Join Grace and me as we discuss the week in news. We cover Niki Lauda, Rush, Concorde Agreement (disguised as a bi-lateral agreement), sole-supplier mayhem, Aardvark, Mangos, 2014 calendar, MotoGP, Marquez vs Vettel and more.

Fashion award winner here.

Our own Laura Marieee actually having a Niki Lauda moment in which she attempts to explain which camera he should look at. “Hey Ant!”

Lauda Niki Laura Marieee Singapore

Laura poses with “elderly F1 fan”. 


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  • Modoc

    Putting those ladies at 75 means those women grew up seeing James Hunt as a sex icon.

    • Lol…that’s what I was hinting at. Grace didn’t pick that up. :) I think they knew darn well who Hunt was. :). And Chris. ;)

      • MIE

        Yes, Chris Rathbone’s fans cover a wide demographic…

        • GraceRD1

          Your hint was pretty subtle. You seemed more shocked that old ladies were at the movies in the middle of the day than anything else :)

          • That’ll be you one day. Going to see the Kimi/Alonso movie. :)

          • MIE

            Only if it features Jenson Button (pool boy).

      • mini696

        Its OK NC… I got it.

  • Andreas

    Re the FIA now being in charge of the tyre tender process – it’s an interesting statement, seeing as the FIA already had that power. From the 2013 sporting regs:

    “25.1 Supply of tyres :
    A single tyre manufacturer has been chosen by the FIA for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons
    following an invitation for tenders to supply tyres to all the cars entered in Championship
    Events for the duration of these seasons. A single tyre manufacturer will be chosen by the FIA
    for subsequent seasons following an invitation for tenders to supply tyres to all the cars
    entered in Championship Events for the duration of such subsequent seasons.”

    There has been no formal invitation (that I know of) for 2014 onwards, so the FIA hasn’t really followed their own regs here… :-) Now they’re talking about a “transition period” (until the new/old tender process can run), in which Pirelli may supply tyres. That’s almost as if they pretend that last sentence in §25.1 isn’t there… :-) More likely, though, is that they feel the multi-year contracts between FOM/the teams and Pirelli has put that paragraph out of play, and this is the FIA stamping their authority over the process. Which may not be a bad thing – the tyre supply uncertainty we’ve seen lately can’t be good. The loser? It’s no doubt Pirelli, to whom they’re basically saying: “in time, we’re going to invite others to take your position – would you mind terribly doing the job in the mean time?” Dating one girl while you’re prepping your move on another didn’t work well in high school, and I can’t see it working out here either…

    • Good insight, mate. I enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing. :)

  • tom

    Any word on whether or not Ralf has finally acknowledged?

  • Will

    Speaking about Niki Lauda and fashion awards how about him at the rush premiere in his red baseball cap

  • Julian

    Great impression of Niki Lauda Todd, although I always thought he was Austrian, who knew he was South African :-)

  • charlie w

    Apple and Google don’t need F1. Either one could buy the whole series with change left over; Apple is sitting on $176 billion in cash now. If you want to complain about a high tech company not branded in F1, jump on Oracle. Larry Ellison spent the budget costs of Red Bull and Ferrari(estimated $400 million) on his TAG/Heuer Oracle America’s Cup sailing team and that sport is equally as high tech as F1(and it has passing and close quarters racing). All those dot coms bowed out of F1 after the bubble burst(remember Yahoo!,). Microsoft is a minor sponsor at Lotus and Oracle used to sponsor Benetton.

    • Good point.I wonder what global viewership is for America’s Cup? Can’t be 550 million is it? F1 would be a better investment but then he ins’t in to racing cars…just boats. :)

  • Sizziano

    Excellent podcast guys, I would just like to quickly weigh in on the whole “why does everyone hate Vettel”thing. I think that what irks people about Vettel is not what he has done per se. As you rightly pointed out NC, Webber has himself ignored team orders, Kimi doesn’t seem to care very much about anything or respect his team. What I think sets Vettel apart in the eyes of some (most?) fans is his seemingly two-faced personality. The Vettel that is on display for general public consumption was not the Vettel that precipitated Multi-21. I think that this deceit is what pisses people off. If he where more honest about who he is maybe people wouldn’t care as much, but as it stands now he seems to be overly preoccupied with his public image and it isn’t working.


