Join Andy, Dave and me as we discuss the news and then launch into the 2014 regulations and their impact and then wander into a 2014 season preview covering each team and what we think could.should or might happen. It’s happy days here at F1B as we are only a week away from the Formula 1 season and we even offer our very first podium picks of the 2014 year.

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  • Tom

    Yep, it would be great to get Mark back. Hopefully a resurgent Williams will help…;)

  • stan

    Great podcast. Really enjoyed the detailed analysis and can’t wait to kick this season off. Not sure if this is a faulty memory or not but I’m convinced Mark sounded exactly like C3PO

    • LOL…Thanks mate, appreciate the kind words. Mark does sound like C3PO but he’s much more attractive than that. Mark is a terrific guy and I do miss him very much. He’s a singular voice and it’s a shame his schedule didn’t allow for him to be a part of F1B last year. I keep holding out hope that things will change and he’ll be able to re-join us for his wisdom, commentary and insight.

      otherwise, we’re excited about the start of the season too and are grateful for your patronage.