Join Grace and me as we discuss McLaren, McLaren’s team boss, McLaren’s new boss Ron Dennis, Martin Whitmarsh, Lotus, Gerard, Eric Boullier, Caterham F1’s new employee motivational program and much more. Is Giedo fishing with Ross and Martin? Did F1 ask the wrong questions on their surveys? Is Tony Fernandes really pulling a Casey Stoner?

Fashion award winners here.

An F1 fan since 1972, NC has spent over 25 years in the technology industry focusing on technology integration, AV systems integration, digital media strategies, technology planning, consulting, speaking, presenting, sales, content strategy, marketing and brand building.
  • jeff

    I’m one of the “lurkers” on the site and a 3 year podcast listener, so I’m sure my commentary’s a salt grain…

    The site and podcast’s creator deserves kudos for bringing a wonderful group of people together and sharing the output for all us consumers. Wonderful racing drivers’ insights from Paul/Jeff/ etc., color and an everyperson’s view from Grace, on-sight reporting from Laura Marie… There’s so much wonderful content to examine.

    However, the recent “Boulier Bombshell” article and recent listening of this ep compelled me to write a plea to Negative Camber in the hope he views my opinion as supportive to his site.

    Sir, you continually make listening to the podcast or viewing the site frustrating for me, as your musings usually lack any substantiating research of opinions, without which are merely declarations. It’s easy to forgo your website posts, but as you moderate the podcasts it’s either go without or bare what I consider your monopolization of the mic, inability to recognize interesting tangents brought forth by your co-hosts/guest, and occasionally offensive or racist attempts at humor (Indian voice regaring the now former Indian GP, for example.)

    Of course, I could do just that, but every other podcast contributor is a positive for you, to me. Even if I personally disagree or am ambivalent about a topic, or even am ambivalent about that person’s views and presentation, at least he or she listens to others’ opinions, and states his/hers with reasoning behind it. You, as the host would, in my opinion, serve the audience well to listen to what your contributors are actually saying, foster the conversation, rather than merely repeat their last sentence or interject with your declaration before moving on to your next preferred topic.

    This isn’t an indictment of You or any other individual, as I’m sure Negative Camber the person is wonderful, and again I’m very appreciative of the content You’ve helped bring the audience. Rather, I’d think the podcast could become an amazing discussion that your fans would appreciate even more if some of what’s been said was at least considered. As for the posts, as mentioned they can be skipped. I’d dearly like to keep listening to the podcast if at all possible.



  • jeff

    Edit: Crappy tone

    I sent my post w/o reading, and realize my tone is very disparaging. Todd, you have my apologies on that front. You hard work is greatly appreciated.

    Also, mentioning some contributors I personally love w/o an “etc” leaves room for forgetting; major kudos to FakeCharlie, the missed Mr. Hallam, and all the others.

    Mr. Charsely, I find your interviews so wonderful. F1 for me is an amazing amalgam of Man interacting with and manipulating shockingly complex and beautiful machine. Your commentary makes anything I might personally find issue with bearable, as your contribution is absolute gold. Well done.

    • the drivers seat

      Thanks Jeff! I appreciate the comments.
      Just a BTW about Todd is we all usually just show up and spout our opinions but Todd does all the grunt of notes, formalization & technical stuff behind the scenes, its’ a tough job to tie everything together each week.

  • No worries Jeff. If I couldn’t take criticism then I wouldn’t be doing this podcast. I’ll try to get my head around your comments regarding my behavior. I think it may be “shut up and let the co-hosts talk more” but I may be misunderstanding. We’ve always understood that we’re not everyone’s cup of tea and I do believe that can even settle in the finer details like podcast personalities etc. Some may really like Grace, Paul, Mark, Andy, Laura, Dave, Tom, JP, Tony, Steve, Josh, Adam and jack while really disliking my personality, comments or character. That’s very understandable to be honest and it’s really not unlike life itself, right?

    I also find that over time, people tend to either embed themselves in your mind as a welcome friend or they can start to wear on you and perhaps after three years of listening (for which I am very grateful to you), I’ve become the latter. Either way, it’s always good to hear feedback, good or bad, because I wouldn’t want to always stand still. That’s why having different people on and doing the Downshift interview episodes is important to me. Jus trying to keep things somewhat fresh for you.