    • It’s a fair point and most people don’t like someone who is one way in public and another way in private. When the private side gets aired on TV or we see that other side, it is a bit of a buzz kill. Good thing almost all humans are that way. :) I have my moments…trust me. If I had a dime for every time I put my foot in my mouth, I’d own Red Bull. :)

      Do you think people see that in Lewis? I’ve seen the happy, shiny Lewis and the skulking, impetuous Lewis. I’ve seen the Lewis who told the team to stick it and he wasn’t about to let Alonso through. Seems people didn’t react to that Lewis like they have this Seb. Not arguing the point, just trying to point out any duality…if there is any.

      • Sizziano

        Oh absolutely, everyone is like that to a certain extent I just think that with Vettel the difference is pretty drastic. He basically seems like two different people. As for Lewis, I think he suffered from similar problems the only difference was that he wasn’t winning every race by 30+ seconds hehe. But again, someone like Webber, what you see is what you get, period. No BS, he tells you what is on his mind regardless of the situation. Vettel is a bit more restrained when he thinks no one is looking. I think if he was just himself it would be better for him in the long run.


    • uan

      I think there is lots of hold over dislike for Vettel since he’s come into RB and I think a lot of it is with people who were/are fans of Webber. Seb came in and was more successful than Webber who had been with RBR for several years and who was a very popular driver with the fans. From the get go, at least beginning in 2010, there was a real strong emphasis on diminishing Vettel’s accomplishments, especially in the British media (he crashes, he can’t pass, he can’t this, or that) and at the same time, trying to use favoritism, etc. to explain Vettel’s superior performance over Webber. Webber is managed by Flavio, and you know FB (and Webber) have had a hand in painting SV as the bad guy, spoiled racer, who gets everything and only succeeds because of Marko, and no one holds him accountable. Mult 21 was just the straw that broke the camel’s back or something tangible that people who already felt a certain way, could actually point to and say “see!”.

      But Vettel is actually much more thoughtful than pretty much most of the people in the paddock. Go on Youtube and listen to him talking to Lee McKenzie after winning India 2011. Watch him at the Autosports awards. Watch him in the garage after a victory late at night working with the crew. Watch him walk the track at Abu Dhabi after he flatted into T1 at the start of the GP in 2011 to find out what might have happen. Watch him on Top Gear. But Vettel is a competitor cut from the same cloth as Alonso, Schumacher, Senna, et al.

      Interestingly enough, Webber’s public persona is a bit different from his private demeanor – in public he presents that tough as tails, straight talking Aussie, with a huge chip on his shoulder, but in person he comes across as much less tough, full of humor and the like.

      • Jack Flash (Aust)

        Sure UAN….
        Booing Vettel is the sole remit of fans of Webber. :-/

      • Julian

        Remember this was also the Singapore GP; that is very close to Australia so there would have been a large contingent of beer swilling Aussie fans of Mark Webber. I would argue that loyal Mark Webber fans probably have every right to boo Vettel, and probably wont stop until he has left F1.
        That is unless Vettel screws over Ricciardo next year!

        • pear-shaped pete

          And Canada??? Those drunken Aussies traveled to the furthest part of the globe to unsettle Vettel on the podium? Spent thousands of dollars for few seconds booing? Yeah right

          Very little on the decorum and civilty Julian. Stop the offensive please

          pear-shaped pete

  • mini696

    On the Vettel being disliked thing:
    There is the crowd mentality… One group boos, the next joins in, it happens next race, then the next.
    There has also the “tall poppy” syndrome.

    Also being so young, soon to be 4X WDC and dominate.
    Its scary to some people that it will just be more of the same for years to come.
    It happend with Schumi.
    Yet he was more liked towards the end of his career, because the fans could see the end in sight.

    He never endeared himself to his fans.
    Through never admitting he was wrong (apart from a backhanded way).
    Through thinking he was always in the right.
    Through being a RBR toy boy.

    Plus he’s Webbers team mate.
    Beating the “Likable Aussie” is never popular.
    Beating the likeable anyone is never popular.

    Sidenote – Ever noticed how much Jimmy Spithill sounds like Webber?

