed. You need ditch NBCSports and start watching SkyF1 on the internet. They interviewed Horner and Newey and they said that Webber’s car lost water pressure and the engine overheated. Also Grosjean car was retired because the car does not have a quick fill system for the engine’s pneumatic system. You have seen SkyF1 coverage, you get all the info plus no commercials, I have watched every race online and I sacrifice the picture quality for the complete coverage.

    • TooGood2tell

      I sacrifice the picture quality for the complete coverage.
      >> HDMI cable connection :D

      • Juan

        I don’t have a laptop with a HDMI outlet, so I’m using the VGA port

      • Jack Flash (Aust)

        Depends on the native resolution of the SkyF1 net channel… doesn’t it.
        No better resolution can be assured by simply choosing the HDMI output for screening.
        Video source determines ultimate ‘available’ picture/audio quality. A compressed 640x308px WS stream won’t get better by magical HDMI output choice.
        So real question… what was the source stream resolution chosen Juan? JF

        • Juan

          Jack Flash, to tell you the truth, I don’t know the source resolution. I go to two sites, vipbox or wherevertv. According to vipbox, the primary flash stream is HD.

  • TooGood2tell

    Maybe its time for FIA to introduce Bart Simpson board at the drivers briefing. Additionally the drivers briefing should be televised.
    I would love to see the FIA’s super license holders doing some road safety promotions by accepting their mistakes.

  • UAN

    I still need to listen to the podcasts, but my predictions:

    1. Pass of the race: Kimi outside of Button into Turn 14.
    2. Donkey: DiResta. Takes a great race and tosses it away. 2nd place to Ricciardo.
    3. Drive of the Race: Vettel. Grand Chelem (don’t see those too often) and Lauda himself called the drive outstanding, took of his hat to him, and said they should just give Vettel WDC 4 after that drive. Hard to top that.

    • UAN

      I would add in 2 highlights on the start:

      1. Alonso 7 to 3rd with a great run up the outside (in Spa he did something similar going on the inside)

      2. Brilliant racecraft by Vettel to come back in underneath Rosberg at T1 and retake the lead after a poor start.

  • Honda Hero (@Craig_Alderson)

    A lesson I’ve learnt from this Podcast, never bite on Twitter!

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Well, I don’t recall what habits vipbox or wherevertv might have with respect to streaming classifications, but I do know a lot of net-channels have a ‘generous’ definition of what “HD” is. It should mean a minimum 1280x720p resolution video with AC3 audio (minimum) [~4-5 kbps bandwidth min]; but I have seen ‘labelled’ stream options for “HD” on many net-channel sites which are nowhere near this (something above SD masquerading as HD). Full-HD 1920x1080p (or i interlaced) video streams not readily web-stream deliverable, no matter what the codec (bandwidth too big); except maybe for dedicated tv/movie service websites with pre-download operations (not strictly streaming).

    For a HDMI output to worth bothering with, the source should at least meet these minimum resolution/rate criteria. Otherwise, you may as well stick with plain ol’ XVGA/VGA display options.

    Suggest that unless you have the ISP/cable bandwidth to cope with true HD streams, you probably are best being content with what you’re doing at the moment. (a sub-HD stream).
    ps: I cannot recall finding a true HD web-channel for SkyF1, not that I’m looking that hard. Maybe they do exist out there.

    I am not an expert in this stuff. This is actually Todd (NC’s) area of expertise I believe??
    Todd – care to weigh in and offer observations? JF

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      This was a reply to JUAN above. JF (stupid captcha hiccup)

    • You’re on target. It depends on what resolution the stream is feeding. If it’s 1080p, then and HDMI connection is what you’d want. you can do 720p with RGBHV but that’s splitting hairs. VGA will give a nice resolution and we’re also bridging two worlds in the broadcast/TV resolution and the computer resolution world. I know the numbers are the same but there are differences.

      The worlds all get a little odd because we can send full HD videoconferencing over 1.5mbs and even lower now depending on the compression. If memory serves, I think GoToMeeting will send audio and video (desktop video meaning lower res) over 512k. Works for the office but for your 60″ Display at home, not so much.

      What you do or will run into is the analog sunset. After Jan. 2013, no VGA will be shipped with laptops etc. I call it the digital sunrise to be optimistic but fact is, no more blue VGA cables. Displays will phase that out as well over time with Mini-DVI, HDMI, thunberbolt and other new sources such as HD base T or AVB. An ever-changing world.

      Problem with networks streaming is the assumption that you are using it for a small screen experience. Not Netflix etc but other companies assume you’re watching on iPads and computer monitors. That will change and as bandwidth grows, new compression technology comes in (such as HD BAse T), devices will change with it. ISP’s are tagging people as abusers who stream mainly Hulu, Netflix and Amazon or Google when in fact, they’ve simply changed their content viewing vehicle. ATT has U-Verse which is streaming all TV so they are a little different and the issue of bandwidth is going to have to change. It will but it will cost us.

