The money has come through! Tom is back! so lets get back in to tis and talk ugly cars, rally, and a lot of different bits and bobs, Has Tom finally got his own intro? Can Frantic not rant this show? Didn’t he also say a returning award was a one off? Oh the questions! Listen to find out!

  • Rapierman

    1. Yep, that guy deserves an F1 drive, and now he’s back, and all’s right with the world. :-D

    2. I’m not really sure what the difference is between “driving for pay” vs. “pay to drive” vs. “drive for free”?

    3. “Suck it up” is probably appropriate here.

    4. Yes, Andy, Fernandez was shooting his mouth off.

    5. Yes, Andy, it’s a fairly safe bet that Ross Brawn will not be there.

    6 (Ugliness): FER-4, MCL-8, LOT-8, SAU-6, MAR-5, FOR-4, WIL-6, TOR-6, MER-9, RBR-7, CAT-9

    7. Yanno, Andy, I figured you were going to say that, because it was true (much to my chagrin).

    8. You forget that I don’t drink (at least, not THAT much). :P