Join Paul, Ian James and I as we discuss Ian’s upcoming Rolex 24 race in Daytona this weekend. We even cover Formula 1 news too! Ian is a terrific guy and fabulous racer so if you are looking for someone to cheer for this weekend at the Rolex 24, Ian is a great person to support.

Fashion award winner:


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  • Rapierman

    1. It’s not exactly the type of diet I recommend.

    2. You can keep your IPA. I’ll take a Fat Tire Ale instead…or a honey mead.

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Sorry. “IPA”. You keep saying it, but never explaining what it is. Individually Produced Alcohol – Home Brew beer, or something like that?
    This is not a term I am familiar with. I haven’t heard it outside of your podcasts, and it certainly isn’t in the Australian lexicon.
    Care to elaborate for the Internatinal-web audience? JF

    • It’s India Pale Ale. First brewed in the UK in the 19th century. Kind of hoppy.

      • Jack Flash (Aust)

        I’ll drink a CPA or CSA to honour similar consumptions. JF

    • john from ca

      Love me some IPA. Great beer never been to Australia, but I imagine someone sells it down under.

  • Tom Firth

    Thanks for the podcast guys, really enjoyed Ian’s insight and best of luck to him this weekend, GTD as a class sounds phenomenal.
    Great to hear a Rolex24 centric podcast :-)

    Got to agree with Paul about the quality of drivers on the Daytona grid sounding the best in a long time and just a quick thought on the series, It has huge potential with the tracks selected and caliber of drivers, I just wonder how things will go once the highlight events of Daytona and Sebring are out of the way, Obviously grid sizes will be smaller but it should still look very good. That will be the series major test after obviously the two primary events and Petit later in the year.

    The P2 cars are eligible for Le mans too. well sort of anyway , with some small changes anyway because Oak are only doing the NAEC rounds in TUSC. Though the BMW in GT LM is quite controversial too and I think and the viper on the number of waivers that would make it compliant for Le mans. I thought the BMW had a local homologation or did when it was ALMS , could be wrong though.

    Whatever anyway the next two or three seasons are certainly going to be very interesting for US sportscar racing and post 2016 could be even more interesting, in fact sportscar racing on both sides of the atlantic has a few interesting years ahead of it.

  • Entropy

    Best Podcast for ages, I love it when you boys get all GT-centric on everyone :-)

    I’m really looking forward to the Rolex 24, the talent in some of the teams is insane.

    • Thanks mate, we love GT racing as well. Ian is a terrific guy and you’re right, the field is stuffed with amazing talent so it should be a fun race to watch. Looking forward to some real road courses though…not a huge fan of Rovals.

  • cconf1

    I realize this is a bit late, but I actually have the true story about the #350 Fashion Award photo:

    According to my “black ops” guy, Autosport showed up for the photo shoot and the Ferrari team told them that Kimi had unexpectedly shown up and was working out in the weight room. They waited a few minutes while someone (I hear it was Rob Smedley, because, well, what else does he have to do?) went to get Kimi. He was obviously still in his sweats and the photog asked if someone could get him some Ferrari gear for the shot. “We don’t have any spare gear here, but we could send someone down to the gift shop to get some, “said Smed. “Where’s FiIlipe?,” asked Smed, forgetting he was already at Williams. “Eh, Fernando would be faster getting it, but he’s not here either,” said another.
    “Kimi, can you just pop down and get it yourself?”
    “Whoa, did you not hear that I have yet to paid by Lotus?,” said the Kimster.

  • Michael in Seattle

    Nice show. Ian James is one calm, collected and articulate guest (not that Paul and Todd aren’t).
    Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains the new Tudor Championship classes.