Join Grace and me as we dredge ups some Formula 1 news this week. We talk about cost caps, Williams F1 and the eternal optimists club, Caterham and Ferrari. We even mention Felipe Massa and hand out awards as usual. No Wrooooooooooom=no news!

Fashion winner…of course. #getwellsoonschumi

Schumacher 1

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  • Nathhulal

    Regarding Vrooooooom, one can wonder what delphi Oracle told the bosses at Ferrari to scrap the annual team building event at a ski resort a season in advance.

  • Oily Bo Hunk

    I’m going to hold pat, that the only way Ferrari was going to be able to sign Kimi, was if Kimi wasn’t required to attend Vroom, and wear the silly costumes. Ferrari went ahead and canceled it outright. If I’m correct the Kimi announcement and the Vroom announcement were within a fortnight.
    As far as the Williams statement about Massa’s ability to get his hands dirty, I’d like to think of that as a backhanded swipe at Maldonado.

  • Nathhulal

    Just to set records straight, Alonso as late as two weeks back was still lamenting loss of Massa, and his work in Ferrari Sim, and time he spent in the factory. So its not as if those at Ferrari never appreciated Felipe and his contribution to the team. It seems, for all his red blooded Ferrari support, Maranello seem to be keeping Negative Chamber out of lots of memos.

    F1B may not have covered the news story, but knowing Kimi’s dislike to do sim work, Ferrari management has mandated the finn to work in the sim this winter. So some of us can take as many cheap shots at the Brazilian, the true tifosi know his loyalty to the team.

    • I have spent time around the Ferrari folks and there is no doubt they love Felipe. When we were at the Shell events, the talk was all about Felipe and not much about Fernando. I found that very odd and Paul and I both felt that there must be something to the soured relationship rumors. However, as Tifosi myself, it was far past time for Felipe to go. I’m not in to furthering Felipe’s career so much as I am at seeing Ferrari back on top where they belong.

      • Nathhulal

        The point is not about furthering the Brazilian’s career. Having followed F1 long enough, career in F1 (length and results) may not necessarily be proportional. So if his career is to last, it will, and if it doesn’t that’s still ok.

        My objection is against the undercurrent of devaluation of his contribution to the Maranello team at this blog. Not just when he was on the song between 2006-10, but even when he hit the lean patch with the new regulations of Pirelli Tyre management and ban on refueling. His contribution on track may have become patchy in the new regulation era, but that doesn’t belittle whatever work he was doing behind the scenes, may it be promotional activities, or may it be developing the car in the simulator.

        He must have really done something for the Ferrari team for the strong 15,000 Ferrari fans show up at Mugello in November to celebrate his career at Ferrari. And he must have done something right in his Ferrari tenure, for Ferrari to invite him over to the end of the season party ( missing person was their old-new driver Kimi), and people showering praises on him from all quarters of the team.

        This blog always harps on decorum and civility, the latest example being the criticism of the people who have written nasty things about the Schumacher incident. That criticism is completely fair, even the fans who may not have subscribed some of Schumi’s on track antics, will garner their strength behind the German.
        However, that spirit of fairness should be extended to everybody, I think.
        In light of that expectation, the backhanded compliments, or the subtle snark, when it comes to certain drivers (including Felipe) is not expected from the proponents for decorum and civility.

        • You’ll get no argument from me about the role Felipe played at Maranello. He is a great guy and played a heavy role. We mentioned that one of his supporters was Schumi himself. That said, I still believe he stayed two years too long but that’s my opinion, mate, and not an indictment on Felipe. We can be afforded our own opinions and while they may be antithetical to Felipe’s career, they are not an implication on his character or his impact on Ferrari while he was there. I’m sure he was a crucial part of the program but one that, I feel, was past its effectiveness.

  • F1fletch

    I expect good things from williams this year and I really hope Massa get’s to mix it up towards the front.

  • #chassissqueeze

    • Deeyavid

      Squeeze me baby, till the juice runs down my leg.
      The way you squeeze my chassis, I’m gonna fall right out of bed.

