Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week. We throw Grace a curveball and rate the scandal. We chat about Williams and the dude who played bass at Lotus. We even mention how F1 sucks and the “bloodbath” that will happen in Australia. We quote F1 employees with ambiguous job titles.


Fashion award winner here.

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  • Rapierman

    1. Well, this is a weird way to end a 52nd birthday….

    2. One drink….for “what are you imbibing, Grace”.

    3. One drink for “vaping”….

    4. I’d go with “Crashgate” (both FIA and NASCAR versions).

    5. One drink for “Eric BOOYEAH!!!”

    6. I didn’t really think Jerez would be a good indicator anyway.

    7. That “elderly F1 fan” sure does get around.

    8. I suspect that Merc’s organizational structure came from Cthulhu’s twisted universe.

    9. “Bloodbath”?

    10. One drink for “Vrooom”.

    11. One drink for “Paul Charsley, the International” (okay, it’s in reverse order, but it’s close enough).

    12. So, if we’re not going to learn anything from testing, then why do it? Isn’t the point of testing to learn something?

    13. Really? You’re blaming the failed NJGP on me? Seriously?

    14. How do you get “half-a-person”?

    15. No, we’ve expanded that game this time. Todd gets some pokes also.

    16. Say what a lot?

    17. One drink for “PATRICK HEAD!!!”.

    18. One drink for “AUTOSPORT!!!” from Todd.

    19. One drink for “Matt Bishop Bravado Award” theme song.

    20. So, Eddie Irvine is the new Adrian Sutil?

    21. One drink for “The word Formula….” (Close enough).

  • MIE

    Todd, I appreciate your efforts in trying to get Grace to say Homologation…

    Better luck next time :)

    • I tried mate. :)

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      That was never going to happen.
      Not after #349, and the ribbing she got from me. ;-) JF

  • Tom Firth

    Thanks for the podcast , I really enjoyed listening in.

    Technically Mercedes doesn’t have a team principal at the moment since Ross Brawn left, It will effectively be Paddy Lowe though I guess.

    Toto Wolff is the head of Mercedes Benz Motorsport overlooking the F1 team + the DTM and customer programmes. The role that Norbert Haug did before him effectively. It’s made slightly more confusing by Toto Wolff owning a percentage of HWA who builds the Mercedes DTM , GT3 and F3 programmes for them, Just in case things weren’t complicated enough :)

  • Shocks&Awe

    Merc really does like the corporate titles. Lauda’s new title is actually “Senior Hyperbolist and Inspector of Total Bullsh*t Operations and Xenarthras”. I’m really not sure what the sloths have to do with F1, but, hey, it’s Niki we’re talking about.

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      Shouldn’t his title have Anteaters referred, rather than Sloths?
      I mean that would tie in nicely with Todd’s podcast story – cartoon reminiscence and resulting voice impression – wouldn’t it? JF

      • Jack Flash (Aust)

        Wait up.. did the Sloth had Lauda’s voice?… “Hey Ant”

        • Shocks&Awe


  • Nathhulal

    About the Fashion Award
    >> Maybe they need to check the odd man’s pockets for the funny powder like they did with Stepney in 2007, and who knows this maybe the person that was caught on CCTV stealing Nico Rosberg’s helmet from the Mercedes garage some months back.

  • Sam

    Regarding scandals:
    I think the Max Mosely scandal easily had the biggest impact. I think it’s hard to argue that it didn’t precipitate Moseky stepping down from the FIA. That was huge in terms of changing how F1 is run.

    Both Spygate and Crashgate’s effects could be said to be isolated to the season’s in which they occurred. Ron Dennis or Flavio Briatore could conceivably return if they were desperate. Max Mosely is still dealing with the aftermath.

    The only caveat being that it is the British media in which the effects could be most obviously observed. So less impact outside the U.K.

  • tom

    I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on the secret Ferrari test in December:

    Under a LaFerrari or possibly an extended 458 chassis, spectators heard a low displacement turbo engine that sounded a lot like the new Mercedes F1 engine. Together with a suspiciously large air inlet on the roof, giant front and rear wings, a central exhaust as well as yellow stickers indicating a hybrid engine, this looks like a workaround for the F1 testing ban.

    AFAIK, Ferrari hasn’t said anything of substance on the matter, but of course this could have to do with a return to LeMans. Given how similar the engine regulations are now, I wonder if F1 teams (or at least engine makers) need to build a LeMans team as well in order to test as much as they can. That would of course further drive up spending. But these kinds of things happen when you artificially reign in on the teams. Maybe it would be better to just let them test their cars because for every restriction, there is a more expensive workaround (also, see simulators).

    • I did see that back when it happened and I think we may have mentioned it or posted it in our Rolling Speed video channel. Having sat in the LaFerrari and looked under the hood, I can tell you that it is a complex hybrid system and is using much of the tech that the F1 car will (I presume) so it may have been a legit test of the car itself.

      • tom

        I’m not saying that it’s not legit. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is. But it’s certainly not a stock LaFerrari, that much is certain. It could be a Le Mans prototype of course, but at the same time, it could also be a workaround for their engine development program in order for Ferrari to get more track time than anyone else. And given the information that has gone out, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they’re doing. Two birds with one stone really: Get back to Le Mans and test your F1 power train while you’re at it.
        Everybody agrees that durability will be the main issue to work on next year, so it makes sense to perfect that aspect of your development by actually driving the damn thing on the track before actual F1 testing gets on its way, so as to be able to focus on other things like aerodynamics or tires and not risking to be stranded for half of the time because of an overheated ERS unit or whatever.

        On a similar note, since Honda isn’t in F1 yet, they don’t have any restrictions whatsoever, which could be a big advantage come next year.

  • Schmorbraten

    On engine costs and maybe waiting a bit longer with that … I think it was long overdue, that’s reason #1 I can understand why the FIA went for the V6s, for 2013 even initially, and the second reason is: as long as F1 as a whole gets through roughly $1.5 bn/year in FOM money, and maybe even more if we had the figures for the cost side of the P&Ls of all teams, spends so much money on bling, on a fanatical attention to detail, on things which are invisible to the viewers or having a Senior Towel Folding Operations Manager, they can’t really say they haven’t got the money to finally, 10 years late, catch up with road car engine technology and efficiency, let alone leading the development of engine technology relative to road car engines.

    Also, I want to apologize if I offended anyone by questioning Ferrari’s vigil for Schumacher, you mentioned this in the last podcast. I follow F1 since ~98 and still it didn’t seem the thing to do to me, because of the severity of the situation, because of Schumacher being a Mercedes employee since years and so on, and therefore I asked for a Ferrari fan’s perspective. So thanks for confirming my hunch that it was really the Ferrari-F1-family-thing to do and just a great gesture.

    As for your style of doing the podcast and all these recurring phrases and topics – that’s one of the reasons why I love this podcast, so PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing and being who you are, it’s a joy to listen to every single week. Maybe you could have some cheese with the wine.

    As ever, thanks for a great podcast!

  • pear-shaped pete

    If the Australian Grand Prix is going to be a bloodbath….. then why not relocate it to the place where they filmed the Mad Max movies…
    seems a good fit.

    pear-shaped pete

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      He…he…he… Broken Hill NSW may not agree. JF