Join Paul, Mark and me as we review the Korean Grand Prix. We discuss Jeeps, wrecks, fires and tires. We even chat about each team, as they finished, and share our opinion on critical matters such as Di Resta’s future, Massa’s lack of a future in F1, Webber’s outspoken ways, Vettel, Button, the Hulk and more.

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  • Rapierman

    1. For a while, I was thinking that Hamilton was actually going to put up a good argument against Vettel. Silly me.

    2. It’s the old saying: “No news is good news.”

    3. Well, personally, I would care more about safety than I would about who it benefits. God forbid that the only thing people would be satisfied with is someone dying. That’s a bit too macabre for me.

    4. …..or a picture of a catgirl who cuts herself up with razor blades and yells “FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!” (Pirelli)

    5. That was a surprising qualification result by Sauber. I wonder what they did right.

    6. Okay, can we hand the WDC to Vettel and move on to 2014?

    7. I swear, Webber’s got the worst luck in the world.

    8. It was a circus with that jeep. What the heck were they thinking!?

    9. Keystone Cops was more like it.

    10. Yet another round of the Pirelli controversy. Look, as a fan, my primary concern, first and foremost, is safety. Artificially-induced competition takes a backseat with me because it ain’t worth jack if someone dies because of it. Can we get to that particular goal at some point? I don’t know about you, but tire tread coming off isn’t exactly reassuring from a “preventing death” point-of-view. In a race, it’s fastest-with-the-moistest, and a driver doesn’t have the time to spare to think about anything other than “drive here, drive there, turn left, turn right, punch the pedal hard”, and there’s just no room in his mind for “is the tread going to stay on”? I want him to race, not be a worry-wart. That’s everyone else’s job.

    11. So, then, is there a lack of confidence evident in Grosjean? Sure he had a good run in the race, but did he have enough confidence in his skills to beat Raikkonen instead of Grosjean asking the crew to have Raikkonen move over? That can be telling.

    12. That had to be Hulkenberg’s best finish yet. Why isn’t someone near the top picking him up?

    13. So, maybe we need to create a team for Hulkenberg. Anyone got a few hundred million lying around?

    14. Gutierrez at least made something out of it before the tires went out.

    15. I was wondering what happened to Hamilton on that one.

    16. I was also wondering what happened to the Merc team engineers. Do they have no idea how long tires would actually last?

    17. That was a bit screwball about that wing.

    18. Alonso gets an HD problem, Massa gets a spin. God, I swear those guys can’t catch a break.

    19. It’s at least an improvement for Button, but Perez really had some bad luck.

    20. Ah, Algasuari’s announcement about the announcement that was coming “soon”, even though the announcement which would “soon” be the announcement that was coming “soon” never really happened at all, even though it was happening “soon”. :-P

    21. Why would I want “PATRICK HEAD!!!” to show up at that time? I’ve got enough entertainment as it is.

    22. That was an interesting battle for Maldo. Too bad he lost out on it.

    23. Slight problem I have with the “Smile while you’re angry inside”: Sooner or later, that anger is going to explode, and God help those who are nearby.

    24. Oy! Sounds like there’s a QA problem with the brakes.

    25. Pass: Massa in that five-car battle.

    26. Donkey: Sutil nailing Webber, causing the fire.

    27. Drive: Hulkenberg, defending against four cars to take fourth place, best finish by a Sauber driver.

    28. Vettel, Hamilton, Raikkonen, FO Di Resta (no, seriously, I typed these up before I heard Mark’s answer.)

  • TooGood2tell

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Hulk getting the best seat to demonstrate his awesomeness, if it doesn’t happen, he is not the first casualty of F1 machine. Remember Kamui Kobayashi who was delivering the goods in his brief tenure with Sauber?
    Only reason Perez got better of him in final season, since Perez never made past through Q2 and thus always had fresh tyre choice for race.
    But Kamui was doing everything you guys mentioned on the podcast – Passing F1 champions, defending positions when racing ahead of F1 champions, overtaking on track, delivering race strategy?

    If Hulk doesn’t get a chance I’m sure next time this year, you will be talking about another kid that should be racing on a faster camel for a wealthy sheikh :)

  • Charlie

    Kimi hit Alonso in Japan??? I think you already said this up on a previous podcast which i commented on saying that wasn’t correct, which you then said you never said in the podcast (i replied stating what point in the podcast you said it and never received an answer. I hope I don’t seem bitter about this but when you get made look, untentionally, as a liar, you feel the need to defend yourself). Kimi maintains his line down the left hand side of the track. Fernando moves towards Kimi. How on planet earth can that be conceived as Kimi hitting Alonso? Some people have said Kimi should have back out. 1, no he doesn’t have to back out, hes done nothing wrong. 2, why doesn’t Alonso back out, after all he was the one who moved into Kimi and put him on the grass.
    Sorry for the rant. Its just this seems to be repeated by a few people and cant understand why?

    Anyway, dont mean to bring these comments down.

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual. Especially the fire truck banter!

    • Here’s what Fernando thought:


    • MIE

      I posted over on the forum last year about the Japan incident. To me it was similar to the Grosjean Hamilton incident at Spa, except Raikkonen moved onto the grass to give Also even more space while Hamilton didn’tmove at all.