  • Mike

    Okay, I’m West Coast and still at work, but heading home to download the podcast and hit the gym. If it were not for F1B podcasts, I would be in trouble. Oh, let me back up a minute…
    Hi, my name is Mike, and I am a Formula One addict.
    I freely admit I am desperate right now.
    I am watching anything motorsport-related and anything is fair game at this point, post F1-season.
    I noticed I save 4-5 F1 qualy’s and 5-8 full F1 races on my DVR by November because I know the drought is coming.
    For quick fixes, I watch Supercross.
    The color of Merc silver or Ferrari red helps ease some pain..
    I carry a small can of WD-40 with me at all times to sniff as needed.
    I watch Vettel Lexus commercials now without wincing.
    I scan the British paper webpages for updates on Lewis and Nicole.

    I hope to remain intact until Australia, trying to take daily steps.
    One F1B podcast at a time.

    • LOL… I know the feeling Mike. It’s great to have you on board and we really appreciate your support and for listening. We don’t stop over the winter, we keep on going so at the very least, you’ll have a new podcast each week. And, as it turns out, a podcast each week even when F1 is going. :)

  • Rapierman

    1. If anyone says I’m a wimp for complaining about sub-freezing temps when they have sub-zero wind chills, I’ll invite them to come down to Texas during the dog days of summer when it’s 105 degrees with a 120-degree heat index, and then try to tell me to my face that I’m a wimp. (Only Oklahoma gets that honor since they’re about 5 degrees above us in the summer.)

    2. Having had a grandmother who went through a stroke, and then having to take care of her for a year before we ended up putting her in a rest home….yeah, that’s a serious emotional drain.

    3. Lotus: Sure, lateral move; I’m familiar with those.

    4. Well…..if you can call a bipolar disorder “not f’ed up”……

    5. Honestly, would you want to go to Jerez? Not exactly ideal testing conditions there.

    6. Gee, going sideways there, are ya?

    7. True. If you think that anyone says anything without knowing how they benefit from saying it, you’d be admitting to being naïve..

    8. As they say, “There’s no honor among thieves.”

    9. The current F1 financial situation sounds a lot like the Cold War: You have all these smaller countries, and then you have the superpower US vs. the superpower USSR, with the two superpowers having enough nuclear weapons to destroy Earth 13 times around, and all the smaller countries are huddling around praying that nobody pushes the Red Button. Yes, Todd, there can never be such a thing as a level playing field, but there is such a thing as “too big to be allowed to survive for fear of it destroying everything”.

    10. In other news, Texas got a new head coach. We are now “Texas Strong”. >rimshot<

    11. I can talk football (American), baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, racing (NASCAR, IndyCar, a little F1), some gymnastics, a lot of Olympics, etc., etc., etc.

    12. Is that anything like the "Age of Aquarius"?

  • Believe it or not, I was actually there in Gothenburg when Schuey became European Karting Champion in ’87 (the karting title page you included above) – amazing drive from him that day. After Alex Zanardi and Massimo Orsini tangled in the finals and went off from way out in front, Orsini was out and Zanardi tried to get back into the race and stay in front of Michael but Orsini’s dad jumped out form the spectators, over the fence and knocked down Alex so he couldn’t continue. Michael went by and took the cigar :) (BTW back then nobody bothered even thinking about fining anyone – just the way the sport was, nothing for the faint of heart …)

    Amazing week of racing in Sweden back then.

    Now I just hope that Michael will do it once more.

    • Wow, what a great story Peter. Very cool. Yes, we hope Schumi can beat this and get well.

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    I have not laughed that hard for a long time [0:22:49 and 0:23:35]. Thanks Grace.

    My mind immediately leapt to a scene from “FINDING NEMO”.
    Mr Ray: What special home do you live in Nemo?
    Nemo: In an anem….an emena…. an amenome… an ahh….
    Mr Ray: Stop. Don’t hurt yourself kid!