In a special episode we talk pure gaming, And we talk the games that we loved to endlessly play before online stuff ever existed. If you’re after the regular show, that will be up soon but for now we talk games!

  • mini696

    Loving it Andy and Tom.

  • Finally got around to listening to this one. Some great mentions there, F-Zero was amazing, also I loved the TOCA games as well, I didn’t have the familiarity with because I live in US, but its what really started my love of Touring Cars and it is the reason why I go through the hurdles that I go through in order to watch BTCC live here in the US. I still play a lot of these old games. The SNES and Genesis ones are a bit tough to go back to but F-Zero and Super Off-Road will never get boring to me. Hope to hear another podcast like this, going into the PS2 era, possibly the best racing game console ever made. I Imported a ton of the Evolution Studios WRC games for the PS2. I am hardcore into racing sims these days, have a full rig with triple screens and the works, all because of these old racing games, the love and the need for more and better racing just never stopped. I must admit, even though I knew 100% that those hint lines wouldn’t work, it was a bit depressing to see that they didn’t. Sweet memories. Keep up the good stuff guys.