      Evolution of technology will force ISP’s and mobile companies to offer new user experiences to match Gen Y and Gen Z expectations for a connected generation and that will happen sooner than later I hope. The big issue os to watch how prehistoric broadcast networks try to hang on to traditional advertising revenue streams, broadcast schedules and old way. NetFlix amped up the concept of binge watching and people already hate waiting a week to see a new episode.

      You should attend one of my presentations, I explain all this in my day job. :)

      • Jack Flash (Aust)

        Spot me a cross-Pacific return air-ticket to St. Louis MO, and I’ll possibly take you up on that! :-)

      • Rapierman

        Record it instead and send it by email. ;-)

  • Rapierman

    1. I dunno….maybe they should modify Singapore just a little bit more. The number of times that a race should get close to the time limit should be very small. That track has never gotten away from that limit.

    2. Shuoldn’t that apply to all tracks? Pretend that the side lines are walls?

    3. I agree, it’s agonizing. I’m surprised that Raikkonen drove at all.

    4. I’m inclined to give Vettel the WDC trophy at this point. Let’s cancel the rest of the season and get ready for 2014.

    5. Okay, Mark, this is where I have to get on my soapbox: Okay, I’m not going to argue the rule. I know I’ll lose on that. What I do argue is an age-old debate: “Absolutism” vs. “Mercy”. Not arguing the rule at all. I see just as plainly as you. The problem I have is that when the rule is applied, even if it’s done properly, mercy goes out the window. This is where they argue “The rule must be applied equally to ensure justice,” and I find myself arguing “Is there no room in your heart for mercy?” Justice works both ways, and should. So, I must argue “Can’t the rules be changed to allow for leniency?” The rule is what it is, and I agree it is there for a reason; however, when the rules allow nothing but absolutism, you get another form of tyranny in which it harms more than it helps, aka “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”. In this case, it punishes the Good Samaritan (assuming you were to put aside the fact that it caused a hazard, albeit innocently). That, if you’ll pardon me for putting in a little religious belief, is not what God would have wanted. Yes, it was a stupid move….well, in my view, it was simply misguided. Could you punish? Maybe. But ten places? Is it really worth that much? Do you know of anyone who would carry out the Death Penalty for a parking ticket? I certainly wouldn’t, and that’s what this sounds like. Ergo, we need to do something differently, to allow the stewards and the FIA to be human beings and make things a little less harsh for situations like this.

    6. It’s sad that Alonso could do so well…and it’s still not enough.

    7. Shame that Grosjean’s race got torpedo’d by the pneumatics.

    8. Once again, Raikkonen driving so well despite the back issue is almost in the “miracle” category.

    9. As it stands, I would say that Lotus was the 3rd best seat, maybe lower.

    10. Surprising that the marbles played such a major role in Rosberg’s demise.

    11. McLaren: Why, exactly, are they even racing? If the’re not going to even try this year, then why are the here? They’re not exactly doing Button or Perez any favors.

    12. For now, Pirelli got it right.

    13. I think the booing has gone beyond reasonable and is starting to cut into sportsmanship. Malaysia was a long time ago, people. Time to move on.

    14. I think it’s more along the lines of someone saying that Vettel is “The Anti-Christ”, though anyone with any common sense should realize that Christ did say that nobody would know when things will happen. They’re simply misguided.

    15. At least Sauber has Hulkenberg to make their fight interesting.

    16. The problem is that the human race has a psychological issue with people doing things in secret, even if it’s for a worthy cause. Even if something requires trust, trust is only good if nothing adverse happens to you. Once that bad thing happens, trust goes out the window. If you tend to play Paranoia (TM), you’ll want to wonder what all seven billion people on this planet are doing, because you don’t know if any one decision or thought made by any one single person will affect you in any way, shape or form (per Chaos Theory and Law of Unintended Consequences), and the only way to ensure your safety is to kill off all seven billion people, which does nobody any good. So, obviously there has to be some trust, but that secrecy sure makes it hard.

    17. Same type of crash as Ricciardo, kinda ruined his year.

    18. As an aside, for the benefit of the viewing audience, explain why it’s bad to be “the least common denominator”.

    19. “Van der Garde train”? What?

    20. Almost feel sorry for Ricciardo, but, yanno, when you take the turn too fast….

    21. Kinda wonder what happened to Bianchi, then.

    22. Pass: Rosberg over Perez

    23. Donkey: I had five candidates, but I eventually settled on Ricciardo for taking that turn too fast and slamming into the wall.

    24. Drive: Raikkonen’s the clear winner here, going from 13th to 3rd, with a busted back. Sure, Vettel drove his butt off and made it work, but how many drivers do you know who do it so well with a busted back?

    25. Sorry, don’t have a footie team, yet, but there’s always FC Dallas and Houston in the MLS. Now, if you were to ask me about the NFL, then there’s Dallas and Houston. NBA: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio (this one’s closest to me). NHL: Dallas only. MLB: Texas (Arlington) and Houston.

  • cconf1

    A little behind the times here, but for Opposite Lock to become a true Torchwood to your Doctor Who, it would have to be an anagram of your podcast’s name. So, it would have to change its name to something like:
    Formula 1 Comb Log.
    Glamor Comb Foul 1.
    A1 Flub Corm Gloom.
    or 1. Cobra Full Go Mom :)