    It goes without saying that I am in lockstep with you regarding all the other staff at F1B, I think they’re terrific and if there is one person that could “do better” its most likely me so I’ll take the critique as it was meant and see if I can do a better job of being a host. Having done over 400 podcasts, I try to keep it consistent for a more familial feel for our listeners but I really do understand the need to give the cast some breathing room and space for opinion, thought trails and on-the-fly mind mapping. I’ll give that some thought and see how I might be able to be a better host, produce a better podcast and stop being an annoying part of F1B. Thanks for the feedback Jeff and I apologize I’m not the kind of person that resonates with you but I am truly grateful for your continued support and for being such a long-time listener.


    • Shocks & Awe

      Todd, you’re a class act. It’s so rare in this world to find people willing to look at themselves with a critical eye, especially when that criticism comes from someone else. So kudos to you — keep up the good work and never stop striving for improvement.

      @Jeff, kudos to you for 1) having the guts to say it, and 2) for saying it with decorum and civility.

    • Meine

      Please don’t change too much; I like how you host and moderate the podcast.

      I’ve listened for many years now (way over three years) and still am not tired of it.

      Although I have to say I enjoy the podcasts where Grace is “on” the most (not for her “everypersons view” but for her humor and sometimes smart remarks) all the podcasts are way better than a lot of others.

      So thank you all.

  • STR F1

    Wow, never thought I would see that kind of post on this site. Don’t change anything Todd.
    I’ve listened to every podcast in the last two year, all of them
    Fastlap/opposite lock

    I’m a regular on the forum and as a Brit find this the best website forum and podcast for F1 around. I point out the Brit part as this is a mainly American site and podcast, But content is better than any other I have found.
    While everyone is entitled to an opinion doesn’t alway mean it should be voiced or that it’s correct

    • Thanks mate, I really appreciate the support and for your continued listening. It means a lot to me and everyone at F1B.

  • MIE

    Note to self, add Grace pronouncing Yeovil to the Bingo card.

    Sorry Grace, I love the way you attempt unfamiliar names.

  • supertweet

    Thanks for the wilingness to comment, All.

    STR, I didn’t intend the slam Todd; sheepishly now I was giving my opinion, my likes and dislikes. I’m truly sorry to Neg Camber for how insulting my post might have sounded to some.

    And Mr. Camber (should have others call you that in real life), please note it’s not a dislike or like, rather like all people, we sometimes object to other’s approaches; nothing wrong with that, I’m sure many object to mine.

    I shouldn’t have highlighted that or my personal ideals as to how to speak about others; rather, I should have simply requested more encouragement for contributor discussion, requests as the moderator to expand on their viewpoints. Admittedly, it’s easier to apologize in hindsight than edit before sending. By no means do I expect you, Todd, to be perfect for my “Wants.”… I obviously sure as Hell am not. :)

    Keep up the great work; even if nothing changes, your contribution to us ravenous F1 fans is appreciated.



  • peterriva

    Wait, you’re asking only for good reviews?
    What, me paying for the repair of my car was not enough?
    Good podcast!

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      That same thought crossed my mind Pete.
      Kettle…Pot…black..? ;-) JF

    • Andreas

      I had the same thought… It was a really interesting discussion on the subject of surveys and how you won’t get any good data out of them if you don’t know before you start what you’re going to use it for – thanks Grace for that insight! And the story about the mechanic who needed a five star rating across the board (rather than a true assessment of the work they do) made perfect sense to me as an image of how FOM’s knowledge of “what the fans want” might be gained. But it sure put a spin on the familiar end-of-podcast call to give F1B a good rating at iTunes, or simply don’t download it… 8^)

      Although it should be said, I did give the podcast five stars way back, and meant it (still do). Keep up the good work!