  • Rapierman

    1. Wait: A “mango yogurt” drink? Since when does anyone ‘drink” yogurt? o_O?

    2. Ah, so that’s what it was. Nice of Red Bull to do that.

    3. Okay, I know that there’s a reason for all this nostalgia.

    4. Given that I don’t even have any sort of hand-held device, I’m probably not going to worry about it.

    5. Not listening to the Rush review, haven’t seen it yet.

    6. Red Hand: You can also do that to a Trekkie.

    7. Well, welcome to my world. It involves laws and legal terms…albeit on the subject of taxes.

    8. Wait? What contract?

    9. Grace, did you and I get in to the federal government THAT way?

    10. The question: Is that really the right way? (Then again, is it really beneficial to have only one supplier of anything?)

    11. I dunno….I’m thinking that Russia’s not gonna make it.

    12. Yep, I remember that India’s got some issues.

    13. I think I mentioned about how NASCAR teams have their entire operations, the drivers, mechanics, their families, etc., in those tractor trailer rigs and they take them all over the country,. race-to-race-to-race. Why can’t Formula 1 do it?

    14. Yeah, I think that new engine is going to have some issues. I seriously think it’s not going to stand up to the demands of Formula 1.

    15. The only question I have about that new road course event is: Why?

    16. Legit question. The answer is that it normal Tilke tracks promotes monotony and processional racing, which many people hate.

    17. Farmer at a mud-track tractor-pull race, maybe? Sorry, Lauda.

    18. Don’tcha just hate it when they pull the rug out from under you?

    19. Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen, FO to Van der Garde

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      13. ????
      Are you serious Paul?
      Colour me stunned…. JF

      • They actually used to back in the 60’s. :)

        • Jack Flash (Aust)

          The 60’s?? Then F1 was a European circuit of 8-12 races tightly spaced over Spring & Summer. How does that correlate to the 9 month, 20+ race, globetrotting circus of today’s F1?
          I call “Red Herring” on you NC. JF

        • mini696

          The sixties? That was like, a thousand years ago!!

        • MIE

          Teams were somewhat smaller then, maybe a dozen or so. Now they are limited in taking ‘only’ 50? people to each race (excluding marketing members), but each outfit employs ten times that number back in the factory.

      • Tom Firth

        Biggest difference is NASCAR owns most of its circuits so needs its cars to use them for revenue and it doesn’t need the use of Air freight.

        Ok if you want to be picky ISC own half the tracks.

    • I’m just saying….I’m not suggesting it would work today but they used to do it that way. Wouldn’t work now.. :)

      • pear-shaped pete

        Back in the day ,Ken Tyrell’s wife made the sandwiches for the team.

        pear-shaped pete

  • tom

    After seeing Rush yesterday, I also want to comment on Lauda’s depiction in the movie. You guys wondered whether or not he liked what he saw. From the interviews he gave, he’s indeed very happy. He says that he definitely recognized himself there. Although he also says that the personal rivalry between him and Hunt was exaggerated to a degree. There was of course a professional rivalry, but privately, they actually were on good terms most of the time.

    As for the Vettel thing, he’s simply the perfect villain at this point:
    1) He’s German.
    2) He’s dominating. Everybody loves to root for the underdog and hopes the champ fails. It’s human nature.
    3) He’s at an upstart soft-drink-team that doesn’t have any F1 history and hence no loyal fanbase around the world

    I think that especially the third point hasn’t been focused on so far, so let me go on a little more about that. If you compare Vettel to Schumacher, they both have point 1 & 2 in common, but whereas Schumacher switched from the upstart apparel-team to Ferrari, Vettel has stayed. So while Schumacher was of course passionately hated by some, he also had the undying support of all those millions of Tifosi around the world which really helps balancing things.

  • Stan

    I’m not a huge fan of a tire war. If you’re artificially restricting tire performance it wouldn’t be much of a war anyway. All in all tire war bad idea unless Red Bull winds up on the salami skins

    • Certainly two views on having multiple tire suppliers. I think I am in a gross minority with my opinion on the issue. :) What’s next? Sole supplier contract for brakes, fuel, wheels, helmets? :)

      • mini696

        I would love a tyre war.
        Even during the Schumi domination.
        Especially if the “VS” teams are on differing compounds.
        i.e. McLaren VS Ferrari

  • Tom Firth

    Great Podcast, But i disagree about the Indianapolis Grand Prix (Road course)

    I think it could work, it isn’t going to solve every single problem Indycar has by no means but if you own the track and the series, Why not.