  • tom

    You guys rushed past Nico Rosberg, but I think he delivered a great race. Had he not suffered the front wing damage, a podium finish would have been all but assured, possibly even second place, as his tires seemed to be good enough for him to profit from the safety car, so there’s no reason to think that Kimi could have gotten past him.

    Rosberg’s setup seemed to be on the mark in Korea as he didn’t suffer from the same tire issues that plagued Lewis.

    • Agreed, I think Rosberg had a podium in hand had his front wing stayed on. :)

  • So far, you folks are seeing the GP about the same way as we did…3.5 Stars? What were your positives and negatives? You can rate the race and provide your thoughts at the bottom left of the comment section folks. Let us know your thoughts.

  • Mansell’s_Stache

    Great showing for Lotus…knew Grosjean would be on the podium soon. Threw a great block on Hamilton at the outset as well. Must admit he should have raced Kimi instead of pleading for a free pass…what the h e double?

    Pit stop times were exceptionally quick for most of the teams it seemed.

    The battle where Massa passed something like four cars…good stuff. But that spin was cringe-worthy.

    Would have liked to have seen Maldonado’s first lap…but srsly, that guy needs to go…what a baby. He has the best job in the world…shut up and drive…outperform your car, man…c’mon.

    And Sutil…if I was at Force India I might invest in a shard-proof vest. Donkey of the race simply because he took out Mark “the Mouth” Webber.

    Love seeing a midpack car in P4. Hulk to podium at Suzuka?? Sauber did it last year….let’s see!

  • pear-shaped pete

    The Korean GP 2013 – the quintessential Webber race – fast enough to get to the front , but an unbelievable “perfect storm” of things going wrong to scuttle his race. Real mental strength required to cheer for this guy..

    I don’t agree with everything Webber says, but we are racing on 2012 construction tyres after the Silverstone tyre debacle. Fake Charlie in defending Pirelli brings up “planned degradation” yet those Perilli moments when we see a tyre belt flying in another drivers direction are frightening. I thought Driver Mark was going to wear a face full of Perez Pirelli for sure. I understand/accept Fake Charlie’s (and Pirelli’s) view that the failure was caused by Checo’s monumental flat spotting, but just a question – have we ever seen a massive flatspot ever throw the tyre in a belt within a few hundred yards before? I don’t recall. And the drivers are flattspotting more and longer than ever before – what’s going on?

    I probably missed mention of the four man “battle group” – Maldonado, Gutierez, Perez and Massa – when I saw these badboys together on track I expected “something to happen soon”.

    One last question – just exactly how many grid-spots penalty would Mark Webber have got if he accepted a ride back to the pits in the rogue Jeep?

    pear-shaped pete

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Exactly so PS-Pete.
    If Webber didn’t have Bad Luck, he’d have no luck at all. I swear that this man has been cursed by a Transylvanian Gypsy, sometime in the past. There is no other way to explain such ludicrous congruence of misfortune, time and time again, every other race, year after year. As a fan. you just wait during races for the next unbelievably impossible catastrophe to befall MW. … Nothing is as assured in life as [1]. Death, [2]. Taxes and [3]. MW getting screwed over by outrageous misfortune.

    As for the tyres… designed to be HD or otherwise… they are a blight on F1. JF

    • Mazda12AGS

      Lol this is so true about Webber. He needs to try every superstitious thing possible to make his luck better. Have on all his lucky clothes with a rabbits foot around his neck and he might just make it to the end of the race.

  • MIE

    I don’tthink Also did a complete racing lap on the circuit. As Paul mentioned he went off the track at the exit of turn 6 every lap. All four wheels were consistently over the white line . Surely he was gaining an advantage (or not losing as much time as he should given the cars performance) so why wasn’t he penalized?
    This isn’t meant as an attack on Also but an observation on how poor this years Ferrari is.

  • MIE

    Oh, and Paul’s old touring car rival (Nigel Smith) to drive McLaren’s trucks? tell me more.

  • Mazda12AGS

    I just listened to the podcast. At one point I think you say Mark Webber was hit in turn 17? Jw I might have heard wrong. But then you said the jeep drove all the way around the circuit? He crashed at turn 3 right? and as far as i saw the jeep only went from turn 2 to turn 3 correct? No disrespect JW. i might have heard all that wrong. Just curious..

  • Kit

    Damn the Korean GP was an amazing race and i just couldn’t wait for this episode to be posted once the race ended. Mainly to hear you guys talk about Hulkenberg, who has became one of favorite back in 2012 Brazilian GP. Maybe a Hulkenberg only episode? lol j/k

    If he does get a ride for next year all i have to say is… HULKEBERG 2014!! WOOO!!!

  • Sizziano

    Overall really entertaining race. The last two KGP’s have been really good. A shame it might get axed.

  • Schmorbraten

    The way I understood the Lotus pit radio to Grosjean regarding his place relative to Raikkonen after Grosjean got passed by his team-mate is: Grosjean felt that Raikkonen somehow wasn’t entitled or allowed to overtake him and therefore requested to be given the place back, and Boullier put him down by telling him “well race him if you can”.

    • Rapierman

      The point of the radio transmission was to tell Grosjean that you don’t get things handed to you on a silver platter. You have to go fight for it. If you don’t, you get nothing. Grosjean’s lack of confidence in himself was what held him back and ultimately lost him that one spot.

  • Karl Buck

    What was the site mentioned where attendees can sign up for pictures, etc? I didn’t really understand the URL….