    • You know, I always reckon that service on my car should be about the customer experience but they are compensated through that system and it’s odd to see how that manifests itself. I figure I might as well ask for good rating on the podcasts since car dealerships and their service departments do. :)

      • Rapierman

        It’s just a slightly perverted version of “The customer is always right.” ;-)

  • Schmorbraten

    Ok, maybe Jeff has a point there insofar as sometimes Todd/NC rushes the podcast a little bit and I sometimes think ‘hey, slow down man because that’s my only F1B podcast for a whole week, so I’m happy for every minute it goes on’. But I guess that’s maybe just his professional approach to it because he doesn’t want people with short attention spans to get bored, or he doesn’t want the podcast to be perceived as droning on and on needlessly about a topic (I think hardly anyone on the podcast does so). And most importantly, I think Todd has every right to take center stage in the podcast because he’s the heart, the work and the main operator / web technology buff running F1B and the only permanent participant on the main podcast, sort of the anchorman of F1B.So I’d say keep it up, just don’t rush it. We listeners have a FFWD button if needed, and I only ever use RWD. Apologies to anyone who is too young to ever have used tape recorders.

    • Thanks for the comments mate. You are spot on about the timing. I am always trying to be considerate of our listeners time and sometimes, from my own personal experience, I know that listening to podcasts where there is not nudge or slight push to move along tends to get tedious over one topic. You literally can beat the thing to death. The last thing I would want is for you all to get tired of us picking a discussion thread and running down massive rabbit trails until their bitter, illogical conclusions.

      It’s a fine line and admittedly I don’t always get it right. Sometimes during editing I think, “you know, we should have unpacked that a little more because I know Paul or Mark Or Grace has a specific opinion about that issue hat we didn’t broach”. Those are the moments when I fall short of the mark so to speak.

      The other side of the equation is that I want to be respectful of my co-host’s time as well. As much as they love motor sport, they may not want to spend 2:30 to 3 hours each week talking about it. They have families and obligations too. I try to keep it between an 1:15 to 2:00. I reckon anyone with a decent commute of 45-60 minutes each way will like to have the podcast to listen to for both commutes. If you’re doing an hour workout, it’s a couple days of content for you.

      Anyway, I like rabbit trails as much as the next guy. I like sub-references and expository discussion and opinion but we’ve been accused of rambling too so I want to find a happy medium.

      Anyway, thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. The last thing I really want to do is let you all down or become annoying or obnoxious to the cast. Never my intention.

  • UAN

    Here’s a great interview with Murray Walker:

    I hate to speak poorly of our friends at NBC, but they could learn a HUGE amount from Murray Walker. There’s more to it than Hobbs not having driven in a current F1 car, etc. It’s like they are watching F1 from a distant window, and a window they only go up and look through prior to the race. One gets the feeling they put very little time keeping current with all that’s going on with F1 outside of the bit of prep they do before their shows.

    • Shocks&Awe

      In their defense, they WANT to be at the races and do the commentary from there, interviews, etc. NBC and Speed before them, just wouldn’t foot the bill to send them out there.

  • Rapierman

    1. Todd, the “middle finger” IS below the belt. >rimshotrimshot<

    4. Yanno, it's was rather odd that McLaren called and asked to borrow my vacuum cleaner. Now I know why.

    5. So, who likes Ron Dennis THAT much?

    6. "If only you knew the power of the Dark Side!"

    7. McLaren: "In a world where winning is everything….."

    8. First, explain who Sam Michaels is, then explain why that's not a good fit.

    9. Sure, Boullier might be great, but would McLaren's personality fit him, and what about Grosjean? Could he drive without Boullier?

    10. Personally, I'd rather have a military-style heart-to-heart chat with Tony Fernandez and simply let him know that he's not the be-all and end-all of the world.

    11. In case you haven't noticed, the major US television networks are now tweeting about news stories in an effort to draw more eyes to the TV.

    12. Gee, that sounds like the FIA, et. al., are being "patronizing".

    13. Half a tablet of Advil should do the trick.

    14. Random owners? We're doing D & D now?

    15. If I get a ten percent steak, would that just be a sliver of a chicken-fried steak/ Oh, wait, you meant 'stake". My error.

    16. Because the FIA wants an extra team, and we want a fully American team to keep US interest, so Haas just goes a builds a team.

    17. Actually, looking at the Caterham car, I'd swear that was a tongue instead of a nose.

    18. ….and people trying to pull a fast one.

    19. ….and here I thought it was just an indicator of getting old….besides the glasses….

    20. Really? You sure you're not violating any patents with that?

    21. If Lewis is hitting dogs, is someone asking, "Who let the dogs out?"

    22. Well, some people say I'm crazy. :-D