    The reasoning for it is firstly selling VIP access for two races instead of one in may. The second reason , The race is on ABC at the start of may, its a large television ad for the Indianapolis 500 and IMS for the month of may. I think Indycar might as well try it, The series needs to do things, Its current management must be seen to do something that Randy didn’t.
    Course the other reason is what you mentioned on the show, IMS needs money , NASCAR’s attendance is slipping, MotoGP only doing a one year contract and USCC, well its staying but well you know. As for COTA, Take a look towards Fort Worth for the reason it doesn’t have a round.

    Anyway on the rest the podcast, When I went to see RUSH, it was mid afternoon and the audience was rather similar, other than one couple who couldn’t quite figure where Ron Dennis was in Mclaren ;)

    • Matthew Snyder

      India is off the ’14 F1 schedule because they were worried about being able to draw fans to the venue twice in 4 or 5 months. Who, exactly, is going to go to two races at the same venue within a few *weeks* of each other? If they ran the Long Beach GP twice in April, I probably wouldn’t be able to go to both. I just don’t understand the business thinking.

      Never mind having the same cars that race the ‘500 puttering around that poxy hairpin-laden Scalextric track is not exactly something that is likely to showcase.

    • I’ll need to start calling you “Robin”, Tom. It was a consultant company who said the key to IMS gaining revenue is to capitalize on their facility. No S&*T. Is adding an Indycar road course race the answer? Placing it in May? I am incredibly biased becasue I don’t care for Rovals so ignore me. :)

      • Tom Firth

        Haha , I know you don’t like Rovals mate and you know my crazy optimism towards Indycar.

        The consultancy plan was to put it at the end of the year so as Indycar got a Road, Street and oval as its final three events.
        It’s more television coverage for IMS in may and a race is going to attract more people than a practice day. I agree the Consultancy plan was hilariously obvious in its recommendations , I could have been paid to give them what the consultant did.

        Indycar does need to do something with the month of may, it isn’t sustainable which is why I think this is worth trying.

        Daytona has Speedweeks with the Roar before the 24 and the actual Rolex 24 race separated by a short period, it then has NASCAR testing and the Daytona 500 all within the space of a few weeks.

  • Tom Firth

    O and I like the idea of a tire war, anything that makes us get those cool tyres that Le mans has that are slick-Wets would be awesome.

    • ditto.

      • Matthew Snyder

        Ditto your ditto.

        • Rapierman

          Ditto, ditto, etc., etc.

  • pear-shaped pete

    Just a quick one on the Bernie Bribery, Todd, since when has “didn’t need to do it” been the key ground of defence ?.

    You would revolutionize World Justice! That’s the thing , criminals dont need to do it, Their actual choices made are what gets them on trial.

    pear-shaped pete

    • Hmmm…not sure, mate. I think the three pillars of criminal justice and proof of wrong-doing are means, motive and opportunity. You need those three to make sense of a crime usually. “doesn’t need to do it” falls under Motive…no? :)

      • pear-shaped pete

        fair enough, sort of

        I still dont think Bernie’s motive is struck out though. just not quite clear.

        My initial response was more to the fact that we cant always speak to the criminal’s rationalizing “why they did it” or why they are not guilty because wee don’t always understand their thinking.

        I can say to myself “Max doesn’t need 5 dressed up hookers” but that doesn’t change what he decided to do. What possible motive? (sorry)

        Motive is complicated by a person’s assessment of whether they think they will get away with it or not.

        pear-shaped pete

  • pear-shaped pete

    I have a different explanation for the Vettel boo-ing.

    It’s not really Multi 21 based.

    What has changed since Multi 21 in Malaysia has been Sebastian’s awful over-acting in the driver’s room after each race. He is too well aware of the camera and microphones, he is forced in his attempts to be “everybody’s best friend”. His sickly sweet, publicist-pleasing, puke-prompting performances before the camera leave the crowd outside no option other than to boo if they are faithful to the theatrical tradition. Can’t believe all have missed this pantomine caused reaction.

    pear-shaped pete